Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Halloween in the ER

Hello everybody! :-)

Here's another quick two-parter caption, vaguely inspired by my days working in a hospital. Hope you all enjoy it.

- B-Rex

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Pampered Princesses

Happy Saturday, everyone! Thanks to everyone who commented on Vedrina's guest captions; feedback like that is always helpful and appreciated.

Today you all get a two-parter caption. This was going to be just one part, but as usual, I kept writing and soon had well over a 1,000 words. Practically a short story all on its own! :-)

Had a bit of fright this week; gmail, and blogger basically died, and for a few hours there I thought google had totally delected my B-Rex account. I couldn't log on to this blog, see my email, or do much of anything for a day or so. (And then I got hit with a bit of food-poisoning too, because I haven't been sick enough these past two months, apparently. Ugh.)

Anyway, everything seems to be working now, thankfully. So hopefully it was all just a one-time problem, and I'll never have another fright like that again. :-)

- B-Rex

Monday, October 20, 2014

Guest Cap: Joker 1 & 2 by Vedrina

Vedrina was inspired to make these two superhero/body-mod captions after I mentioned I was working on some superheroine-in-distress caps a few weeks ago.

Depending on how much feedback these get, Vedrina says there could be a third cap to finish the set off. So leave comments, people! Clownification caps are rare things, :-D

- B-Rex

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sheer Humiliation 2

Meant to have this sequel caption to Sheer Humiliation up a few days ago, but couldn't find the picture I wanted. Finally found it in my pic archives, thankfully. And it is the perfect picture too! :-D

Hope you all enjoy this. Vedrina sent me two gift caps, which should be up Monday. So you've got that to look forward to, too! :-)

- B-Rex

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Guess Who 2

Wow, sorry about the sudden hiatus, everybody. My area has been getting pounded with storms this past week; my internet connection has been very buggy, constantly on and off. One of many problems with satellite, I guess.

Then, just yesterday afternoon, a tornado slipped by about a mile north of my house. Thankfully it only hit a shed and took off a barn roof. But there is more rain and storms coming the rest of this week, so I'm not quite out of the woods just yet. Weird time of year for twisters though.

Anyway, sorry for not getting back to everyone who has been commenting and sending me emails. My gmail accounts keep signing out, everytime I lose connection. I've been spending most of my time this past week focused on finishing my first commissioned story, and getting to work on my second. As well as working on my third Plastic Surgeon's Revenge ebook and my sequel to Chief Executive Bimbo.

Aside from all that, I've also been working on more captions, of course. (And watching a lot of baseball, too ;-) )

Today's caption is a sequel to my very short Guess Who caption from a week ago. I've got a few more sequels to recent caps in the works, and, weather permitting, should have them posted this week. Fingers crossed, everyone. :-)

- B-Rex
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