Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sick :-(

Sorry folks, my whole family has come down with some sort of nasty virus this past week, and now it seems it's hitting me too.

I've been trying to make a few caps; I have a fun little idea I want to try, involving a series of superheroines falling afoul of their villains. But I'm too tired, and coughing too much right now to get anything finished in GIMP. I'll keep trying, but it may be a few days at least until I can properly update the blog. Sorry about that.

- B-Rex

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Happy Humpday! Here's another quick cap, inspired by my own recent reunion....

- B-Rex

Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day, everyone! Here's a quick bimbo/mind control caption I wrote last night. In retrospect, perhaps I should have wrote a pregnancy-related cap, to better fit the holiday.... ;-)

Also, in case you missed it last time, I've published a new bimbofication ebook, Chief Executive Bimbo. Full links at Humbled Harlots, as always.

Have a fun Labor Day, everyone!

- B-Rex

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Five Nights at Fredrick's

Another week, another caption.... Sorry about the lack of updates, just been too busy lately.

Anyway, here's a quickie living-mannequin cap. It'll make more sense if you've played a certain popular indie-horror game that's come out recently....

I've got a few other horror-game-inspired cap ideas floating around, so who knows, there might be a few more caps like this in the future.

Also, I've finished another ebook, Chief Executive Bimbo. Full links at Humbled Harlots, including my original WIP excerpt. FYI, it does ends on a cliffhanger, but at 13,000 words, I think there is enough material to satisfy. I've planned out a sequel, that should finish off the story in a nice, simple duology.

- B-Rex

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Show Off, all parts

Sorry for the sudden disappearance, everyone. I've been hit with a lot of real-life stuff out of the blue, including helping set up two separate reunions for old jobs, and a lot of farm-related work besides.

Anyway, for simplicity's sake, I'm posting the entire Show Off series here, including the final two captions. Hopefully it was worth the wait.... :-)

Also, I've almost finished my Chief Executive Bimbo ebook, I just need to finish off the last scene (it ends on a cliffhanger) and make a cover. I hope to have it up and for sale in another few days.

Happy weekend to all of you,

- B-Rex
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