Thursday, October 31, 2013

A new Petplay Ebook, and a Free Ageplay Story!

Happy Halloween!!! (NOTE: This post is a bit long, but bear with me. And there is a free Age-Regression story after the break. - B-Rex)

This is my favorite holiday, but unfortunately I don't really have any great new caps to show you all. Lately my muse has been more focused on writing my stories, than captions. I've got tons of nice pics, but nothing I think of really clicks, or interests me enough to work on. Hopefully once I've finished some of the stories I'm working on, I'll be able to focus on caps more heavily again.

Anyway, I have managed to finish a new ebook, at long last. It's called The Billionaire's New Pet, and is based on my Pet series from last January. It's currently published on Amazon and Smashwords; Barnes & Noble had a problem, so I'm resubmitting it. Might be a few days til it's up there.

I hit on a lot of humiliating Puppygirl concepts in this new tale, but I think I still have enough ideas leftover to write a sequel, maybe even two. I reached a natural climax in this story, so I chose to end it there, on a bit of a cliffhanger.

I was hoping to finish a Halloween-themed story, but now I'm kind of stuck. I'll have to decide what direction to take the story, before I can finish it. Maybe I'll have it done in a few weeks, I don't know. 

I've had a few requests over email for more collections, so I'll be publishing a few bundles of my previously published ebooks. Not sure which yet, probably my Angela's Last Resort series, though I'll have to redo the collection when I finish the 4th book.

Other than that, I want to publish a bundle of my shorter stories, like my Vera Purdee's Box of Doom story, and a few others. I might write a few more short (1-2K words long) stories, to add something fresh. And I have a nice bit of material thought up for a sequel to The Plastic Surgeon's Revenge, so that is definitely on the front burner right now.

Anyway, some time ago I started writing a long Age-Regression story, hoping to publish it as an ebook eventually. It would use a lot of ideas I've had for ages now, some of which I've touched on in my AR caps, and many I've been saving.

Unfortunately, after talking to a few writers, I've become afraid that I might not be able to publish it on Amazon, as the main character, while an adult, is pretending to be rather young. (For the same reason, I rewrote my Paddled! ebook to keep every character at least 18, to avoid violating Amazon's rather vague TOS.) Which is doubly unfortunate, because I think this story is one my best written to date.

In loo of publishing, I've decided to post the first chapter of this Age-Regression epic for free, as a sort-of Halloween present, even though it isn't really Halloween-related. I've completed a second chapter of this story, which I'll post Friday or Saturday, weather permitting. If I ever decide to finish this story, I'll probably have to delete this post, so read it now while you can.

I hope you all enjoy it, and have a fun Halloween! Story is after the break, FYI. It's about 4K words long, as is the next chapter. Enjoy! :-)

- B-Rex

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Run, Cheryl, Run!

I wanted to post this yesterday, but my internet connection was down. So here it is today, a chastity belt/ predicament bondage caption. This is largely inspired by the female chastity caps from the A Fork in Chastity blog.

I wanted to keep more of the original pic, but the cap got a bit long. Sorry about that. :-)


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Her Dream Job

Here's another game-show caption. Much of the basic premise came out of a very helpful YIM session I had last night. It's a bit simple, but fun. I hope you all enjoy it! :-)

And I wasn't going to post this, but I know my productivity has plummeted this month, so here's a bonus caption:

I made this before the Ducked Up! caption in the last post, as I was originally planning on making a short series. But the cap just never really came out the way I wanted. The Ducked Up! ended up being roughly the same idea, but with slightly different names.

The series I was planning would have ended with the professor getting real breasts, along with her permanent duckface piercing, but whatever.

Just Ducking Around
- B-Rex

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Ducked Up

This isn't my best caption, but I wanted to do something with this morph. I like the basic idea of it. Pity the original picture was such low quality. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this.

I've got some ideas for more game-show themed captions, like in my last post. I'll try to get some made over this weekend.

Right now I'm trying very hard to finish a new ebook, a Halloween-revenge story. I hope to get it published before the 31st, but no idea if I'll be able to or not.

I'm also trying to finish a story based on my old series, Pet. I might just publish what I have, and write the rest as a sequel to finish it up. I'm not sure yet.

As for my Bubblegum Bimbo ebook, I'm thinking of scrapping most of what I have written already. On second thought, I think most of it would actually work better as part of a sequel to The Plastic Surgeon's Revenge, which I plan to write soon. I've got a few ideas to work in, forced exercise and more body-mods, mostly.

Thanks for all the comments recently, I really enjoy reading them. :-)

- B-Rex

PS. I've finished a short vignette I'll post on Humbled Harlots. It's under 1,500 words, but still too long to be a caption.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Lick It Good!

A quick cap inspired by a IM chat a few days ago...

 - B-Rex

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tinked Off! - A Steffi/Britney Homage TG Caption

Hello all, I've been sitting on this picture for ages. I've been wanting to make a few TG caption homages to Steffimarichen/Britney Shagwell, and some more Halloween-inspired caps too. So here's my best take on a Steffi-cap.

It's not really up to her standards, and my layout is terrible as usual. Plus I'm not really good at the whole "brevity" thing. (You could probably just ignore the whole last paragraph, for instance)

But at least I think it is along the same general style and hits some of the same kinks as my favorite Steffi/Brit caps. As you'd expect, I'm more into the forced/sort-of-deserves-it type of caps, and less of the secretly-likes-it sort.


Monday, October 14, 2013

Backfired 5: Fiona Finally Fitz In

I'm still under the weather, but I wanted to put something out. This will probably be the end of Fiona Fitz's series, but I might have some more in the future.

I'll probably do a few Halloween caps next, maybe a few more TG homages to Steffi/Brits caps.

Thanks for all the well-wishes in the last post, they are appreciated.

- B-Rex

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Update: Short Hiatus

Sorry about the lack of updates, but I've come down with a stomach bug of some sort. I hoped it would just clear up after a day or two, but now I'm really nauseous. Hopefully I'll be better in another day or so, and I can get back to captioning.

Sorry, everyone. :-(

- B-Rex

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Backfired 4

Fiona's breast enlargement fiasco continues!

I hope you are all enjoying this series; I expect just one caption to go now. I'll probably work on continuing Tessa's Nightmare next, or finally finishing the Princess series.

I've got all the pics I need, it's just a matter of writing all the captions. This caption, for instance, took no time at all to write, but forever to edit down to fit on this, and it's still far too wide. Oh well, I can't spend forever on one caption or I'll never get anything done! :-)

Also, I know it isn't everyone's thing, but I've got a big pussyface series planned for the future, once I've finished all the appropriate morphs. What I'm planning is a bit bizarre, but hopefully fun too.

And on the ebook front, Bubblegum Bimbo is now at 10,000 words, and climbing! I'm either at or just past the mid-point. If I end up breaking 18,000 words, I might try selling it at $3.99 just to see how a higher price affects sells. I hope that doesn't irritate anyone; I'd just like to experiment a little with pricing. At heart, I'm a data junky, massive spreadsheets and all. :-)

- B-Rex

PS.  KS_1985 posted a wonderful morph and caption at his new blog, complete with a very cool (but big!) animation to boot! Please be sure to check it out, if you haven't already. It's very fun!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Backfired 3

Sorry about the delay, I had to find a new picture for this one. I've got the next two already, so the rest of the series should be coming soon! :-)

This is mostly set up for the next cap, but you'll like where it is going.

On a different note, I'm about 6K into my Bubble Gum Bimbo ebook, not counting the 1,000 or so words I already posted here a few weeks ago. I'm probably about halfway through, but not sure yet. Hopefully I'll get more written this weekend, and can get it published soon. I'm trying to work in some forced bimbo-dialogue for Ditzy, just because I like bimbo-speech, especially when it is forced. :-)

Have a happy Saturday, everyone!

- B-Rex

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Backfired 2

Another day, another caption!

In this installment, Fiona visits a doctor, to pick her new implants! But can she find a way to avoid the surgery altogether? Read and find out! :-)

Hope you enjoy this one,

- B-Rex
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