Saturday, February 11, 2017

Finally Maid Some New Captions

Greetings all, sorry about the pun. ;-)

Been a very busy few weeks. Granny is doing fine, still has the cast but no complications and might be getting the cast partly removed in another week or so.

I've managed to finish three new captions, for some reason I got into a maid-theme mood. This are a bit less polished than my usual, but I'm happy with them. And they don't have any major body-mods, unlike my last several captions. So there's some variety, at least.

The first I was going to post a few days ago, but kept having other maid cap ideas, so thought it would be best to finish them all and post them together. Plus it makes my bad pun work better.

Hope you all enjoy these simple tales. Let me know which you like the most. I'll try to get back into the captioning routine, and not take another month to make a new post.

- B-Rex
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