Monday, September 19, 2016

Black Widow Club

Happy Monday!

Today's TG-themed captions came to me all at once on a long drive home yesterday, and I ended up writing nearly a short-story worth of text. So these were edited down a fair bit to fit my pics.

Also, it didn't occur to me until I'd finished, but this short series could almost serve as a follow-up/sequel to my Plastic Surgeon's Revenge ebook series (and the Present cap series that came before the books), if I'd changed a few names.

I don't do many TG-themed caps, and this might be a bit hard to follow (it's very 'read between the lines') but hopefully it all makes sense. Let me know what you think.

- B-Rex

Saturday, September 10, 2016

High Pressure, Guest caps, and News

Greetings all! Sorry about disappearing, last month I got sick with a very bad sinus infection that took me out for a few weeks. Then, not totally unrelated, I blew my back out from a particularly bad sneezing fit. I'm finally feeling back to normal and ready to post some stuff.

Anyway, as you'd expect, lots of news:

First is a few new guest caps from Doctor Psycho, with his patented Taming-A-Tomboy theme:

Secondly, KS_1985 has started a new blog, some time ago actually. I've added it to the sidebar site list, but here's a direct link:

Thirdly,  sorry if I've forgotten to reply to anyone's emails, I've gotten a ton the past month and might have missed a few. Also, Yahoo has seen fit to totally ruin their instant messenger, and now I can't connect to it at all. So I'm trying to find a replacement, maybe Skype. If you are trying to contact me on YIM, email me directly at instead and I'll hopefully have a Skype account up and running by then to start chatting again.

Finally, I've finished up a new cap and have more caps ready to go next week. Tattoos, piercings, and maybe finally the next parts of my Prank War series (calling it 'Spring Break' was perhaps a bit optimistic of my ability on my part, LOL):

High Pressure
Thanks for waiting, and thanks for all the well-wishes people sent me, I haven't been this taken out by an infection in years. Getting older, I guess. See you all soon, hopefully I'll have the next post up tomorrow or Monday.

- Berserkasaurus-Rex

P.S. Oh, totally meant to mention this: look up "Sigma vs Omega", you'll be happy you did. I swear I never heard of this before, even though it is crazily similar to my whole Prank War Saga. There's a few "Sigma vs Omega" comics ( as well as 6 short animated cartoons. Huge thanks to Clark Kerk for emailing me about them.
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