Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Prank War Grand Finale: Part 1

It's time for the Bootacular Beaverween Bash of 2012!!!

This is the first part of the Grand Finale of the Prank War. I've already made over twenty captions, and I'll be posting a few every day, probably till the end of the week. I've still got at least 10 more to finish, so this will be one of the largest mini-series yet!

This entire mini-series deals specifically with a very particular fetish I have, and it's one of my favorite fantasies. I'm not entirely sure if anyone else here shares this fetish with me, but hopefully you will all enjoy it. There are a few sites that focus on this fetish, but generally they involve magic, whereas I prefer a more realistic take.

I've also introduced, and reintroduced a few characters, mostly people I originally meant to mention earlier but never got around to it. Hopefully it won't end up too confusing for all of you.

It'll be a while till I'm finished with this last giant party, but rest assured, I've got lots of stuff planned for the future. And this won't be the last time we see the sororities of Beaverhole University. There's always Pledge Week! Though I probably won't get to that until next Spring.

Enjoy everyone, I'm starting events off with a nice, even 6 captions for you!

- B-Rex

P.S. I also wanted to thank all of you again for visiting my blog and your comments. It looks like the blog might break 100,000 visits sometime this week! That's just incredible!

I've had so much trouble finding captions like my own, I was nearly convinced that I was the only person interested in revenge and blackmail and forced surgery! Thanks for proving me wrong, all of you!

Guest Post: Janine by Dr Psycho

Dr. Psycho has made two captions about Janine, dealing with unexpected side-effects of her pregnancy. I received his email but have been unable to send a reply or else my replies aren't being delivered.

In either case, until I'm sure that he wants me to post the captions here, I'll just link to his various sites where the captions can be found:

And to Dr. Psycho, this was my reply to your email:

Thank you for the kind words, and thank you for your captions. I especially love the new craving for semen you have given Janine, :-). Forced pregnancy opens up a whole lot of uniquely humiliating situations for a character, but I hadn't really considered cravings before. Her hormones playing havoc with her arousal level is a fun idea too.

Feel free to make more caps of her, or any of my other characters, as I'd love to see your other ideas.

I'll post the links to your images on my blog in a few minutes,

and thanks again,

UPDATE: Here's Dr. Psycho's Janine Captions!


- B-Rex

Monday, October 29, 2012

PW2012: Epilogue: Meeting the Dean

Gail and Heather finally meet the Dean of Beaverhole University, Buford T. Rexford III!

This short installment is just to set up the grand finale of the Prank War, the first part of which I have written this weekend. I'm still pretty sick, so I might take a while to finish this finale mini-series I have planned, but I think I will be able to post at least the beginning by Halloween.

I was hoping to let everyone vote in a poll, and maybe let you all decide who the winners would be, to make the finale a little more interactive, but time constraints and polling issues have basically ruined that idea. To keep things moving, I have chosen the winning sorority myself. I hope you will all like what I have planned for the finale. It touches on one of my biggest personal fetishes, so hopefully you'll all enjoy it as well. Anyway, you'll all see it soon enough.

Best Wishes, and thanks for visiting,
- B-Rex

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Guest Post: Lori by Kimmy Foster

Kimmy Foster sent me this set of caps earlier today, as her part of the Collaboration project. I love these and hopefully all of you will enjoy just as much as I do. And hopefully more of you will feel inspired to make your own captions as well....

This set follows up on what became of Lori Logan, after the events of Pain in the Ass.
Featuring caning, corporal punishment, forced lesbianism, and all sorts of wonderful humiliation.
22 captions altogether, after the break.

Collaboration Project

Hello everyone!

First of all, let me just say that I am very sick right now. I have a bad cold (maybe pneumonia), so it's unlikely I'll be able to complete my Prank War finale any time soon. I'm feeling a little better right now, thanks to a lot of medication, so I figured I write this post before my headache returns.

I was talking with Kimmy Foster on Yahoo instant messenger yesterday, and Kimmy had an interesting idea: You can all make your own captions, showing the fates of my characters, and I'll post them here! That will give everyone something to do and read, while I'm laying around in bed, full of meds trying to get better. :-)

Kimmy's idea was that these could be "6 months later" type captions, showing what became of the sorority girls after their adventures in the Prank War.

I have my own plans for what will happen with most of them, which I'll hopefully eventually manage to post when I'm feeling better.

But in the meantime, you can make your own caps showing your version of their fates, sort of an alternative universe theme, if you will. You could even make multiple versions, if you wanted, maybe giving Peezy a happy ending and an unhappy ending. It's all up to you!

More details after the break!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

New Poll

Okay, the poll wasn't working, for some reason, and I've deleted it and set up a new one. For the moment the new poll seems to be functioning correctly, but if it breaks down again I'll just delete it entirely.

Anyway, if you've voted already in the previous poll, you'll have to revote to get it to show up in this poll. Sorry for the trouble, everyone.

- B-Rex


Well the new poll is apparently also broken, so I have deleted it entirely. :-(

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Prank War: Gina's Fate and new Poll

Okay, this last series is the end of the Prank War. I do have a proper finale planned, which was originally meant to be finished by Halloween, but that may not be possible. We'll see, I guess. I'm still looking for a few good pictures to use for the Dean of Beaverhole University.

This installment has 6 captions, following Gina's last humiliations at the hands (and cocks) of the NRD's, and a bonus final humiliating tattoo for Gina. I hope everyone enjoys them.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Prank War: Banging Gina

And Gina's ordeal at the NRD Fraternity continues! Just 4 captions this time, but I've got 6 more all-but-finished for the next installment. And that should lead to the finale, which I had hoped to have ready by Halloween, but will probably take a bit longer now.

I'm very happy that many of you are enjoying this series, but I did want to say that I've put a lot of stuff on the back burner to finish this series out. So there will be more here after I've finished off the Prank War.

For instance, I've got a forced breast enlargement series planned out, a few more age-regression cap ideas I want to use, and I've been dying to do a ponygirl-puppygirl series for a while now. I've also got a few more extreme ideas that I've been saving, cause they wouldn't really fit in with the Prank War series. Amputation, maybe even magical transformations, that sort of thing.

There is one thing that I've been wondering about: Would you all prefer a long series of captioned images, or stories with pictures added throughout? 

I ask because once I start writing, I can write an entire short story pretty quickly, but making captions requires a lot of editing and extra time to make sure every caption is legible. I tend to write way more material than would ever fit on a caption, so naturally a lot of stuff gets cut. And sometimes I have removed entire scenes I had written, just because I couldn't find a good picture to go with it.

I do think going the story-with-pictures route would lead to more content, in less time, but I'm sure some people prefer reading short captions rather than an entire story.  So please, let me know what you think. I'm very interested in hearing about your preferences.

Thanks everyone, for visiting and commenting and reading my captions! Thank you!

As always, the captions are after the break.

- B-Rex

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Prank War: The Nu Rho Ho

Okay, here's the first part of the Nu Rho Delta's gangbang of Gina Hart. I'm finishing the morphing for the second and final part, so expect that sometime soon. Hopefully in a day or two.

I don't think I've mentioned it yet, but Aline and Gina are characters from a previous caption, Flowers 4 Aline, just another of my attempts to drag all of my caps under one universal-roof.

Anyway, Gina is now represented by pornstar Diamond Kitty, whereas before she was played by Anissa Kate. The thing I like most about Diamond Kitty, besides her big breasts, is that she has a tendency to snarl and wince when on camera. Which works well for me, since my captions tend to be non-consensual. Other pornstars are always laughing or smiling, and that doesn't really fit my themes.

Well, hope you all enjoy them. 5 captions, after the break. One or two of them are actually screencaps, so the image quality might be a bit less than I usually have, but it's hard to find good caps of girls getting screwed by a whole fraternity. :-)

- B-Rex

Friday, October 19, 2012

Prank War: The Tattooed Tart

The next installment arrives, a week late, but hopefully the wait was worth it. The next episode will be of the actually NRD Gangbang.

Please enjoy! Sorry if the 3rd cap is a little hard to read, had to make these pretty quickly.


Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Message: Hiatus

Sorry for not posting more caps this past week or so, but real life has been taking up all of my time lately. There have also been several power outages the past few days, so that doesn't help either.

I should have some free time on the weekend, so hopefully I'll be back on track with new captions by Sunday or Monday. I think I've completed all of the morphs I need for Gina Hart's second tattooing and the NRD gangbang afterward, so now all I really need to do is to write the captions themselves.

In the meantime, while you are all waiting for new caps, why not make your own?

I've got a few different possible captions for this pic, but I'd love to hear your own ideas....

- B-Rex

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Prank War: Inked

Another installment of the Prank War! A few morphs, a simple device, and a pretty tattoo in a nasty place....

4 captions, hopefully with another 3 or 4 to come soon. Gina still has another tattoo coming, a pretty nasty one too. Just as soon as I finish her morphs. :-)

I am pretty happy with these butterfly morphs though, especially the one in the Part 2.

Hope you enjoy, caps after the break, as always.

- B-Rex

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Prank War: Siblings

Finally, the saga continues!

Sorry for the week long hiatus, I've been hit by a stomach bug the past few days. I'm still getting back to health, but I've managed to finish the first part of the ending of the Prank War 2012. This isn't a long series, only 4 caps, but it sets up what is coming next. I think this mini-series will have 3 or 4 parts total.

There isn't much erotic content in this installment, mostly exposition and character background stories, but the next series will feature a bit of forced tattooing and maybe something else. I'm not really feeling up to doing a lot of morphing, so I will have to keep the tattooing fairly minor but I think you will all like it. :-)

It might be few days before I get the next installment completed, though...

Oh, and a special thanks to LisaAnn for mentioning this blog on her own site. I've seen a real bump in traffic from your blog, even though I haven't made a post in several days. Thanks! :-) I really love your forced baby post, too! Great pics and story!

- B-Rex

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