Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Thanks to all who commented on the last post, and those who've purchased my ebooks (not just in the past month, but since I started this weird business).

I've been considering starting a Patreon account for awhile now, but don't really know much about it, or how it'd work for a writing gig. But I'd like to know your thoughts, suggestions, if me starting a Patreon account is something you'd be interested in or if it'd turn you off, or anything else.

So please leave me a comment or email, especially if you know anything about Patreon. I have almost no experience with them, so it's all pretty much news to me.

Anyway, on to the captions. Today's cap is a very silly thing that popped into my head, just in time for Halloween. I'll probably do a couple other caps for the holiday.

- B-Rex

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Fatass and some Ebook News

Hey everyone, sorry about the disappearance. But I started writing my ebooks again, finally, and didn't want to break my momentum with captions. I'm taking a breather at the moment, but I'm very hopeful I'll finally have Ro-Sham-Bimbo 3 published this month. (I'm actually trying to work through a rather large breast-enlargement scene at the moment and running low on adjectives.)

Anyway, a few quick things I'd prefer not to even mention, but I feel I probably should get them off my chest. I'm running into some financial issues lately, nothing huge, just insurance-related stuff.

I want to be clear here: I'm not asking for charity or anything like that. But if by any chance you've been planning to buy a few of my ebooks and just never found the time or whatever, well, this month would probably be the most helpful time to buy for me, since October is the last month that falls inside my financial year (due to how Amazon schedules payments).

Also, I've so far sold no ebooks on Barnes and Nobles this month. Which is weird, since we're a week in already, and last month was one of my best B&N months all year. So if you've bought from me on there before, maybe just see if you can still see my books or if the site has hidden me somehow? I'm not sure what could've changed, but Smashwords and B&N have both been implementing some new weird anti-erotica changes lately, so... yeah.

Anyway, I hate even asking for help like this, so on to the new caption!

Today's cap is really too big to fit my picture, so I'm just going to post the text as is after the break. It didn't quite come together as tightly as I wanted, but I hope it works well enough. I'm not even sure how to describe it, exactly; a negging-fetish maybe? It's rather similar to my rather hateful Mean caption, actually, but from a different POV.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Different Strokes

I know, two posts in as many days, I'm as shocked as you are!

Today's cap is largely inspired by some fun captions from a tumblr blog ran by someone I think was called 'Duckboy'. His first blog seems to have been deleted recently, but I think this is the same person.

A lot of his stuff is more feet-fetish and weight-gain related, but there is also some fun mind-control/reality-warping stuff that reminds me of the old stories by Mr. Grey, Tainted Sins, and Burke Rakers.

Hopefully you'll all enjoy this one, especially those of you who enjoyed some of my other speech-impediment themed captions, like the Tabitha Kohls plot in the Sorority Prank War saga.

Let me know what you think, and whether you'd be interested in more like this or even a sequel-of-sorts. A bit different from my usual fare, but fun to write.

- B-Rex

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Severence Packages

Hello everyone! I'm back! And I brought captions!

Sorry about the hiatus, I've been busy dealing with some minor disasters at home (been digging out my house's septic system for over two weeks now, and still have a lot more digging left to go. Word of advice: never plant an oak tree near your septic line).

Hope everyone made it through the hurricanes without much trouble. By the time they reached my area, the rain and wind was pretty much done, thankfully.

Anyway, here's the captions:

I've also been working on several more captions, so I should have more posts coming soon, instead of another month-long absence.

- B-Rex

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

NWO: Mona's Lot

Hello everyone, I'm finally back!

Sorry about the hiatus, July proved to be a very busy month for me, and I spent most of it fixing broken farm equipment and trying to clear land to fulfill a CRP program my grandmother's farm is currently locked into. Not to mention trying to cut all the grass on my new property before it gets so overgrown I can't even fish. I was just too exhausted when I got home each night to finish any captions or really write anything.

Luckily, it's finally started to rain again and I have an excuse to not go out running a mower or bushhog all day, and can get some captions finished.

So, without further ado, here's the new captions, once again returning to my NWO universe for a peek into the life of an award-winning journalist....

As always, thanks for being patient with my slow posting pace lately, and please let me know what you think of the new captions.

- B-Rex
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