Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ward 7

Finally had some time to make a decent caption series. I've had small copies of these Francesca Le pics for a while now, but I finally found larger versions today and just had to make these. A doctor, an escaped patient, and some light bondage. Some of my favorite things...

I've even ended up adding another crazy body mutilator to match the Midnight Surgeon, called the Perverted Piercer. Now all I need is a Skin Artist to handle tattoos, and I'll have my very own Three Stooges of human deformity! :-)

I'd love to have morphed some of these to include more piercings, but I just don't have the time lately. I've been writing a lot for when I start selling ebooks on Amazon (hopefully in few weeks) and it really eats up what little free time I have lately. I've gotten my latest story up to about 4,500 words, which doesn't sound like much I guess, but that can take a few hours to manage. This caption set is about 2,100 words all on its own, by the way.

Anyway, here are 6 captions, after the break as always. Please enjoy and let me know what you all think.

- B-Rex

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Melinda Saves The Day

Sorry everyone, I've been totally swamped at work the past week. And I've been spending most of my free time writing stories for when I start selling ebooks.

This caption is based on one of the new stories I'm working on, actually. It's a pretty basic premise and lets me work some breast expansion into the story. I had to morph the original picture, and change the wording on her shirt.

Hope you all like it, and hopefully I'll find time to make some more caps soon. Thanks for your patience. :-)

- B-Rex

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Honeymoon Surprise and Some News

I made this breast enlargement morph a few weeks ago, but could never really think of any good captions to go with it. I blame the happy look on her face! ;-)

So this is a pretty quick caption and practically sappy by my standards.


On another note, I've been seriously thinking about getting into writing erotic ebooks and trying to sell them. I've got a lot of ideas that would work great as short 3 or 4,000 word stories, but don't really work for captions, and I'd like to rewrite some of my captions as short stories too. Especially my old series, Rack Race, which a lot of people probably never saw since it was one of my first postings here.

I've been doing a bit of research into the whole ebook market, seeing what trends are popular. Right now it looks like psuedo-incest and gay vampire books are big hits. So I'm not really sure that my breast enlargement, bimbo transformation, revenge fantasy stories are really the right way to go.

Still, I'm thinking I'll try to write out a few odd stories and set them loose on Amazon or wherever. Maybe someone will like them. I'll probably rewrite my first Vera Purdee self-bondage story and try to sell that for $2.99. If I can boost it up to about 4,000 words I think I'll be at a pretty normal price range, based on other books I've looked at.

But never fear, in the meantime I will continue to make captions. I like making them, and I've got about 5 gigs of pics on my hard drive. If I don't caption them, who will? :-)

I'd be very grateful to hear what you all think about me trying my hand at self-publishing. I've posted many of my stories here over the past year. Do you all think they are worth a few bucks? Or is there no real interest in the bimbo/breast enlargement genre?

(And don't forget the caption after the break! Just click on the tits!)

- B-Rex

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Laura Krauff and the All-Powerful Djinn (UPDATED 02/2014)

 (UPDATE Feb 2014: This story has been removed, and will shortly be available for sale as a new ebook by Tabitha Kohls, entitled Laura Krauff and the Devious Djinn. It includes two new wishes, and is nearly twice as long.)

Greetings everyone! Sorry that I've been absent for the past week or so, but real-life has been crazily hectic the past few days. Hopefully I can start making more captions now, though.

I started working on this a few weeks ago, but kept having trouble breaking it down into separate captions. Finally, I just decided to write it out as a story instead. I only had a few pics that would fit and I put them in the story after the break.

This is a direct continuation of my previous Laura Krauff series from last November, Laura Krauff and the Amulet of Perverti.

I wouldn't say that you have to read those captions first, but it might make this story more enjoyable. Still, I tried to keep this tale pretty much standalone, but like the previous Laura Krauff entry, this is a rare magic-themed story. I've always loved captions and stories about badly worded wishes and tricky genies twisting wishes against wisher's intentions. Back when I was still making Transgender captions, I focused almost exclusively on that particular theme. Hopefully you will all enjoy this little tale too!

Let me know what you think, and if you would like for me to use more magical elements in some of my future captions/stories. 

- B-Rex

P.S. One of my favorite TG stories is about a Genie being used for revenge. The story was called Chain of Command, and can be found here: Link

Clip from Leera Kroftowitz
"As you wish, mortal."
"You can't wish tha--"

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Second Thoughts

Sorry I haven't been posting more, but I've been in a Breast Enlargement mood lately, and spending most of my time making BE morphs.

This cap is really just an excuse to make use of one of those morphs, of the big tit star Summer Cummings. Still, hopefully you'll like the caption too. I've left it open-ended, so a continuation might happen if I find the right picture.

Please let me know what you think of the morph work. I've always had trouble with breast enlargement modifications but I think I'm getting the hang of it.

- B-Rex

Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Midnight Surgeon Strikes Again

Here are two new Midnight Surgeon captions. These are both totally standalone, just the Surgeon checking in on two of his new victims.

I've got a nice morph ready to show Detective Suzi once she gets released, and I'm thinking about giving the good Surgeon a little nurse to help him in his "pursuits".

And thanks everyone for getting this little blog to nearly 250K views! :-)

- B-Rex

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