Friday, January 24, 2020

Interview With A Sissy

So, this one will need a little explanation. About 6 years ago (early 2014, I think) I started this caption as a contest entry for Wes Mantooth's first caption contest on his blog, Interracial Sissy Captions. I never finished it, obviously, but the idea has been percolating in my head ever since.

As you'd expect, after all that time, I've had a fair number of different ideas for when I finally felt like finishing the caption. I've ended up writing two entirely separate versions, so I'm posting one version here and I'll post the other version on the Patreon (I think the version here is probably the better of the two).

I'd recommend reading some of Wes' old captions first, as this was written to be sort-of in the same vein as his, though I didn't use any of his original characters.

- B-Rex

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

What Are Friends For

Greetings everyone. Here's a quick little mind-control story for you all. Afraid the picture is merely to set the mood, but hopefully you'll enjoy the story anyway.

“What the fuck did you do to her!?!”
“Her who?”
“Damnit, you know who! What did you do to my mom!?!”
“Hey, you're the one who asked me to hypnotize her. I did, and it worked, she totally forgot about that DUI you got last month. And the bail money you owe her. What's the problem?”
“The problem?! She just got a fucking BOOBJOB, that's the fucking problem!”
“Oh, yeah, that. So, I might have added a few other suggestions while she was tranced out. So what? Hey, how do they look?”
“WHAT?! She's my mom, you bastard, how can you even—oh, fuck it! I'm going to fucking kill you!!”
“You could, but then who's going to stop her?”
“Stop her from what?! What else did you do to her?!”
“Oh, nothing really, I just thought she could do with a little more fun in her life. I mean, your parents divorced like three years ago, and I bet she hasn't been laid once since then. And she's a hot piece of ass, even before she got her tits inflated.”
“DUDE, what the fuck?! She's my mom, don't talk about her like that!”
“Okay, okay. But you know it's true. Anyway, I planted a few other little suggestions in that head of hers while she was under. Now that her tits are done, the rest should be triggering any moment now. She's about to become the perfect little MILF, with a real appetite for teenage cock. And I'm the only one who knows her control phrase, and can turn her back to normal.”
“You fucking bastard! I'm going to beat your ass!! Tell me her control word or whatever, or I swear--”
“Fine, fine. It's 'Purple Banana', okay?”
“Purple Banana. You sure?”
“Of course I'm sure, man. Just say 'Purple Banana' and she'll totally go back into trance. Then you can turn off my suggestions.”
“Fine. But this isn't over. If something happens to her, I'm going to--”
“Oh, wait, that's her control phrase to start sucking cock. You probably shouldn't tell her that--”
“Sorry, I think her phrase was 'Silver Surprise'... no, wait, that's her trigger for shoving her vibrator up her a--”
“Sorry, I use a lot of triggers. Hey, tell you what?”
“What!?! Man, I'm going to beat the shit out of you for thi--”
“Momma's Boy.”
“...Wow, man, I feel... I feel... weird, man.”
“That's totally normal, Momma's Boy.”
“Woah... what's... happening... Dude, why am I here?”
“You came over to brag about your mom's hot new titties, remember?”
“What?... Oh, yeah, right.... Mom's new tits.... Hey, man, I know this'll sound totally fucking creepy and all, but... do you think you could, ya know, hypnotize my mom again? I mean, can she handle taking those pills again so soon?”
“Oh, no problem man. I left a phrase behind last time, so I can put her back into a trance any time I want. No need to drug her at dinner or anything like last month. I just need a few moments alone with her and she'll be right back in a trance. Then I can pump her little head full of whatever you want in there.”
“Cool... So... So, can you hypnotize her to... let you fuck her?”
“What?! Dude, you want me to fuck your mom?!”
“No!!... Well... I mean... yeah. Look man, she's got huge tits now, and I know you've had the hots for her since middle school, at least. And if not you, then who knows who she's going to start fucking? I'm going to college next fall, I don't want to come home every weekend just to find she's banging some weird asshole boyfriend. Some old banker guy probably. Fuck, he'll probably want to pretend to be my new dad or something. That'd be so fucking annoying... Oh, come on dude, you totally owe me.”
“Owe you? I already made her forget that DUI, remember?”
“Okay, fine. Here, I'll pay you, two-hundred bucks this time, alright?”
“Well... okay, I guess.”
“And then you'll hypnotize her to fuck you, right?”
“Yes. But you swear you won't be freaked out or anything? I mean, this isn't going to get weird, right? I don't want this to get between us. Not like that bitch Angela last year, she almost ruined our friendship.”
“Are you kidding? Bros before hos, man, all the way! Ain't no bitch coming between us.”
“Even if that bitch is your mother?”
“Hey, watch your mouth! And no. Hell, you'll be doing me a favor. You'll keep her happy and busy, and I don't have to worry about some dumbass stranger in my house when I'm not around. Win, win.”
“Well, since I have your blessing and all. No hard feelings over making your mom get her tits inflated without asking you first?”
“Nah, man. Just don't make her do anything weird, like get tattoos or start making porn films on the side, or something. She's still my mom, you know.”
“No worries, dude. You're mom's in good hands.”
“Thanks man, you're a real lifesaver.”
“Hey, what are friends for?”

Saturday, January 18, 2020

What A Pussy!

Sorry again, everyone. I should've had this posted nearly a week ago, but more real life stuff came up and just ate up all my writing time.

This is a direct sequel to 'Bride and Prejudice', and as such you'd probably want to re-read that post first. Like that caption, this is a transgender-themed caption, touching on some territory I don't think I've done before, though my Plastic Surgeon's Revenge ebook series gets close.

To be totally honest, it's not as tightly written as I'd like; I'd normally rewrite this to edit it down somewhat, and maybe work on Chuck's reactions a bit more, but I figure better to post it now than make you all wait even longer.

Getting proper pictures for something like this proved difficult, though I found a few. The caption ended up so long I'm just going to save myself the trouble and post it as text. Hope no one minds too badly.

Oh, the last picture might be a bit much for some people, especially if this isn't exactly your sort of fetish. I was rather limited for options.

- B-Rex

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Short Hiatus

Sorry all, I have been dealing with a very nasty stomach virus running through my family the last two weeks. And now I've contracted it, though I seem to be finally on the mend.

I was working on a sequel to Bride and Prejudice, but being glued to a toilet seat for five days straight makes it a bit hard to get in a proper writing mood. I'm about half finished, but I should have it up in a day or two, since I have to work tomorrow morning. Like the first cap, it's a bit different from my usual transgender fare, but hopefully not too out there.

Anyway, thanks all for being patient.

- B-Rex

PS: Just to tide you all over, here's a full size render I finished a bit before I got sick, of Black Widow at the Weapons X lab with her new adamantium implants.

And some more, of Miss Romanoff recovering afterward, with a quite unnecessary cast and overzealous male nurse. (Mostly just a test of some free Daz props from Deviantart and trying to add genitals to the female model)

Friday, December 27, 2019

Clear As A Belle

Another belated Christmas gift, for you all. I'm rather proud of this, and it's my first real caption with all Daz images. I'm not counting the last post, as I didn't really have an ending for that.

So, I've spent ages trying to find a good silicone breast implant prop for Daz Studio, but there just don't appear to be any. I've seen other 3D artists on Deviantart use implants, but I couldn't find any props for sale anywhere. Obviously, without an implant prop.

Then a Christmas miracle happened. While trying to make a Christmas ornament in Daz by modifying a vase prop, one of my tests ended up looking like a pretty convincing breast implant. So I spent most of Christmas day and the day after making more implants and playing around, then made today's images and caption. This is an old idea of mine, and I think you'll see why I could never do it without a 3D rendering program.

“I still can't believe you got a boob job, Claire,” Natalie said, shaking her head at the newly-buxom blonde. "You're huge!"

“Oh, you're one to talk, Boob Window,” Claire Kristol, aka Invisibelle, replied, using one of Black Mamba's many hated nicknames. “Did you forget the way you flaunted your fake tits all over the place last month?!”

“You bitch! You know that was a wardrobe malfunction! The zipper broke and--”

“Girls, please, you're making a scene,” Veronicka, aka Blue Mage hissed, looking around.

Thankfully, the clinic waiting room was mostly empty, the few people sitting too interested in their phones to have noticed the bickering heroines. “If I'd known you two would spend the whole morning bitchfighting....”

She sighed, annoyed. Claire's post-surgery check-up had been a mere formality, but she'd wanted her friends there for moral support, or something. In reality, Veronicka suspected that the heroine had merely wanted to save gas money by getting her magical friend to teleport them to the clinic directly.

“My point,” Natalie began again. “Is that it just seems weird for you to get work done like this. You turn invisible, for fuck's sake. At least my boobs are useful in a mission, raw sex appeal is practically my super power, after all.”

“Just because I can turn myself invisible, doesn't mean I don't care about my appearance,” Claire hissed back. “And at least my breasts look real, you look like you're smuggling torpedoes!”

Natalie glared at her. “Newsflash Claire, everyone already knows you're flat as a board!! Do you really think no one will realize those new bitchbumps of yours are plastic!?!”

“Girls!” Veronicka snapped, as the two women started arguing again.

Invisibelle rolled her eyes, but nodded. Black Mamba looked willing to keep fighting, but finally sighed and added her own nod.

“Good,” Blue Mage said, rubbing her forehead. She looked back at Invisibelle, as her coworker childishly refused to look at Black Mamba. Looking the blonde up and down, she suddenly frowned.
Claire narrowed her eyes, noticing Veronicka's look. “What? What is it now?”

“It's just...” Veronicka hesitated, then sighed. “It just occurred to me... Did you really think this through, Claire? I mean, what if your implants effect your powers? You know your phase-shift fields are a bit touchy with non-organic material. That tongue piercing last year nearly ruined a mission, if we didn't have those wire cutters handy--”

“That was a fluke! How was I to know that titanium nullified my powers?! I mean, how often do you ever run into industrial grade titanium anyway?” Claire groaned, shaking her head. “Gads, I've been out of my bandages for less than an hour, and I'm already tired of people talking about my implants! Look, if I turn invisible, will you stop worrying?”

Veronicka shrugged, then nodded in agreement.

“Great, and once I've proven my surgery hasn't effected my powers, I never, ever, EVER want to hear another word about my implants, got it?! I paid a small fortune to get the most natural-looking breasts money could buy, and I don't want you two harpies spoiling it. Once people get used to my new curves, no one will ever think they're fake.”

The blonde heroine shot a quick glare at Nat, cutting off her snarky reply before it could begin.

With a long sigh, Invisibelle raised her hands, calming herself, then activated her phase-shift ability, pushing her physical body just outside the visible spectrum, the field pulling her carefully selected all-leather clothing along.

She held her hand before her face, smiling as her flesh turned transparent, just as she knew it would. It was annoying that she'd had to activate her powers, though; she had wanted to go shopping for new bras, but now it would be hours before her field collapsed and she phased back into view.

“There, see? Totally invisible. Now, I don't want to hear another word about my—what?”

Both woman stared at her, silently. Then suddenly they broke down in laughter, even the usually stoic Natalie.

“What?! WHAT!?! What's so fun--”

She looked down. And screamed!

I hope you enjoyed the new caption. I'm sorry I haven't had time to update the Patreon, the holidays have been pretty busy for me, and all my spare time has gone into making these renders (which pretty much ties up my computer for several hours. These implants really eat up my CPU, must be the transparency).

But I'll have full size versions of these posted soon, along with the other images from last post, and a lot of extras I've been generating during tests. Even since I made these renders, I've made major strides in developing better looking implants. So much so I was actually considering scrapping the last render and spending a day making a new one. But it's a real hassle setting up a scene like this, and I figured you'd all prefer having two captions in one week again more than slightly better implant textures.

So instead, here's one of my test images, as I played around with different breast implant designs. I'd still love a real prop, as I'm pretty limited in terms of shape and color right now. But I'm getting the shaders and textures narrowed down. I can do a good approximation of a smooth and textured implant, and my latest shader test makes for a good Gelled Silicone type of implant.

Also, this sort of works as a prequel to today's caption, as Claire Kristol tries out implant sizes at the clinic before her surgery:

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and I'll see you all again on New Year's.

- B-Rex
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