Saturday, September 10, 2016

High Pressure, Guest caps, and News

Greetings all! Sorry about disappearing, last month I got sick with a very bad sinus infection that took me out for a few weeks. Then, not totally unrelated, I blew my back out from a particularly bad sneezing fit. I'm finally feeling back to normal and ready to post some stuff.

Anyway, as you'd expect, lots of news:

First is a few new guest caps from Doctor Psycho, with his patented Taming-A-Tomboy theme:

Secondly, KS_1985 has started a new blog, some time ago actually. I've added it to the sidebar site list, but here's a direct link:

Thirdly,  sorry if I've forgotten to reply to anyone's emails, I've gotten a ton the past month and might have missed a few. Also, Yahoo has seen fit to totally ruin their instant messenger, and now I can't connect to it at all. So I'm trying to find a replacement, maybe Skype. If you are trying to contact me on YIM, email me directly at instead and I'll hopefully have a Skype account up and running by then to start chatting again.

Finally, I've finished up a new cap and have more caps ready to go next week. Tattoos, piercings, and maybe finally the next parts of my Prank War series (calling it 'Spring Break' was perhaps a bit optimistic of my ability on my part, LOL):

High Pressure
Thanks for waiting, and thanks for all the well-wishes people sent me, I haven't been this taken out by an infection in years. Getting older, I guess. See you all soon, hopefully I'll have the next post up tomorrow or Monday.

- Berserkasaurus-Rex

P.S. Oh, totally meant to mention this: look up "Sigma vs Omega", you'll be happy you did. I swear I never heard of this before, even though it is crazily similar to my whole Prank War Saga. There's a few "Sigma vs Omega" comics ( as well as 6 short animated cartoons. Huge thanks to Clark Kerk for emailing me about them.


  1. Sorry that you were dealing with so much, and I'm happy to hear you're feeling better. Great job to both you and Doctor Psycho (I think the third caption is my favorite, personally).

  2. Welcome back! Great new caption, can't wait to see more.

  3. I'm really glad to hear that you're OK. Awesome caps from both you and Dr. Psycho. I took a glance at the comic, very intriguing. Thanks for the tip-off.

  4. A most enthusiastic welcome back, Rex. I confess, I had begun to worry about your situation.
    I am the first to favorite this post, not because you used my offering (blush), but because I found your "implant upgrade" caption so sadistically enjoyable.
    Thanks, also, for the Kinky Stuff and Sigma Vs. Omega links.

  5. Glad you are feeling better. You are always worth the wait.

  6. Welcome back, glad your feeling better.

    Nice touch by Doctor Psycho with the bag. Enjoyed High Pressure, nicely captured embarrassment and then being bamboozled by the quick moving of the doctor

  7. Much hugs and best wisher for you, B! Very glad to have news, and also caps as a bonus! ^.^

    Gotta love Psycho's caps, even for a second time ;P And how interesting to see a subject being driven to her own debasement by pure salestalk. No hypnosis or fancy business, just fast talking and great persuasion. ~.^

  8. Looks as though my last comment didn't post. Sorry if it seemed that I was not joining in the chorus of rejoicing at your return. Welcome back.


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