Saturday, January 23, 2016

Guest Cap: Special Agent Barbie by Bondage Barbie Doll

Here's Barbie's other caption, and this one I really like. It's simple, but has a complete story, with a nice twist to boot. Let her know what you think, down in the comments. :-)

- B-Rex

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Guest Cap: Model or Bust by Barbie Bondage Doll

Barbie has sent me a new guest caption to post, and I really like it quite a bit. Hopefully you all will too.

She couldn't decide whether to go with the game show idea above, so she wrote this slightly different version of the same cap, but with her "Little Bitches Club" characters instead.

Please let Barbie know what you think of her caps, and which version you prefer, in the comments. She's sent me another cap, which I'll post tomorrow, weather permitting.

- B-Rex

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

NWO: Full Silicone Juggs 1, 2, and 3

Here's the followups to yesterday's cap. I was going to hold the third for tomorrow, but there's some heavy sleet in the forecast, so I figured I should post all of it now, just in case the power/internet goes out. I'll add yesterday's cap too, just for convenience's sake.

Anyway, if the title hasn't given it away, I tried to write the dialogue as a very in-your-face drill sergeant, but with that NWO bimboish touch.

Hope you all enjoyed these three caps. I'm going to be busy working on RSB3 the next week or so, but I'll try and get some more caps out too. (And especially, finally finish off making q and Tina Maree's prize captions. So sorry I've taken so long on that.)

- B-Rex

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

NWO: Full Silicone Juggs

Greetings, everybody. I've been very busy working on RSB3, but have finally managed to get some more captions finished.

Today's is another look into my NWO Universe, this time a glimpse into the military. This is just the first part, I've got two more written. I'll post those over the next two days. Hopefully you will all enjoy them. :-)

- B-Rex

Sunday, January 10, 2016

NWO: This Job Sucks!

Happy Monday, everybody! Sorry it's been so slow starting out this year, but my back is better now, and with the holidays over at last, I should finally have some free time to get posting new captions again!

Today's caps are set in my NWO series. I actually rewrote this twice, and it just never quite matched the idea I had in my head. Still, it works well enough, I think. I tried morphing the second picture, but after about an hour, I just didn't care for the result so just went with the original picture instead. You'll have to use your imaginations, I guess. ;-)

Previous NWO cap posts: Shopping and Heat

I've got at least two more fun NWO job-related caption ideas, including a military one that will be fun if I can find the right pics and get it to work like I see it in my head. It'll be tricky though.

Anyway, let me know what you think and thanks again for sticking around. I'm really wanting to get my production rate higher this year, publish more stories and post more caps, that sort of thing. Hopefully it'll all work out, and my new muse won't peter out on me.

- B-Rex

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Guest Cap: Udderly Ruined by Namazuros

Happy New Years, everyone! Sorry I haven't been posting this week, I was focused on writing a new story, and then sometime last week I got the hiccups for a few solid hours and woke up the next day with my back spasming every time I move. I'm propped on an ice pack as I write this.

Anyway, I've got some fun caps half-written for my old NWO series, and I'll try to get them posted here as soon as my back settles down. I think you'll like them.

Today, however, I'm posting a fun revenge-themed, transformation caption Namazuros just sent me as a gift. (It's quite large, so might need to be opened in a new window to read properly.) It very vaguely reminds me of one of my old caps, Tina's Pom-Poms, from back in 2012. But with more of a sci-fi angle to it. And much bigger tits. :-)

Be sure and let Namazuros know what you think of the new caption, and be sure and check out his/her stories too. They're all very fun, quick reads centered around magical transformations. I like Class is in Suction for the bimbofied dialogue, but Potion Commotion is also very fun.

Okay, I'll see you all later this week, once my back gets better. Happy New Years, once again. Hopefully this will be more productive than last year, despite this unfortunate start.

- B-Rex
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