Friday, August 8, 2014

Show Off, part 2

Here's the promised sequel caption to the last post. Melinda's wardrobe malfunction starts to draw some unwanted attention.... :-)

More to come, shortly. And be sure to check out Humbled Harlots tomorrow, for the 6th part of my on-going Milking Games WIP.

- B-Rex


  1. Big breasts are such a fertile (ahem) opportunity for humiliation.
    Over on Tumblr, I bowled my friend dbts [] over with the simple observation, which I have no doubt is true, that every straight man she knows (and quite a few of the gay men and straight women, for that matter) admires her big tits at least once in awhile, and many fantasize about them every time they see her.

    1. I just took a few hours last night to read over a large part of your friend's Tumblr. She's quite amazing. Is this perhaps the same woman you've mentioned before, who got a huge thrill out of being only referred to as "Big Tits"?

  2. Still loving the way this is going. Also, I looked over at the news on your HH site, and now I'm quite excited for reading both of your main writing works as soon as they're done. Congratulations on your first official commission by the way! :D


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