Thursday, February 28, 2013

New Page Set Up

I've set up a new page, found just underneath the blog logo (which I've also updated :-)). This new page lists my entire Prank War Series, including Kimmy Foster's and Dr Psycho's guest posts in that series.

I have done this to make things more convenient for visitors to read the series in the proper sequence. I hope this makes things easier for those of you that enjoyed that series or those of you that never read it.

-The Complete Prank War 2012 Series-

- B-Rex

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Full Service

Finally, I've managed to finish another caption! I made this morph weeks ago, but I've had a real bother captioning it. Every time I've tried, the result just didn't seem to click. But I think this one works.

After the break, as always. Please enjoy and thanks for sticking around this blog even though my productivity has been pretty slim lately. ;-)

- B-Rex

Monday, February 25, 2013

Guest Post: Present 5 by Meisa

Hello everyone! :-) Sorry for the long wait, but my muse is still pretty weak. On the plus side though, Meisa has sent me this wonderful little story to continue my "Present" caption series.

Sheila gets a new exercise outfit designed to emphasize her various implants and cause her endless discomfort. And her tormentors, Juliet, Leah, and Susie continue to humiliate the former model and trophy wife by staging a workout video!

This is a fun little story and I've added some pics where appropriate just for flavor. I love the creative suit, especially the top piece, that Meisa has described here. Unfortunately, finding a halfway decent approximation of that imaginative top piece proved very difficult. I could only find one picture which somewhat fit with the basic idea.

Please enjoy, and don't forget to leave Meisa lots of comments! Take it from me, writing this stuff isn't easy and every bit of feedback is well appreciated.

(On a sidenote, I've had to increase the comment security settings a bit, due to a spammer onslaught. Hopefully this won't inconvenience anyone too much. Except for the spambots, of course.)

- B-Rex

Sunday, February 17, 2013

BEEP! A new caption and a short story

Here's a very quick cap I just made. Sorry I haven't been more productive lately, but my muse has really been dried out lately. I've got a lot of pics set up for captions, but when I try to write them, they just aren't really clicking the way I want. Still, I managed to finish this short bimbo/blackmail caption.

Oh, and I wrote a short story called Buffy at the Laundromat sometime last year. I was going to post it on Katie Smith's site but never got around to it. I'll add it below the caption too, since it sort of fits anyway. :-)

 Everything is after the break, as always. Please enjoy and let me know what you think.

- B-Rex

Friday, February 15, 2013

Guest Post by Dr Psycho

Dr Psycho sent me this set of captions a few days ago and I've not had time to post them until now. This series is set in the PA Magazine Universe, which is more clearly explained at these yahoo groups: PersonalAssistantMagazine and Exec2Sec (Sadly this group has been overrun by spammers).

Basically this is a male-dominated universe wherein the women's rights movement has been largely reversed, where former powerful female executives have been reduced to mere secretaries. A post-feminist world, essentially.

Dr Psycho's series focuses on the eventual fate of celebrity Ellen DeGeneres. He describes this series as: 

"The Exec2Sec / PA Magazine world has no place for someone like Ellen DeGeneres.
Not even so much for her being a Lesbian but because of her damned joyful, perky, wholesome attitude.
Now, learn what the New Order did to her."

After the break, as always,

- B-Rex

Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine's Day Escape

Here's a single captioned image for you all to enjoy. This was done very quickly, so there are probably a few grammar errors. Sorry about that, I've been too busy the past few days to take things slow.

I morphed the pic to add the tattoo and enlarge the breasts a few cups sizes. If I didn't have to hurry to work right now I'd edit the text down a ways, but as it is I think it works well enough as a short story.

Hope you all enjoy,

- B-Rex

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pet 4 - Muzzled

I finally managed to finish the next episode of Muffi's adventures as a puppygirl. In this installment, Muffi arrives at an obedience school for dogs, meets Rex, and sees an old enemy.

Three captions this time, and for once I didn't have to morph anything. :-)

I hope you all enjoy these,
- B-Rex

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Lieutenant Robin

A quick 2-part caption, a bit milder than most of my fare. A plucky young go-getter gets pranked by her fellow officers.

On a side note, I'm working on a continuation to my Pet series, and I'm about done with the morphing, so you can expect that sometime soon. Probably this week, I think.

I'm also hoping to finish my next Vera Purdee story soon. So much to do and so little time...

Caps after the break, enjoy!

- B-Rex

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