Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving! And a short story

Hello everyone, happy Thanksgiving!

Sorry for not being more productive this week. I've been in an odd mood, though. There was a little interest mentioned in my short enema-in-space story, so I figured I'd post it. It isn't very long, but maybe a few of you will enjoy it. I mostly wrote it to get the idea out of my head, so I could focus on writing other things. I'd recommend not reading it just before Thanksgiving dinner, though. :-)

I've been in a pretty sci-fi mood lately, probably because I'm reading a lot of science fiction right now. Anyway, I've actually been writing a non-erotic story for the past week or so. But I've also got this idea for a hard science fiction erotic story, and I can't get it out of my head. Most of the first three chapters have already played themselves out in my mind, so I'll probably write at least that much in near future.

You see, I've got a ton of ideas for bizarre transformations and strange technologies, but many of them aren't really believable in a modern story setting. But in a story set in the far future, I think they'd work quite well. I'm talking about strange things like animated tattoos, neural implants, gene splicing, and synthetic organs. So if I do write this longer story, it'll probably end up featuring all of my most excessive ideas for body modification. It'll also be long, really long. From the plot layout I've done already, it'll be at least a few hundred pages, if I bother to finish it.

So if I'm not terribly productive during the next week or two, you can all rest assured that I'm just really busy writing my epic sci-fi story. With any luck, I'll get a few chapters done this weekend, and have something to post here.

Anyway, the enema story is after the break. If you like it, let me know, otherwise I doubt I'll ever write another enema-related story/caption again,

- B-Rex

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Laura Krauff and the Amulet of Perverti

A new series of 7 captions! This is my first series featuring a magical transformation. I was going to post this tomorrow, but I'm impatient to see what you all think of it. :-)

For fun I downloaded a special font called Adventure, to make the title on the first caption.

Anyway, I can't remember where I found the last picture, but it is one of the better morphs I've seen for this particular type of transformation. I already had a picture of the statue in the 4th caption, of the Indian Goddess Parvati (or something) and it just fitted perfectly, I thought. The statue isn't morphed, by the way. :-)

Let me know if you like it, and if there is interest I might make a few more adventures for our little treasure hunter,

- B-Rex

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Natalie Gnattz

Hello everyone, here's a new short series of captions about an annoying art critic and an angry artist out for revenge. No Prank War here! :-)

I've had these pictures for ages, and have gone through about a dozen different ideas for captions. These were done pretty quickly though, so I might make another set of captions for them later, or reuse them in a story. They go together very well, I think.

Anyway, I just wanted to have something to post. I've been writing a lot recently, and I've got some other stuff started, but not quite completed yet.

I do have a 7 caption set about Laura Krauff ready though, so I'll post that sometime this week, probably Wednesday. It'll be my first non-TG caption using magic.

Please enjoy, caps after the break.

- B-Rex

Guest Post: Sara by Kimmy Foster

Kimmy Foster has done another series of captions, this time about Sara Sophine, the EZ Sorority girl who was hypnotized into becoming a mohawked goth girl.

7 captions, after the break. Enjoy! :-)

- B-Rex

Friday, November 9, 2012

Prank War Grand Finale: Part 6: The END!

This is it, the very, very end of the Prank War mega-series! I even included Heather's fate, just to round things off!

It has been a lot of fun making this series, and even if it did outstay its welcome and grow way larger than I ever intended, it was still an enjoyable experience for me and hopefully for all of you as well. In the course of making this series, I've learned a ton about morphing images, and I think I've improved as a caption writer as well. Thank you all for reading, and especially, for commenting on all of my posts!

I added a finishing caption to Maria's little story; it isn't exactly what you mentioned but hopefully you'll enjoy it anyway. :-)

I still have to show Peezy's fate, and the Mayor has an interesting future waiting for her. But those are stories for another day. I'll get to them eventually.

Please enjoy these captions, and please tell me what you think of the series as a whole, do you think I've improved over the course of it, or do you have any ideas for future sorority captions? I am planning on making a few more caption sets focused on the bizarre world that is Beaverhole University.

Caps after the break, as always,

- Berserkasaurus Rex

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Prank War Grand Finale: Part 5

Hello everyone! Before we begin, I just want to say that I've updated Dr. Psycho's Janine post and added his two captions. Thanks again, Dr. Psycho!

Now, I've got another installment in the Prank War Finale Epic completed, 6 captions this time. I've changed a few things around and added a bit more to allow me some room to add Maria in as a character. She's the doll that was plowing into Ashlynn's hind-end in Part 3. I've got a bit more planned for her, to be shown in the next installment. Hopefully it will be fun.

This is very nearly the end, I think the next set of captions will finally fully end this series! I've just got a bit more to finish everything out.

Thanks for visiting and don't forget to comment, your comments have really given me a lot of ideas for the future,

- B-Rex

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Prank War Grand Finale: Part 4

The party has begun! I was planning on saving this installment for tomorrow, but whatever. And the blog has hit 100,000 visits!

Just a bit more before we're done with the Prank War! The next installment will show the aftermath of the party, and announce the winner of the contest. Then I'll show the fate of the winner.  And that will finish off the series!

Thanks to everyone for all the comments on the last posting! Your feedback is wonderful and really motivating for me!

Maria, I can probably work you into a future installment, if you want. Do you have any preferences as far as hair color or what you want to happen to your character? Let me know in the comments, and I'll try to add you into a future caption. It might be a while before I can work you in though. I am planning on showing some hazing captions for new pledges sometime in the near future. Maybe early next year.

Please enjoy these 7 captions, and thanks again for visiting,

- B-Rex

Friday, November 2, 2012

Prank War Grand Finale: Part 3

The Finale continues!

In today's installment, the EZ's are set up around the EZ Sorority House, still encased in their doll suits. I've re-introduced a few characters that haven't been mentioned much before. Sherrie, the EZ House Mother, was only shown in the first caption of EZPZ, for instance. Also, Madysinn, Heather, Ashlynn, and the Mayor get their own arrangements. :-) (I also want to thank K_S1985 for his suggestions for Tabitha's dialogue to Madysinn.)

I might hold off posting tomorrow's set, I seem to get more visits if I post on Monday rather than the weekend. That would give me more time to finish the rest of my Finale captions, as well.

These are all more or less standalone captions, 6 in total. Please enjoy and don't feel afraid to comment or click your reaction. I'm not begging for comments, but I would appreciate some more feedback. I can't tell if people are enjoying these sets or not. The little feedback I have gotten has been positive, but I know dollification isn't to everyone's tastes, either.

Thanks, and enjoy,
- B-Rex

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Prank War Grand Finale: Part 2

Here's part 2 of the Grand Finale. Only 3 captions today, but more to come tomorrow.

I've had an email from someone saying they are having trouble getting comments to work and another claiming to have problems seeing the pictures (though I'm pretty sure that email was actually just spam).

If you are also having problems or just want greater anonymity, you can email me at:

Thanks again for visiting, and please enjoy my captions,
- B-Rex

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