Saturday, September 1, 2012

Pain In The Ass, Conclusion

This is the conclusion of Pain In The Ass. The final cap pic is a morph by BlueColnago, from This entry follows the rest of Madysinn's plight at the hands of those industrious GEK girls. What horrible fate awaits her? Will she get her revenge?

Thanks for all of your comments and suggestions, I really appreciate them!

Anyway, the Caps are after the break, 5 of them! :-))


  1. Second to last pic entirely threw me off, expected the lock to have been removed to reveal a second they didn't have the key to which is what's shown there, still a very fun cap though!

    1. Oh, I see what you mean! I think she's actually just holding the second lock that goes on the back of the belt. I had considered having her installed with a locking buttplug (I have a picture of one) without having the key to remove it, but I liked BlueColnago's morph so much I wanted to use it somewhere. I'll find a use for plug eventually though, I'm sure.

  2. You've outdone yourself with this one.
    Damn, one wonders how long this escalation can continue? And will later installments involve one-way flights to Bangkok or Dubai . . . ?
    Also, I had no idea A.C. Gilbert even made chastity belts.

  3. Look, I've got to ask this, but your captions are really really good, very interesting and just what I need sometimes.

    I've grown tired of most captions where instead of a short story, I get a few words, perhaps a pun / joke.

    If you could just offer up the location of other Captioneers that write similarly like yourself, that would be just great.

    (On a quick note, a small personal request, do you know any NON TG? I'm not so much a fan of TG)

    1. Unfortunately, as you'll see in my A Quick Question for Visitors post back in July, there just aren't many non-TG captioneers that write similarly to myself. Indeed, most non-TG captioning is just incest/interracial/cuckold-type caps that aren't really what you would be looking for either.

      I have recently (yesterday) found a blog that focuses on chastity(often forced) captions. Most of them are female chastity-themed. They don't have terribly long stories but you might like them anyway. It is here:

      I'd personally recommend the TTB labeled posts, especially the first one here:

      What I've read of them so far seems to be rather creative.

      Other than that, you might try the yahoo groups I've listed on the left of this blog, especially the She'll Become What She Hates groups. Most of these are non-TGish, but might be a bit too extreme for your tastes as well. You might also try searching for captions, but it can be hard to find what you are looking for.

      Sorry I couldn't have been more help for you,


  4. love these! have not been as excited to check for new erotic content since streuth was writing, and it's because these things are well "plotted" with some imagination at work - the pics are good but the captions, as always, is what makes this stuff stand out. keep on trucking.

    1. Thank you for the complement! :-)

      Alex Streuth is certainly a great writer (I love Plush and his SAW-inspired story), though an acquired taste.

      I'm very glad people are enjoying the plot-line! I've been working these little episodes out following a very basic plan, a general story-arc, but each episode is sort of its own thing. Kind of like a Choose-your-own-adventure story; I find myself making slight changes to each installment to fit my available pictures. The upcoming episode, for instance, has changed a lot as my ability to morph images has improved. It will be much larger than my previous episodes, I think, and feature a lot of forced alterations.

      I do hope no one is squeamish about needles though...

      Thanks again,



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