Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!! :-)

I'd hoped to have a few holiday-themed captions for you all, but that isn't going to happen right now. Way too many people in my home at the moment to get anything finished. But I will try to get a few caps up by this weekend; I just need to find a few minutes alone so I can work without being interrupted.

So instead, here's a new ponygirl caption I made a few days ago. I really like the picture, but I'm not really satisfied with the caption I came up with. I put it in my reject pile, planning to rewrite it later when I have more piece and quiet.

But I figure even a poor caption is better than no caption at all, so you get it a bit sooner than I'd planned. Not the best present, I know, but I hope you get some enjoyment out of it anyway.

Have a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year! :-)

- B-Rex

Friday, December 20, 2013

Recruitment Doll Continues

Wow, what a busy week! Sorry about the sudden hiatus, I've been slammed with a lot of developments recently. Most importantly, I'm now unemployed. Which isn't as bad as it sound actually, but has taken up a lot of my free time thanks to job interviews and some annoying last-minute paperwork. And I still need to get insurance from somewhere.

Anyway, I've also been seriously hit with a bit of writer's block; or rather, captioner's block. I have tons of stories I've been working on lately, but all of the caption's I try to write just hit a snag and stop dead after a few hundred words. I've thrown out at least 6 new caps this past week, because I couldn't figure out how to end them properly.

I'm not entirely happy with these two caps either, but I've left things open for more later when my block cracks. Still lots of potential here, I think. Maybe even a proper story or two.

And don't forget to check out my new story over at Humbled Harlots!  :-)

- B-Rex

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Recruitment Doll

I started writing these two caps at the same time as my Tessa's Nightmare series, and actually finished the first one. That's why the first cap reuses a picture from the TN set. I hope that doesn't bother anyone.

In any case, I rather like the setup in these, and I can easily imagine numerous directions to continue this in the future. I'll have to look in my picture archive for more Taylor Wane pics, and see if anything sparks my interest. I have a basic idea for the next few caps, I just need the right pic.

On another note, Amazon has decided to kill yet another of my ebooks, this time it's Angela's Last Resort. Ugh. Oddly though, the other two ebooks in the series haven't been culled yet.

So far Amazon has culled three of my books, and all three had the phrase "Forced Orgasms" somewhere in the synopsis. So I think that is what is actually drawing their attention. I've removed the "Forced" and resubmitted the story, so now hopefully it'll fly past their censors and be back for sale in another day or so.


Anyway, moving on from there: I've had some major shifts in my real-life schedule lately, and I'm planning some changes soon. I'll lay the basic idea out tomorrow on the sister blog, Humbled Harlots, along with a brand-new, free short story involving a television game show built around extreme breast expansion. So I'll see you all there tomorrow! :-)

- B-Rex

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Guest Post: Barbie's Pledge Games 1 by Bondage_Barbie_Doll

Merry Humpday, everyone! :-)

Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been (quite literally) buried under a blizzard since Thursday. Three inches of ice and sleet, and a good foot of snow to top it all off. And more again just yesterday too!

My internet connection has been off-and-on ever since, but on the plus side, all this downtime has finally given me enough free time to finish a new ebook, Another Hospital Nightmare. It originally started out as an extended written version of my Ward 7 caption series, but spiraled into something a bit different.

It's a sort-of sequel to Her Hospital Nightmare, but with totally different characters, a lot of speculum-play, some hair removal and a piercing, and even fiberglass cast bondage too! Full links will be posted at my author blog, Humbled Harlots.

But enough about all that, today I am proud to post a guest caption from a brand new contributor, Bondage_Barbie_Doll. She's been helping me come up with ideas for new caps for a while now, and has finally caught the caption bug herself! :-)

Barbie's a big fan of bimbos and predicament bondage scenarios, and she really enjoyed my whole Pledge War Saga from 2012, especially Peezy. So much so, in fact, that she wants to start her own series of Pledge-themed captions, starring herself in the titular role.

This first caption sets up the fun pledge games to follow. Barbie says she hopes to make more caps soon, when she finds the time.

She and I have discussed several ideas for rigged games the EZ's and GEK's might force Barbie to play, but I'm sure she'd love to hear your own ideas. So if you like this cap, please comment and let her know. (Your comments might just persuade her to make more caps, and sooner too!)

- B-Rex

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

What Goes Around, Cummz Around

Here's another quick cap, using a picture I originally planned on using during the Prank War, but never found a chance to work it in. This would have been either; GEK-girl Tabitha Kohls displaying her huge, lactating jugs for milking as part of her community service; or the Mayor, after losing her re-election campaign, stuck displaying her dancing tits in a rap-music store in downtown Beaverhole. I tried to keep true to my original ideas with this caption.

Speaking of Tabitha Kohls, I'm finally nearly finished with a new ebook. I'm still deciding on the title, but it is basically a sequel to Her Hospital Nightmare, my best selling story to date. It features totally new characters, and has nothing to do with a snake bite, but has a lot of forced medical play and it takes place inside a hospital, so it really fits as a general, standalone sequel. It will also incorporate some long-term cast bondage and some other fun medical play ideas I've been thinking about lately.

I hope you all have a Happy Humpday, and enjoy the new cap. :-)

- B-Rex

Monday, December 2, 2013


I wanted to put this up for Thanksgiving, but I couldn't find the pic I wanted on my hard drive until afterwards. So here it is, a belated Thanksgiving Day caption for you all. I hope you all had an enjoyable holiday, and didn't spend it like me, with a severe head-cold and sore-throat.

- B-Rex
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