Thursday, February 11, 2016

Surprise Me!

Greetings everyone! Thanks to everybody who commented on last week's post, and left suggestions or ideas for future caps. Feel free to continue on this post, if you think of anything you'd like to see continued or what have you.

Sorry again about the lack of updates lately, as I said last week, I'm very busy with some real-life stuff at the moment. I've gotten a counteroffer on the property I was trying to buy, and it now looks very likely that I'll get it. No luck with the job interviews, though. But I'm at least making progress on the land purchase.

Anyway, today's cap is partially inspired from an old story idea I've yet to finish writing, along with some pictures from a Deviantart artist named Willdial.

But I'll get to that in a moment, first the new caption:

Apologies if it is a bit hard to read; let me know and I'll post the text separately. The words got a bit fuzzy when I converted the original PNG file to a JPeg, but otherwise it'd still be multiple megabytes.

I spent most of my time on the morphing work. This is the alternative morph, using a dragon tattoo I snatched from Masuimi Max, which I think actually turned out better, but wasn't quite racy enough for what I was going for in the caption. Still, I thought it was one of my better tattoo-morphs, so wanted to share it anyway.

These morphs are all some old ideas I've been working on for a while, but could never quite find the right picture with both a woman looking into a mirror, and having the right look of disgust or anger or shock on her face.

The deviantart user Willdial made two digital pictures some time ago, which I really liked. I've been trying to sort-of replicate them with a real image, but as I said, could never quite find the right picture.

Check out his pics here: Something New and Something New - Close Up, then compare it to the old morph I did below; that's about as close as I've gotten.

Let me know what you think, of the morphs or the new caption both, or any further suggestions you have for future captions. Thanks,

- B-Rex

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Asset Management

Happy Groundhog's Day, everybody!

Sorry about the lack of new posts/captions, I've been very busy these past few weeks. I've been applying for some local jobs, and should have a few interviews this months, hopefully. And a piece of land came up for sale recently, and I've been busy trying to get financing figured out. Spent last Saturday touring the lot and today finally got a bid in. Hopefully the seller will accept.

Anyway, so that's been my life the past little while. Been writing on RSB3 whenever I get a spare moment, and it's coming along well. No idea how long til I'm finished, tough. But I'm well into it.

Today's caps are some more boob-oriented stuff, nothing too crazy. With any luck, I'll get a burst of inspiration and come up with some more caps soon. If you have any suggestions, or want a sequel to any previous caption, please let me know. Sometimes that little bit of interest is enough to spark an idea for me.

 - B-Rex

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Guest Cap: Special Agent Barbie by Bondage Barbie Doll

Here's Barbie's other caption, and this one I really like. It's simple, but has a complete story, with a nice twist to boot. Let her know what you think, down in the comments. :-)

- B-Rex

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Guest Cap: Model or Bust by Barbie Bondage Doll

Barbie has sent me a new guest caption to post, and I really like it quite a bit. Hopefully you all will too.

She couldn't decide whether to go with the game show idea above, so she wrote this slightly different version of the same cap, but with her "Little Bitches Club" characters instead.

Please let Barbie know what you think of her caps, and which version you prefer, in the comments. She's sent me another cap, which I'll post tomorrow, weather permitting.

- B-Rex

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

NWO: Full Silicone Juggs 1, 2, and 3

Here's the followups to yesterday's cap. I was going to hold the third for tomorrow, but there's some heavy sleet in the forecast, so I figured I should post all of it now, just in case the power/internet goes out. I'll add yesterday's cap too, just for convenience's sake.

Anyway, if the title hasn't given it away, I tried to write the dialogue as a very in-your-face drill sergeant, but with that NWO bimboish touch.

Hope you all enjoyed these three caps. I'm going to be busy working on RSB3 the next week or so, but I'll try and get some more caps out too. (And especially, finally finish off making q and Tina Maree's prize captions. So sorry I've taken so long on that.)

- B-Rex
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