Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tinked Off! - A Steffi/Britney Homage TG Caption

Hello all, I've been sitting on this picture for ages. I've been wanting to make a few TG caption homages to Steffimarichen/Britney Shagwell, and some more Halloween-inspired caps too. So here's my best take on a Steffi-cap.

It's not really up to her standards, and my layout is terrible as usual. Plus I'm not really good at the whole "brevity" thing. (You could probably just ignore the whole last paragraph, for instance)

But at least I think it is along the same general style and hits some of the same kinks as my favorite Steffi/Brit caps. As you'd expect, I'm more into the forced/sort-of-deserves-it type of caps, and less of the secretly-likes-it sort.



  1. Maybe if we all clap together it will makes things better...

  2. Well, the setup, costume and pic choice are pretty spot on, but the glue is pretty much all you, BR :)

    Lovely caption, THANKS so much!


  3. a great caption Britney/Steffi has great blogs well worth a tribute caption

  4. This is DEFINITELY my favorite TG cap from you, B-Rex! Definitely! First of all, cutest costume EVER. Second, the incredibly creative mischief to put this dumb jerk in the perfect "Angry Tink" costume. Third, we can see that's a wig in the picture! XD And fourth, the hope that the promise of not filling his bum with glitter can be revoked as easy as having happy thoughts!

  5. You made very good use of a very cute photo (which I am definitely stealing for my "Taming a Tomboy" Tumblr feed).

  6. The lemon drops are a very enjoyable extra touch. Another very nice caption. And I agree, I like your usual forced/sort-of-deserves-it style the best too.


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