Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hippity Hoppity

Sorry for once again suddenly disappearing from the blog, and right after posting the new caption contest too. I was originally planning on doing a few caps this past week, to boost site traffic and ensure more people saw the contest submissions and voted in the poll, but I was suddenly hit with not one, but three separate family reunions to go to, each on different sides of my state.

As such, I'm dog-tired from driving, but thought I'd try to get at least one new Easter-ish caption up. It's more mind-control-themed than most of my caps are, but I rather like how it came out.

I hope you enjoy the new cap, and had a fun Easter (hopefully yours' were less hectic than mine), and don't forget to check out the caption contest submissions and vote in the poll if you haven't already. I've also added a few days to the poll, to give everyone a bit more time to vote. I'd like to see at least 100 votes, just to get a fair idea on everyone's opinions.

Also, Skullovitch has started a new captions blog, and it already has some very nice caps up too. More female-to-female transformation than my blog, but still very nice and with some body mods to boot.

Finally, I'm working my way through a new ebook about a bimbo gameshow. I'm about halfway done, around 8,000 words so far. I was very hopeful on actually finishing it before the end of the month, but with my schedule lately, I've just not had the time to work on it that I wanted.

Still, I've got the whole thing in my head, so if I can just find ten hours or so of free time to type, I'll have it done and published. I think you'll all enjoy it.

- B-Rex

1 comment:

  1. Fantastic Easter cap! Poor Bridget the Bunny :)

    Also thanks a ton for mentioning my new blog! I hope my caps can achieve the sense of wonderment yours never fail to provide.


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