Sorority Prank War of 2012

I've decided to set up this page to lay out the entire Prank War series in one convenient place and in chronological order. I've been meaning to do this for ages, and thanks to a few recent comments by new visitors, I've finally got around to it. I think that this series really helped me to develop this blog and my own abilities running a site and making captions.

I'll start with a "brief" explanation:

I posted the first Prank War post, Sai What?, in August of 2012 and happened to ask if anyone wanted me to continue it. Several people expressed interest and so I made a few more captions, and then a few more, and so on.

Over the course of the next several months, I ended up posting dozens of captions focused on the on-going rivalry between the popular and rich Sorority Sisters of the Epsilon Zeta (EZ) House and their intelligent, bookish enemy, the Gamma Epsilon Kappa (GEK) House.

This massive series first started my now common usage of morphed images, and also led me to start making long series of captions in nearly every post. Though I've started moving away from that lately.

This series also led to my development of very own story universe based in the Tri-County Area, and set up the city of Beaverhole City and many other areas of this universe which have played a role in my later stories and series.

Numerous other characters from earlier captions made cameos, or even became full-time participants of the Prank War. This helped to really flesh out the story, I think, and gave me a chance to show the fates of many of my earlier characters from the beginning of this blog.

The popularity of this series was such that it even inspired a few other captioneers to send me their own guest posts, exploring the possible fates of a few of the sorority girls.

This is to date, the largest series I have ever done, pulling in characters from many of my earlier captions and largely setting up a complete story universe. I expect it will remain my largest series, and might very well become larger still. There are many more stories I would like to develop, if I find the time.

Without further ado, The Complete Sorority Prank War, in chronological order:

Sai What?
The EZ's Strike Back
The Geeks Make Their Move
The House Mother
To The Brim
The Mayor's New Tits
Worst Nightmare
A-Hole In One
Community Service
Pain In The Ass
Pain In The Ass, Conclusion
Surprises Mini Series, Part 1
Surprises Mini Series, Part 2
Surprises Mini Series, Part 3
Surprises Mini Series, Part 4
Surprises Mini Series, Part 5
Home At Last
The Mayor's Big Balloons
Peezy's Packed Pooter
The Tattooed Tart
The Nu Rho Ho Mini-series, Part 1
The Nu Rho Ho Mini-series, Part 2
The Nu Rho Ho Mini-series, Part 3

The Never Ending Epilogue finally began with a post in late October of 2012:
Epilogue: Meeting The Dean

And then finally the huge conclusion to the Prank War:
Grand Finale, Part 1
Grand Finale, Part 2
Grand Finale, Part 3
Grand Finale, Part 4
Grand Finale, Part 5
Grand Finale, Part 6

33 posts, with more individual captions than I've ever bothered to count! And then there are the guest posts...

Kimmy Foster's Guest Posts:


Doctor Psycho's Guest Post:

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