Monday, March 31, 2014

Caption Contest: Body Mod Theme

I'm coming down with a nasty bit of something, maybe bronchitis. Lots of coughing and junk. So I won't be very productive for the next few days; I'm nearly finished with my Midnight Surgeon ebook, so I will focus my efforts on that, if anything.

Now, I've been wanting to set up a caption contest for a while, and in light of the recent successes of several contests held by other captioneers (Elena Starz and WesManTooth, respectively), I've decided to host one myself.

Full details after the break.

- B-Rex

Friday, March 28, 2014


Here's a fun quick magical milf cap. The story just hit me when I saw the pic. I hope you all like it.

- B-Rex

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Apple Pie 2

Today's cap is a continuation to an old cap I posted some time back. For convenience's sake, I'm just going to post both capped-pics together right here.

Also, Couture's Guest Post was supposed to have 6 caps, not just 5, so I'm added the 6th here too.

Apple Pie 1
Apple Pie 2

If there are any other sequels you'd like to see, or any ideas you'd like in a cap, let me know in the comments. :-)


Couture's The Narc caption 6

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Guest Post: The Narc by Couture

(UPDATE: Oops, turns out there were actually 6 caps, not 5. I've added the 6th below.)

Happy Humpday, everyone!

Today I have 5 caps to share with you, from one of my favorite writers, Couture. These caps are based loosely on one of Couture's stories, called The Narc. It's one of my favorite age-regression / mind control stories, and I urge you all to check it out. There is also a prequel story, that is also fun. I've reread The Narc several times.

Many of Couture's stories deal heavily with themes of forced/reluctant lesbianism, and occasionally forced feminization themes as well.

Recently, Couture has started out on the road of self-publishing, and now has a new ebook out about cuckqueaning, called Pursuing Penny: A Cuckquean Story. I've read a draft of this story, and rather enjoyed it, even though cuckqueaning isn't exactly one of my fetishes. But then, female humiliation is always fun for me. :-)

Couture has also begun a tumblr blog, which I've linked to on the bloglist to the left.

The Caps are after the break, and the fourth caption is a 1mb gif file, with the caption posted under it. I'll try to finish some caps of my own for later in the week, but right now I'm on a roll writing my Midnight Surgeon story, and will focus on that until it's finished. Have a fun humpday!

- B-Rex

Monday, March 24, 2014

April's Fool... of Silicone!

Happy Monday, everybody! Hopefully my Amazon woes are finally behind me. A quick recap: Angela's Last Resort is back up, Pledge Week Revenge is now Panty Raider's Punishment, and The Living Doll is back, with a new title and cover (though the story remains the same, aside from some very minor editing and spelling error fixes.) I really like the new cover, it really fits the mannequin-transformation theme of the story.

Anyway, I was hard at work on a totally different caption, when I found this picture of Jordan Carver and just had to cap it instead. A bit of breast expansion fun, with just a hint of the revenge yet to come. I hope you all enjoy it! :-)

I'm working on more caps, and trying to finish my new ebook before April, so assuming Amazon doesn't give me any more difficulties, I should finally be back on track.

- B-Rex

A Quick Ebook Update

I'm hard at work on a new caption (honest!), but I wanted to mention that I have resubmitted my ebook, The Doll, to Amazon a few minutes ago. Now it is entitled The Living Doll, and has a different cover.

As much as I love the old boob-oriented cover, I think it got the story flagged by Amazon's sales-killing adult filter. I've noticed that, despite being brand new this month, it wasn't showing up in my searches on Amazon. The adult filter hides stories from the main search; to see the filtered stories, you have to actively select the Kindle Store in the search bar. Which most people don't seem to know, yet.

I have also successfully gotten Angela's Last Resort 1 back on Amazon. I still need to get Angela's Last Resort 2 back up, but for right now I'm going to focus on making a few new captions for you all. Thanks again for being patient while I deal with all this. :-)

- B-Rex

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Update on Amazon Ebook Censorship

(UPDATE: Yay, it went through! Angela's Last Resort 1 is up again on Amazon! Now just to get ALR2 up and running. 

I'm also thinking of resubmitting The Doll, but with a new cover and title. Amazon seems to be blocking it behind its Adult filter suddenly, which has totally ruined my experiment with higher prices. How very annoying!

Sorry for all the boring Amazon-related crap, everybody. I promise to get some new captions up tomorrow, so just bear with me for a bit longer. :-) )

As mentioned in my last post, Amazon has blocked two of my ebooks, Angela's Last Resort and Angela's Last Resort 2, with no explanation as to why. I want to give a huge, HUGE thank you to all of you for sending me your sympathies and being patient as I deal with this whole mess.

I've spent most of the past thirty hours altering synopsis and tags, and even removing the occasional nipple, from all of my other ebooks still published on Amazon. It has been a lot of work. Hopefully I have finally removed whatever is causing them to arbitrarily censor my books, before they get around to messing with the rest. Fingers crossed, folks.

The most altered book is my Pledge Week Revenge: Sissy Makeover story, from last June. I have made a totally new cover, and changed the title to Panty Raiders' Punishment, which seems like a better title all around to me anyway. The book has never sold particularly well, though I have always been rather fond of it myself. I was worried that the original cover, which shows a girl's bottom with a tight red thong, would raise some more flags. The new cover shows only three shocked girls' faces, so shouldn't bother anyone. I hope.

The content of Panty Raiders and all my other stories has not been altered, beyond some basic spelling error removal, and such. Everything I have read on the Kindleboards forums has largely pointed to title and synopsis and tags as the usual source of censorship issues, as opposed to the actual story content.

But most importantly, late last night I sent Amazon an email asking to have them set to draft status, so that I could possibly edit them to remove whatever is catching the censor's eye, and they sent me another form letter in response. Which is totally useless, as usual.

However, it did mention that I could resubmit my blocked ebooks, but only with the content altered to fit their non-existent guidelines, etc. I suspect just removing a single word from each synopsis - forced - would actually be enough to satisfy them, but I also spent a good two hours rewriting parts of the first third of Angela's Last Resort. Most of my changes are very small, just a few words here or there, but some parts have new paragraphs, and whole sentences excised.

The basic story remains the exact same, but I have toned down the opening abduction scene a bit, and added in lots of humiliating, but consensual orgasms for Angela. God knows she needed them. :-)

I also added in a line wherein Angela, realizing her treatment is awakening her own long secret sexual fantasies, vows to at least act like she's not totally happy with her treatment at the hands of the Slave Island Resort staff. So really, now the whole story is consensual, even when she pretends it isn't. Oddly enough, none of this really alters the dynamic of the story itself. I kind of wish I had just written it that way from the beginning.

Anyway, I have also changed the title to Angela's Last Resort 1 (real clever, I know) and have now submitted the altered story back to Amazon. I'll wait and see if it passes muster and gets accepted. If it does, I will work on remaking Angela's Last Resort 2, as well.

So if all goes well, in a few days both of my books will be back for sale on Amazon, and if I'm really lucky, all my changes to the rest of my catalog will prevent anymore of these scary and annoying Amazon Censorship crises.

And then I might finally be able to get back to captioning and finishing my next ebook, which just so happens to be a sort-of origin story for the Midnight Surgeon. :-)

- B-Rex.

P.S. Oh yeah, and I might have finally found an ebook commerce site that won't censor my stories, ever again. Details coming soon. 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Another Amazon Censorship Crisis

Ugh. I've been super busy the past few days with Real-Life issues; first I had a minor surgery a few days ago, then I spent all day Friday driving across my home state, and now when I finally get home, I find out that Amazon has blocked two more of my ebooks.

All the times before they only suspended my ebooks, which meant I could still edit them, and maybe fix whatever it was that was ticking off their censors. But now they've outright blocked Angela's Last Resort 1 & 2, pretty much ruining my series, at least on their site. And since they are now blocked entirely, I can't edit them and fix the issue.

I'm not really sure what to do at the moment; if I resubmit them, with a different synopsis they might accept them, or they might get annoyed and block my whole account. Impossible to know. Both have been up on the site for months now, and suddenly they aren't good enough for Amazon. (Not that Amazon is offering to return the +30% they took from each sale, of course.)

Until I figure out what to do, I can't really mentally focus on captions or writing. Sorry. I'll try to keep this hiatus short. Hopefully I'll figure something out. For now though, if you want to purchase these blocked ebooks, they are still available at the following links:

Angela's Last Resort

Angela's Last Resort 2

For now though, I'm going to bed; I'm too tired to think about all this right now. See you all later, hopefully soon.

- B-Rex, aka Tabitha Kohls

Monday, March 17, 2014

Plugged Up

Well, I wanted to do some Leprechaun captions for St. Patrick's Day, but I could only find bad screenshots from those old Leprechaun horror movies, and none of my ideas really clicked anyway.

So instead, here's two predicament bondage caps. I hope that is satisfactory, :-)

I've had several good predicament bondage ideas lately, of which this is just one. So I'll probably do some more of these in the next week or so.

- B-Rex

P.S. I'm also trying to figure out what to write for my next ebook. I can't decide to work on a sequel to something (The Plastic Surgeon's Revenge, probably), or try another age-regression tale, or some more medical-play stories. I'd love to hear if any of you have a preference. No promises, but it might help me come to a decision. :-)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Extra-Curricular 2

As promised, here's the sequel to yesterday's cap. I think I actually used this pic before somewhere, but I can't recall for sure. Anyway, this one got a bit long, but I think it should still be legible.

I'm not quite satisfied with how this came out; in hindsight, I think I really needed a third pic cap to make the twist-ending really pop. Oh well, hopefully it still works well enough.

Let me know what you think, and have a good day. I found a cache of lovely Danielle Derek pics last night, so expect a few breast expansion caps in the near future. :-)

- B-Rex

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Extra-Curricular Activities

Happy Humpday, everyone! :-)

Sorry about the sudden absence, I got real busy last week finishing my new ebook (The Doll, full links at Humbled Harlots) and then my computer went on the fritz.

But I've got it working long enough to finish and post this cap, finally. And I'm about to get a brand new laptop, which should let me get back into the swing of things.

Today's caption is a quick sequel to one of my older caps, Choices. It ends on a cliffhanger, but I've got the resolution in the works already. Just have to get my computer to stay on long enough to finish it. Maybe tomorrow or Friday.

Hope you enjoy it,

- B-Rex

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Order of Magnitude

Well, I really wanted to make this a two-part caption series, but after searching all over for a second suitable image, and coming up dry, I'm left with two options: One, I edit my caption down until it fits a single picture. Or two, I post the entire text as a story, with the pic as a visual aid. I've decided to go with the latter.

This chastity belt/predicament bondage tale started out as an attempt to celebrate Degraded Damsels finally hitting one-million views, by working the number one-million into a caption. Obviously, it was heavily influenced by the forced-chastity captions at the A Fork in the Road blog, especially the "What Would You Do?" captions.

Ultimately, I think it is a fun, if too long, tale. I even worked in a gameshow premise, one of my old favorite fetishes.
All after the break, as per usual. Let me know what you all think, and I might just make a few more chastity caps. And be sure and let me know what you would choose, were you in the same situation as today's victim contestant! :-)

- B-Rex

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Office Relationships and 1,000,000 views!!!

Well, I'm currently being buried under a few inches of sleet, with thunder and lightning with it. A pretty nasty little storm, all told.

But that won't stop me from celebrating; Degraded Damsels is less than 1,500 visits away from the big 1 Million!!! Thanks to you all for making DD such a success!!! :-) To celebrate, I've been plotting out several captions for the next few days, including the return of one of my first characters.

But for now, here's a new cap about a very unhappy little office cougar, whose secret office relationship is about to go to the next level, whether she wants it too or not.


Hope you all enjoy this little Sunday afternoon caption, and thanks again for visiting my little caption blog! :-)

- B-Rex
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