Midnight Surgeon

This page will list the various captions featuring the notorious Midnight Surgeon, a serial criminal who modifies his victims through unnecessary surgery, body modification, extreme bondage, and mental conditioning.

Standalone caps:

The Midnight Surgeon
The Midnight Surgeon Strikes Again
The Midnight Surgeon's Cow
The Midnight Surgeon: Emma's Fire

The Midnight Surgeon's New Toy Series:

New Toy Acquisition
New Toy 1-7
New Toy 8
New Toy 9
New Toy 10

Alternative New Toy 9 & 10 Caps

Stories and Ebooks featuring the Midnight Surgeon:

The Mutilator - first draft story that inspired the New Toy Series and may eventually lead into a full ebook in the future.

Psych Ward Nightmare - a $2.99 ebook featuring the Midnight Surgeon tormenting a lazy nursing supervisor. Includes body mods, breast expansion, and medical play.

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