Sunday, December 27, 2015


Greetings everyone! Hope your holidays are going well, and that you're avoiding all the bad weather that's been happening the past few days.

Today's post is a three-part caption, almost a whole story in itself. I mentioned last post that I'm working on a third Ro-Sham-Bimbo ebook, and today's caps are based off some left-over penalty ideas from my previous two stories, and even some from this new story as well.

Sadly, I'm not nearly as far along with RSB3 as I'd like to be, so for those of you who enjoyed my RSB1 and RSB2 stories, like Namazuros, I thought these captions might tide you over during the long wait.

I'll probably post the text as a short-story all its own, on Humbled Harlots, just cause I like how the story came out even before I added the pictures. And at 1,300 words, it's about 4 solid pages of text anyway.

I was planning to morph the lips more and maybe add some other changes as well, but that tattoo took forever! I think it came out pretty well in the end, but still, that one little morph took at least three-full hours to add in and blend into her skin.

Anyway, let me know if you all enjoyed these, though I think you all will. And again, a huge thanks to everyone for visiting this past year and to all who have purchased one of my stories. Have a happy holiday break!

- B-Rex

Friday, December 25, 2015

Bouncin' Around the Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas everyone, and Happy Holidays!

I've been super busy these past few days with family visiting for the holidays, and it's made it hard to get much done. So here's a very quick and simple bimbo caption for Christmas, just a little present to say thank you to everyone for visiting and commenting this past year. This blog was just hitting 2 million views this time last year, and we've broken 3.3 million in just twelve months! Thanks, everyone, you've all helped make this site far more successful than I ever expected.

And a huge thanks to everyone who has purchased one of my ebooks, you've all been truly incredible, I can't thank you all enough! I'm sorry I wasn't able to get another book out this month, and I know my productivity has dropped off a lot this past year. But I have more stories currently in the works and hope to have a new story (Ro-Sham-Bimbo 3, most likely) out sometime next month.

Thanks once again, and have a very merry Christmas and happy holidays!

- B-Rex

Friday, December 18, 2015

Biohazard Barbie

Happy Friday! Sorry I didn't keep posting each day, my internet just got too lousy to work. But it's working now, I think my bandwidth updated to a new period so I should be good for a while.

Anyway, today's cap is another from my IM chats with Bondage Barbie Doll, just a fun little bimbo caption. Please enjoy!

Oh, and as you can see, I've been updated my logo to be a bit more festive. I tried to upload a gif file, but apparently blogger doesn't like animated gif's in the header for some reason. So I'm posting the gif here instead. I added the tattoos and mistletoe later.

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas, and enjoy the new cap.

- B-Rex

Sunday, December 13, 2015


Hope you had a fun weekend everybody. As promised, here's the genie captions I mentioned yesterday, hope you all like them. I'm busy tomorrow taking dogs to see the vet, but I'll try and get another caption up anyway, probably late tomorrow night.

Oh, and if anyone has any ideas for a Christmas-themed caption series, let me know. I'm trying to think up something to do for later this month but so far haven't had any good ideas.

- B-Rex

Friday, December 11, 2015

Old School Prank

Hello everyone!

I've been going back through some of my IM chats with Bondage Barbie Doll, and picking out some captions I made to pictures she found. I always meant to make these into real caps and post them, but just never got around to it until now.

Most of them are like today's caption, very prank-oriented, as Barbie is a big fan of my old Prank War Saga caps, and generally enjoys caps that involve blond bimbos getting into predicaments. So as you might expect, a lot of these caps will include her as the main character. They are also a little simpler, a little less of a complete story than my usual fare, but hopefully they're still fun.

I've got several of these finished, and thought I'd post them, probably one a day, until I finish Tina Maree's prize caps or run out, whichever happens first. Tomorrow's cap will probably be a little genie themed caption if I can find my picture for it, or another Barbie cap, if not. Enjoy!

- B-Rex

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Guest Cap: The Island #1-5 by Vedrina

Sorry for not posting these this weekend, I'm having some trouble keeping connected to the internet. I'm using my phone as a hotspot at the moment, but uploading pics is troublesome. I'm going to post all 5 caps, including the earlier 2, of Vedrina's caption series all together, as I'm not sure when I'll be able to post caps again.

On my front, I've been working on a few caps of my own,  and should have them up soon. I'm also completing the Just Us Girls Squad series, so that should be up later this week, if my internet cooperates. I'm probably just over my monthly bandwidth again, so everything should be back to normal around the 16th or so of the month.

I'll try and come up with some Christmas-themed captions to, when I can. Hope everyone's having a good week. My hand is healing nicely, and I think the numbness is improving, but still a bit early to say for sure.

- B-Rex

Friday, December 4, 2015

Guest Post: The Island #2 by Vedrina

As promised, here's the second part in Vedrina's series, with some of the bimbofication beginning. Please enjoy! :-)

Third part to come tomorrow. Vedrina hasn't sent me any more yet, so that might be it for a bit. I'm working slowly on a cap or two of my own, but again, if you want to send me some caps of your own to Guest post, feel free.

Also, an update on my burns; the numbness continues in my thumb and at least two spots on the inside of my index finger, but the burned area on my middle finger seems no longer numb or at least not very much. So hopefully the other areas will also improve as they heal. The thumb is my biggest worry at the moment, as the burn area is very numb, even when I prick it with a needle. But I've had worse injuries before and regained feeling, so I'm hopeful.

Oh, and I've updated Humbled Harlots with full links to my new ebook. Sort of forgot to do that with everything that's going on right now in real life. Happy Friday everyone, stay safe and best wishes.

- B-Rex

Thursday, December 3, 2015

News and Guest Cap: The Island #1 by Vedrina

Happy Humpday, everybody! As I noted in my last post, I've suffered some accidental burns while cooking the other day. The burns on my hand are healing better than I expected, enough that I can type with both hands again. There are some areas on my index finger and thumb that are numb, though. I'm hoping that's just temporarily and not permanent nerve damage. Have to wait and see, I guess. So far the numb patches are really effecting my typing, which is good news at least.

Anyway, thought I owed you all an update. Thanks for the well-wishes, I appreciate it. :-)

Now, as I mentioned, Vedrina has sent me several caps to post, one a day. This is just the first, the next two start to set up the transformation theme the series is heading in. So, please enjoy Vedrina's cap and the next few to come. I'll see if I can put together a cap of my own sometime this week.

Thanks again, everybody!

- B-Rex

Monday, November 30, 2015


Well this is a bad way to start the month but I have just burned my hand quite severely pulling something out of the oven. Not yet sure how basd the burn really is. My entire thumb is throbbing amd the whole side of my index finger is blistering. I am holding a bag of ice at the moment seems to be helping a bit. Typing is painfully slow with one hand. So no caps for a while. Vedrina sent me some guest caps yesterday by pure chance and I'll start posting them this week. If anyone wants to send me any gift caps of your own to post feel free. Would help me keep this blog active. Sorry for the delay q and tina Maree on your prizes again. first Thanksgiving now this. Hopefully it wont be as bad as it looks/feels right now and I'll b back to normal in a few days.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Guest post: More GEK Games by Bondage Barbie Doll

Greetings everyone! I've been busy with Thanksgiving, among other things. I meant to post a holiday-themed caption or two, but I'm currently stumped for inspiration. I do have a great Summer Cummings pic to use, if I can ever think up a Thanksgiving Day-related cap to go with it.

Luckily, Bondage Barbie Doll has sent me 3 new guest caps, to tide you all over this long weekend! (Also, I've posted a free story at Humbled Harlots, and just published a new ebook about breast expansion.)

One of these is a continuation of her on-going GEK Games caps that I've posted here before, one is a sequel to her Little Bitches series, and the last is a fun standalone CMNF caption.

As always, please be sure and let her know what you think down in the comments, and be sure to check out my new free story as well!

- B-Rex

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Just Us Girls Squad - part 3 and 4

Happy Humpday, everybody! Thanks to KiTA for that link last post, it didn't fix my computer problems, but it did give me an idea of where to look. And now I think I've got it fixed, fingers crossed anyway.

Today's caps are the next two parts for Tina Maree's prize. There should be at least one more cap to wrap things up. This isn't quite what I originally discussed with Tina, but hopefully it works.

Spoiler: For the record, as I know some people have issues with this sort of thing, you should know that this series is veering into race-change territory. So if you have a big problem with that, maybe you'll want to just skip this series.

Oh, and also, some time ago I was writing a story on commission, with a major surgical breast-enlargement theme. That project has sort of come to an amiable, if unfortunate, end.

However, I do have a large portion of the commissioned story finished, around 10K words, and I'm thinking of publishing it. It sort-of works as a first part, but isn't really a fully finished standalone story. I'm trying to decide if I want to write another 10K words to finish it, or publish it as is, and write a sequel later.

So, depending what I decide, I might have a new ebook published by Thanksgiving, all about breast implants.

Saturday, November 14, 2015


Hello everyone. Sorry about the lack of updates, some issues have come up. But before I get into that, I just want to say a bit:

I'm sure you've all heard about the attacks in Paris, and I know at least some of the visitors on this blog hail from France and Europe in general. So I just want to say I hope you are all safe and well, and wish you the best. (And the same to everyone else not in France or Europe, of course.)

Now, sorry again about not posting anymore caps this week. I was planning on finishing up last week's post, but my computer has gone on the fritz. Every time I load up my svchost.exe process suddenly balloons and eats up about 2 gigs of memory and more the longer I leave it. My computer runs like mud when that happens, and I couldn't figure out what was causing it. Still not entirely sure. Not a virus, I'm pretty certain of that. I've tried rebooting, but every time the same thing happens.

The only way to get the computer to remain usable is to constantly end the svchost process in task manager, and it always comes back within a minute or two. It's been a real pain, and made it nearly impossible to run MSWord or even try to make a caption.

I've just now found that Window Update is running like ten processes at once, and I've ended all of them, and the memory leak seems to have mysteriously disappeared. So maybe I've managed to fix it, I'm not sure. Very weird bug, anyway.

So, I'm going to work on getting some more captions done now and hopefully have them up real soon. Again, sorry about the absence, just been trying to figure this PC problem out for the past few days to no avail. So long as it remains fixed though, I should be able to get back on track.

Well, that's about it, I guess. Once again, stay safe everyone and best wishes to you all.

- B-Rex

Friday, November 6, 2015

Just Us Girls Squad 1 - Prize Captions

So, sorry about the lack of caps lately. I've been trying to get some Halloween-themed captions completed, but nothing is coming together. Just hours and hours of staring at my computer. Sigh.

Anyway, I'm way, way late in getting to these, but I'm finally finishing up my remaining prizes for the winners of my Superhero-themed caption contest, way back in August. Really sorry to Tina Maree and q for not getting to these sooner.

Today's two-parter is the start of Tina Maree's prize, and should conclude with another two-part caption, which I'll post just as soon as I finish them. Tina sent a lot of fun ideas to possibly use, and I've tried to incorporate as many of them as I could.

Obviously, this is just the start, but I hope you enjoy them Tina! And I hope everyone else does too!

- B-Rex

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Peaks of Her Career

Hello everybody! I've finally finished and published a new ebook, Chief Executive Bimbo 2! Sorry it's taken me so long, time just seems to be flying this year. Anyway, the new story picks up right where the first left off, so I'd strongly recommend reading the first before reading this one, or rereading, whatever the case may be. :-)

It is live on Smashwords, and Amazon, and is either live on Barnes & Noble's site, or soon will be.

For those interested, I am already working on a third installment in the series. I've got a bit of the beginning already done, as it was originally going to be the ending of CEB2, but didn't quite fit right. But before I seriously start working on CEB3, I'm going to focus on a third Ro-Sham-Bimbo story, and maybe my Midnight Surgeon ebook idea as well.

Anyway, without further ado, today's three-part caption is more a short story really. Hopefully it isn't too disjointed, or hard to follow. There isn't much dialogue, and the pictures (aside from the last one, I guess) don't really fit their respective captions.

As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the new ebook, future ebook projects, or of course, these new captions. Enjoy! :-)

- B-Rex

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Rise of Spaz-Girl, Part 2: Spazing Out

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't been posting much at all this month, I've just gotten very busy lately. Some family are going on a long trip across the country, and I've been helping getting things ready for their trip, changing water filters and general maintenance stuff since they'll be gone so long, and temporarily adopting a whole bunch of dogs (got over ten outside right now, mostly annoying weiner dogs too), so I haven't had much free time to spare on captions.

On the good news side of things, when I can, I've been spending my computer time writing my sequel to Chief Executive Bimbo, and I'm very nearly done. I was going to write a good deal more, but in retrospect I feel like my original ending idea will work better as a beginning to the third installment. So I'm just working on the very last scene and I should have CEB2 up for sale sometime this week, hopefully in another day or less. I've even gotten the cover done and ready, so I really just need this last few hundred words, and I'm good.

Anyway, I've also been digging around, looking for the missing caps I lost a while ago, namely the continuation to my earlier Spaz-Girl caption. Sadly, I still can't find anything. So I took my remaining notes, and came up with this as a sequel. Not quite what I wrote originally, but I figured some of you who enjoyed the first Spaz-Girl cap might like this one as well.

I can't decide which color font is most readable, so I'm just posting both versions. The text is the exact same in each, otherwise.

Aside from this new cap, and my soon-to-arrive ebook, I was hoping to have another caption contest for Halloween, but as I've yet to finish all the prizes for the last contest, it seems like a poor idea to start another. But if anyone wants to make some Halloween caps anyway and send them in, I'd be delighted to post them as guest caps and maybe come up with some fun ideas for a general prize. Maybe a new cap series, with some costumes-come-real curse as a theme or something?

Anyway, thanks for waiting me out, I know I'm not as productive lately as I should be. Hopefully with the weather finally getting colder, my allergies will abate and I can start really getting things moving again.

- B-Rex

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Guest Post: Bimbo Party by Dame Maree

Happy Humpday, everybody!

Dame Maree, who I still owe a prize caption too for winning my last cap contest, got bored a week or so ago when her internet went down, and ended up making me these super fun sci-fi bimbo transformation captions as a get-well-soon gift. The bimbo dialogue style is inspired/based on Tabitha Kohl's dialogue in my Prank War Saga.

 And a sort-of behind-the-scenes cap, listing all the alterations made by the company. Not necessarily canon, according to Dame Maree.

There's more stuff she sent me, which I may turn into an advertisement for the gene-therepy/alteration company in the near future.

Anyway, I really enjoyed these gift captions, the ideas behind the changes remind me of some of my gameshow penalty ideas, and I love the ending, with Prissy meeting her sex-doll doppelganger. Just a great set of caps all around!

- B-Rex

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Guest Post: Community Service and Little Bitches Club by Bondage_Barbie_Doll

Hello everyone! Today I'm sharing two more captions made by Bondage_Barbie_Doll. Her Little Bitches Club is a spin-off of my old Double Dog Dare Club captions, and she is currently working on a sequel/followup. I'm pretty sure she sent me another caption as well, but I can't seem to find it at the moment.

Anyway, as always, be sure to let her know what you think of her caps by leaving a comment below.

And I'll be posting yet more guest captions, this time from Dame Maree, in the near future. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoys the new caps.

- B-Rex

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Rise of Spaz-Girl, cap 1

Hello everyone! Sorry about the sudden absence, just been focusing mostly on writing my next ebook and some family-related stuff this past week. And watching lots of baseball this week too.

Anyway, I've been sent lots of guest caps by Dame Maree and Bondage_Barbie, which I'll post later this week. They're all great, though. :-D

Today I'm posting this caption, which was originally a 3-parter, but for some reason I can't find the other parts. (I remember making them, but must have saved them somewhere odd. I'm missing a few other files, including the Order of Magnitude story I mentioned on Humbled Harlots. I'll have to look through all my various backup drives and pen drives, but I'm sure they're around here somewhere.) I've got most of the text, minus some last-minute editing, so I might just try remaking the remaining captions if I can't find the original versions. It's technically a superheroine caption, but is more a mind-control, bimbo-to-nerd transformation theme than a superhero theme.

Anyway, I'm just warning you all that this cap is just a basic setup, an origin story if you will, and not the entire tale. ;-)

- B-Rex

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Long Haul

Happy Humpday, everybody! Hope you are all doing well. Today's caption is, like the past two posts, inspired by an old story that I can't seem to find anywhere. I think it was probably on or bdsmlibrary. Somewhere like that.

Anyway, I found this picture a few days ago, and thought it would be a great fit to the basic idea of that old story. After I added a few tattoos, anyway. Let me know what you think of it. Been a while since I did any real bdsm-type caps, and I'm thinking of doing some more, probably Midnight Surgeon caps in the near future.

- B-Rex

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Warped Perspective 2

Hello everybody! Thanks again for all the well wishes, they help a lot. I'm still sick, sadly, and have run out of Godzilla flicks. Now I'm working my way through bad Stephen King miniseries and my collection of zombie flicks. :-)

Anyway, today's cap is a sequel to the last post's, obviously. Glad everyone seemed to enjoy the last, hopefully this one will be well-received as well. I've got an idea for a third, and maybe even some more after that. I'm liking this sort of mind-control/magic/sci-fi setting.

- B-Rex

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Warped Perspective 1

Happy Humpday, everybody!

Today's cap is inspired from an old mind-control story I read ages ago, and can't find anymore. There are lots along the same vein as this, so it'd be difficult to even narrow it down to one in particular. I've got an idea for a sequel, and a picture already picked out, so maybe I'll post that in a day or so.

Also, a big thanks to everyone for the well wishes, I really appreciate them. I'm still feeling under the weather, but I think once all the farmers finish harvesting their fields, my allergies will finally die back down. Until then, I'll try and keep posting when I can.

- B-Rex

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Sheer Humiliation 3

Hello everybody! I'm still very under the weather, hence the lack of recent updates. Started feeling better earlier in the week, then took a downturn again. This is a bad time of year for my allergies, unfortunately. I've been mostly avoiding writing this week too, as it has been giving me a big headache looking at my computer screen, and instead have been mostly sleeping in and watching old Godzilla movies. Fun times.

Anyway, today's caption is a sequel to one of my older sets of captions. It's pretty simple stuff, but I enjoy it. For simplicity's sake, I'm just posting the original two caps along with the new one.

I've also got a few more superhero caps finished, mostly more bad Punny caps, so hope you all aren't tired of those yet. I'm also working on a timestop supervillain caption, if I can think up an ending.

When I get the time, and am feeling better, I'll finish up my remaining prize captions for Dame Maree and Q. Sorry for taking so long, guys. Hopefully the prizes will be worth the wait.

- B-Rex

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Guest Posts: Mistress Katana and Diamond Geezer

Sorry for the lack of updates this week, I've been busily writing and trying to get my gmail accounts to log in. Not sure what's going on with them, but for the moment at least it seems to have sorted itself out. I've been leaving replies all day, but if you emailed me this past week or so, and I haven't replied yet, it's either that I just haven't gotten to you yet, or your email has become lost in the ether.

Speaking on which, today's post features two guest captions that were each emailed to me on either July 30th or August 1st of this year. But they just popped up in my inbox earlier today, for some reason. I've had server lag before, but two months' lag is a new one.

Anyway, this first caption is from Diamond Geezer, and judging by the email's date, was probably meant to be a submission for my Superheroine Caption Contest last July. So sorry to DG for this belated entry, but again, I only just got the email today.

This second guest caption is from Mistress Katana, and was specifically not meant as a contest submission, though it was sent at around the same time.

Thanks to both Mistress Katana and Diamond Geezer for their guest captions, and sorry again for taking so long to post them here. Please let them know what you think in the comments below.

On a final note, I want to link to this awesome age-regression story (which is ongoing at the moment, but appears to be coming to an end) by InkuHime at the forums on Chasing Emily is a great, slow-burn age-regression story, very fun to read and with very good character development.

I really can't heap enough praise on it. The only thing I can even think to compare it to would probably be Todd Cheese's Keilani's Long Vacation, which is also a great age-regression story, and the original inspiration behind my own unfinished Tabby's Age-Play Holiday.

- B-Rex

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Worst. Pun. Ever.

Hello everyone! Today you're all getting two silly little captions, involving Meisa's pun-loving supervillain, and Mayor of Cleavage City. Meant to have this up ages ago, but had trouble finding pics that I liked. Anyway, I hope this gets a laugh or two from you all at least.

In other news, I've been hard at work writing this past week (and I'm a bit under the weather too) and have made good progress on both my upcoming superheroine ebook and a sequel to Chief Executive Bimbo. As to Ro-Sham-Bimbo 3, I'm putting it on hold for a bit as I want to get at least the new CEB story published first. But RSB3 is in the works as well. And a lot of other stuff, of course.

I'm going to keep focused on writing, at least while my muse is cooperating. I've got lots of other fun Punny Money captions I'll try and post in the meantime, unless you all are tired of bad puns, or something.

- B-Rex

Friday, August 21, 2015

Gymbo - Prize Captions

Happy Friday, everybody!

Today's three captions are Doctor Psycho's prize caps for winning the Superhero Caption Contest. They're not superhero themed, however, but are based on a rather plausible bimbofication idea I had while working at a local hospital a few years ago.

I was working on a Batgirl caption for another prize, but with Yvonne Craig's recent death, I've decided to hold off on posting any of those caps for at least a few weeks. What I have planned will probably be rather dark, and would seem inappropriate to post right now, considering.

And in other news, Sphere Eighty has posted a superhero-story called Binary Babe's Last Photoshoot. It's inspired by Orb's superheroine-impregnation stories, so if you enjoy those, you'll probably enjoy Sphere's tale as well. He's written a follow-up which I've read and enjoyed, and is currently working on additional sequels. Check out his blog for Character sheets, and to let him know what you think of his stories.

- B-Rex

Monday, August 17, 2015

The List

No superhero caption or contest prize today, sorry. I have veen busily working on a Batgirl caption prize, but I'm not finished yet.

Several people have recently asked me about continuing Chief Executive Bimbo and my old bimbo caption series Tessa's Nightmare (Links to Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6). Those emails have sort of inspired today's caption, which, while not directly related to my old cap series or my ebook story, is at least in the same general vein.

I hope you all enjoy this, admittedly, very simplistic caption. Honestly, I just liked the picture. ;-)

- B-Rex

P.S. And yes, I know I haven't posted the second free Order of Magnitude story on Humbled Harlots, it's not quite finished.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Getting PUN-ished, #3 - Contest Prize

Sorry about the wait, I've have storm fronts sweeping through my area since early Sunday.

Anyway, as promised, here's the thrilling conclusion to Meisa's prize caption. I spent entirely too long editing the caption down so it would fit, but I just couldn't stand to cut away even one more pixel of the picture. I hope the text is still readable and the story doesn't seem too rushed.

Ultimately, Meisa wanted a caption that featured a woman "being forcibly and humiliatingly rendered into living a life that will revolve solely around her huge tits, forever" so I hope this fulfills that premise. I doubt BigGuns' crimefighting career will stay the same after this.

Also, I've hidden a small Easter Egg of sorts in the morphed picture, see if you can find it. :-D

As always, please let me know what you think,

- B-Rex
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