Friday, June 28, 2013

Blog Deletion News: Very Important

I've got possible bad news, Degraded Damsels might be shut down in the near future.

I've received (as has anyone running an adult blog) an email from Google - who owns - that states the following (Emphasis mine):

You are receiving this message because you are the admin of a blog hosted on Blogger which is identified to have Adult content. 

Please be advised that on June 30th 2013, we will be updating our Content Policy to strictly prohibit the monetization of Adult content on Blogger. After June 30th 2013, we will be enforcing this policy and will remove blogs which are adult in nature and are displaying advertisements to adult websites.

If your adult blog currently has advertisements which are adult in nature, you should remove them as soon as possible as to avoid any potential Terms of Service violation and/or content removals.

This may or may not apply to Degraded Damsels, I'm not sure. I have no professional advertisements on my blog and no advertisements to adult websites.

I've read through the Terms of Service, and it's not specific at all. Probably by design. So I don't know if Blogger's new policy applies to my Ebook links or not. Nor do I know if this broadly-defined policy applies to links to other adult blogs, which are of course adult websites in their own right. The email doesn't actually say the 'advertisements to adult PAYsites'. So maybe just having a links to other blogs is grounds for violation. Who knows?

To me, this sounds like another of Google's anti-porn/erotica moves, of which there have been many in the past year or so. It also feels a lot like what happened on Lycos Clubs before they were all dropped, about a decade ago, and the entire cap-pics society moved to yahoo groups and Smartgroups (which has also died off). So this might just be the first step in Google's plans to get rid of all adult-natured blogs. I just don't know.

Seems rather pointless, in any case. To misquote one Crichton's better novels, "Porn finds a way."

I haven't decided what I'll do if my blog gets deleted. I got this email only a day ago, so I only really had 4 days warning before the new policy goes into effect. As it happens, I've been thinking about starting up a private website for my Tabitha Kohls ebooks, a sort of text-only site where I could post free flash-shorts, instead of captions, and link to my books. But moving my entire blog to a website would be a fair bit of work, and possibly expensive. I'm still trying to decide what to do.

One thing I want to do, is to create a meeting place as a back up in case Degraded Damsels does get deleted. I used to be on Yahoo Groups under the name Dasii010, and I ran several blogs. One of those blogs I never actually opened to the public, and it still exists.

I'm going to set the membership to Restricted, and I'll have to personally allow people onto the group, but I'd like everyone here to go to

You'll need a yahoo account to enter, and you'll need to leave a short description of why you want to join. Just mention Degraded Damsels in your message, and I'll let you in. Hopefully I can keep the spammers out this way. Yahoo is crawling with the little buggers!

There isn't anything worth mentioning on the group yet, but if Degraded Damsels is deleted , I'll probably put up some caps there or add a link to any knew website/tumblr/blog that I start in the future. The group will function as an emergency meeting place.

Besides the group, I also have a Tumblr account, and I routinely visit many other sites and blogs, so I'll try to spread the word there as well if I start a new blog/site.

And there is always my email account too, though is DD is deleted, I doubt my gmail account will survive. But my Tabitha Kohls email should still work:

Anyway, I'm probably just jumping at shadows here, but who knows? Better safe, than sorry.

- B-Rex

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ozweld That Ends Well!

(UPDATE: This post's short mind control tale has been removed; a slightly longer version is now being sold as part of an ebook collection. Links to the collection are located on Humbled Harlots.)

I was trying to make short mind control cap bringing together two of my different recent mind control series (Marvelous, and my Jacob MC series), but the caption got a bit long.

I only really had one picture to use, and this cap took longer to set up than I had expected. Normally I trim down my captions until they fit my pictures, but I really liked the back-and-forth I had here, so I just decided to make it into a short story instead.

And it just got longer and longer, because I kept adding fun little ideas to add to the humiliation; now it's over 1800 words of mind control fun!

Due to the length, I'm going to put the story after the break. I'm pretty sure you'll all like this; I know I'm happy with it. :-)

Please let me know what you think,

- B-Rex
Kneel before Ozweld
Ivanna Gobblecocks

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pledge Sissies - and a New Ebook!

Happy Sunday, everyone! As I said in yesterday's post, I've published a new ebook, this time a little forced crossdressing tale about three fraternity pledges getting caught breaking into a sorority and being given a total sissy makeover.

Here's a little teaser caption, inspired by the new story. If I continue it into a full series, it'll probably become a sort-of origin story for the founding of the Nu Rho Delta Frat.

The new ebook is called Pledge Week Revenge: Sissy Makeover. 9,400 words altogether. I like the cover font I found, and I'll probably use it in some captions in the near future. Very Revenge of the Nerds-ish, I feel. I'm hoping to make a series of these stories, one for each day of Pledge Week as the victims are forced through a series of escalating humiliations.

Amazon link: Here and the Smashwords Link: Here

I know I've been on a TG kick for the past little while now, and some of you aren't really into that. I figure I've got a few more Princess caps left, then I'll be back to my normal sort again. I've got a few nice pics for my next installment of the Prank War, and maybe another short series for my Midnight Surgeon too.

Oh, and I've just started a writing a new ebook that I think will be lots of fun. I normally take a day or two off once I finish a new book, but this new idea just hit me hard and I've already finished the first 2,000 words of this new story. I think I've done a very nice job setting up a very unsympathetic main character, and now I'm ready to get into the fun part of the story.

It isn't TG in any way, but just a good, old fashion humiliation story about a condescending woman who gets herself trapped in a very embarrassing situation. It would probably work as a caption series too.

Anyway, hope you all had a fun weekend, and enjoy the new caption/ebook. :-)

- B-Rex

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Princess 9

Happy Saturday! Here's the cap I was going to add on the last post. Just a little crotch-tattooing for Princess Patty!

And since I'm on a bit of a sissification kick lately, I've also written a new ebook, called Pledge Week Revenge: Sissy Makeover. Right now it's only up on Smashwords, but it'll be up on Amazon in another day or so.

It's about three Nu Rho Delta (NRD) Fraternity pledges getting caught by the EZ-girls during an attempted pantyraid, and being forced to take part in their Pledge Week initiation rites. They get dressed up by the EZ pledges and forced to crossdress. Has a bit of body piercing, and shaving/hair removal, if you're into that.

The tale is standalone in its own right, but I left the ending opened for more sequels. I've got four more stories planned out right now, as the three boys are further humiliated during Pledge Week, including more body mods - like tattooing.

Tomorrow or Monday, I'll post a link to the Amazon version, as well as a caption more-or-less inspired by my new ebook, along the lines of these TG caps.

Hope you all have a fun weekend, :-)

- B-Rex

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Princess 7 and 8

Two more caps. Jake gets to see his new birthday presents, and Princess Patty gets a present of her own! I had one more pic I wanted to add to this, but it isn't quite ready yet. I'll post it tomorrow.

Hope you like these,

- B-Rex

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Princess 5 and 6 - New Boobs!

 Here you all go, two new boobs and two new caps!

Have a happy hump day!

- B-Rex

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Princess 4 - Another TG caption

A quick glimpse at Princess Patty's trip to the surgery clinic. Hope you all enjoy it! :-)

 I've got a follow-up pic I'm working on, might be ready tomorrow or the day after.

- B-Rex

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Undercover Boss - TG Edition

Another quick single capped pic for you all! This is an idea I had for an ebook, which I might still write as I think it's a pretty good setup for a decent forced-crossdressing story.

Anyway, this is obviously partially inspired by a certain TV show (no pun intended), and also largely inspired by one of Alyssa's old caps and one of my favorites, found here.

At the moment, most of my energy is going into finishing my next ebook. I'd planned on completing my Sissy-Trapped-in-a-Sorority story this weekend, but I got stuck. I'm probably going to have to rewrite a good portion of it. I just can't make myself ignore plot, for some reason.

Anyway, now I'm hard at work completing an unexpectedly complex forced lactation story, which will feature many different and bizarre types of milking machine robots. If that's your thing, you'll probably like it. Especially if you're a fan an 80's Sci-fi/Action flick called The Running Man. :-)

Undercover Boss
Hope you all enjoy this caption, and let me know if you've got any nasty ideas for a sequel, or better yet, want to continue it yourself. I've got lots of pics of maids to work from, and I think this could be easily made into a short series. :-)

- B-Rex

Friday, June 14, 2013

Princess 3

Another quick look at our lisping sissy Princess, this time on his first date.

Hope you all enjoy,

- B-Rex

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Princess 2

Found this pic on my hard drive a little while ago, and couldn't help but think it fit yesterday's Princess cap too well to not make a quick sequel.

Hope you all enjoy it,

- B-Rex

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Princess - TG Cap!

A real quick one this time. I've been having trouble getting ideas to click, lately. So don't expect many new caps until my muse wakes up again.

Still, this is my first new TG cap in a long time, hope you all like it!

 - B-Rex

PS: I also posted my next ebook, a sequel to Wishing Stone Revenge. It isn't up on B&N yet, though.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Guest Post: Prank War 2013 - Hearing by Kimmy Foster

(Note: I meant to post this yesterday, but I hit save instead of publish, and didn't notice till I got back home from work. Sorry :-( )

This is a wonderful ten-caption series by Kimmy Foster, continuing the Prank War saga into its next episode. This series deals with the fate of Ashlynn and Maria, two EZ-girls who were last seen being forced into an unwanted lesbian marriage in the last episode of Prank War Grand Finale.

On a somewhat related note, all this Prank War caption making has gotten me thinking, and now I've started working on a new ebook about a male college student accidentally forced to pledge a sorority, and pretend to be female. Sort of a male-version of Peezy, really. I've got a feeling that it'll be a longer story than my other ebooks have been so far, maybe 30,000 words or so, so the price will probably be higher than my normal $2.99.

Anyway, Kimmy's ten caption series is after the break, as usual. I really like this series, but then I always like Kimmy's forced lesbian captions. :-)

Be sure to comment and let Kimmy know what you think!

- B-Rex

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Prank War 2013: Nightmare in Honeywell

Here's the end of P.I. Mandy's undercover investigation in Honeywell Academy! 3 new caps, after the break.

The next installment will go up in day or two, Kimmy Foster sent me a great group of captions that will serve as the next episode in Mandy's investigation.

I hope you all enjoy these, :-)

- B-Rex

P.S. In case anyone is interested, I'm working on a sequel to Wishing Stone Revenge, should be up finished in another day or so. I'm having to rework the ending a bit. And after this is done, I've got a nice, long story to work on. :-)

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Prank War 2013: Trapped in Honeywell

Sorry about the sudden hiatus, my area of the world is getting pretty heavily hit with storms right now. My power and internet have been very intermittent the past four or five days, and now my basement is flooding. And there's more rain coming too. I can't wait for July and August; no rain, no wind, just painfully hot weather for two months.

Anyway, I managed to finish my next story, Angela's Last Resort, but lost power before I could upload it to Barnes & Noble. It is up at Smashwords, and Amazon, though. Oh, and I'm slowly starting to add stories at too.

The new story is a much lengthened, more detailed version of my old caption, Last Resort. A fair amount of humiliating medical/gyno play, enema's, and bondage. Some body modifications mentioned towards the end, but only a bit. The tale is more bdsm story than anything else. Nearly 11,000 words long though.

Anyway, I've also finally gotten a chance to work on my captions again. :-)

So here's 3 new captions, showing more of Private Investigator Mandy's experiences in Honeywell Academy as student Emma Dumas. I'm thinking I can wrap this part up in the next installment, then have look in at some other old Prank War characters.

Caps after the break, hope you all enjoy! With any luck, I'll be able to get back into a more regular schedule once the weather improves.

- B-Rex
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