Friday, November 14, 2014

Guest Story: "Little Bitch" by Adobeman10

Happy Friday, everybody!
One of my favorite authors, Adobeman10, has sent me a brand new story to publish here before he posts it on his author page at The Changing Mirror forums. Many of his stories involve celebrities and age-regression, so be sure to check out his older work as well.
This story is a petgirl transformation tale involving amputation, among other extreme body modifications. He is also working on second version of this, which will be an age-regression story. Hopefully it'll be up here in a few days, or so.

Story after the break, as usual. Also, I've added a few old morphs of mine leftover from my Pet caption series. Hope you all enjoy, :-)

- B-Rex
Little Bitch
By Adobeman10

Penny was always one of the more popular girls growing up.  A fact that she reveled in.  Even as a young child, she had always attained the lead in the school play, and was the featured student at every opportunity.  Her petite features would be comparable to a young Shirley Temple.  Curly Brown hair and pixy nose with a smile that would make young men do whatever she wished

Time passed as it always eventually does, and Penny grew older.  Though the years passed, she never lost the trademark beauty that she was known for.  Though she was quite diminutive, her height never going past 5 feet, her spirit was larger than life.  Through High School she was the girl on top of the Pyramid, the tiny one constantly thrown in the air.  She was homecoming queen and prom queen, a distinction that she flaunted every chance she got.

Graduation came and went, and Penny graduated with honors and had the choice to go to any college in the country.  Stanford was her preference and she graduated with distinction within four years.  Her Senior year was the most difficult as a grown woman of only about 5 feet, she was quite smaller than even the shortest freshman girl on campus.  Her flawless tanned skin and toned and trimmed body were quite the sight and made men drool; but her small barely B-cup breasts were underwhelming at best.  Even Asian girls had larger chests than her.

As graduation came and went, her trust fund became available as well as the hundreds of thousands of dollars her parents had left her when they passed.  So Penny made the decision to go Larger, much much Larger.  It took three surgeries and tens of thousands of dollars-but when she was finished she had the flawless E-cups she had always wanted. She looked like a tiny version of the Cartoon Jessica Rabbit, and she wanted more.

She always had confidence, being so cute, smart, and adorable growing up; but she always felt like a little kid.  She had a booster seat in restaurants almost until 12 years of age.  She was an adult damn it, and wanted to be treated like one.  Breast surgeries led to Butt implants.  Penny had expanded her ass to beyond Kardashian like proportions and the men loved it.  After her graduation and subsequent surgeries, Penny dated men from all walks of life.  Actors, models, businessmen.  Men of power and prestige, and they were putty in her fingers.  She had some eye surgery done to widen her eyes to cupie doll proportions.  When she looked at a man, her eyes were the third thing they noticed.  Her hourglass figure and long curly blonde hair stopped men in their tracks and caused an accident or two when she walked along the street.

Seemed everything was going Penny’s way, but that is when ultimately-everything one day-suddenly doesn't.

“You little Bitch!” Penny screamed at the larger woman behind the counter.  The poor woman typed furiously and tried to calm the noticeably upset woman.

“I'm sorry ma’am, but your luggage went elsewhere.” The poor woman said in as best English as she could.  “I'm trying to find”  She was barely 5’4 and very rotund with short curly hair and marshmallow cheeks.  She was fair but definitely overweight and nowhere near Penny in terms of looks.  A fact that Penny did everything to exploit by making her feel worse and worse.  “Bitch, you better keep looking!  I will have your job and ruin you!”

The poor woman was sweating as she nervously typed a thousand miles a minute into the computer trying to find the angry pixies clothes. “I'm trying, I'm looking the best I can”

“Well you had better, all my clothes and things are in there; one dress is worth more than you make in a whole year!” Penny brought herself up in her high heels and tried to stand imposing over the desk-well as imposing as a five foot hourglass woman could be.  “What am I supposed to do until then?”

“I have courtesy hotel ma’am, I can set you up in-our driver-he take until we find.” She said nervously.

Penny looking around the dimly lit airport lounge basically empty with a few sleeping passengers slumped over benches waiting for their flights.  Normally Penny would cause quite a sight wearing her fuck-me pumps and her form fitting red dress.  But at 3am in this stop-over from Australia to Beijing, she barely caused an eye to bat. Sometimes Sleep is more important.  She didn't even know what country she was in when her plane experienced some trouble and had to land.  This day kept going from worse to shit.  Exasperated, she was quite tired and didn't appear to have any choice.  “Fine, have your driver take me to the hotel”

Within minutes a dingy rusted yellow vehicle pulled to the side door of the airport lounge.  Penny looked at the car disgusted with its condition, but she didn't have a choice.  Cautiously she stepped inside being careful to barely touch anything as she hovered her large ass above her seat.  The cab driver wore an eye-patch over what was his worse eye as the other one was barely open.  His face had an almost there beard, and might’ve been washed sometime in the last ten years… maybe.  

Penny was taken aback by his grotesque physique and said simply “Hotel… Now”

The driver did a half smile through his half lit cigarette and barreled out of the airport lot towards the one hotel on the island.  The drive was excruciating as the vehicle bounced back and forth hitting every pothole and obstacle in the road.  Penny bounced around in the back seat her body and breasts jiggling with every jerk of the car.  The driver must be getting quite a show as Penny tried to use her arms to keep her boobs contained within her tiny dress.  About 45 minutes later, they pulled up to this building with lights flickering on the exterior.  

This must be the hotel, she thought as she opened the door.  She stepped outside and looked around, the cabbie smiled as her ass jiggled.  Penny couldn't even muster a smile as she knew the driver had never seen a stunning woman such as her in his life.  This was something he could tell his friends about for years to come.  It started to drizzle as she exited the car and looked around for cover.  Seeing the awning by the building she ran for it.

Forgetting for a moment that she wasn't in a modern city, without modern sidewalks, and probably the most pot filled road in the world.  As she ran in her 4 inch high heels, she felt the heel give out and she went forward flat on her face… Or it would have been had it not been for her two natural boob cushions to soften the blow.  “Fuck!!!!” she screamed as she landed, she twisted her ankle on the fall and managed to not only rip her dress and break her heel; but land hard on her left boob.  “Oww! Fuck!” Obscenities streamed as she grabbed her chest in pain.  She hurt something, or tore something.  Did she rupture an implant?  Her worst fear realized as she knew she was miles from what could be considered a legitimate hospital or doctor.

The driver of the cab seeing her fall came over to aid her and tried to help her up.  Penny started to get woozy, had she hit her head?  There was some blood on her hands-but where from?  The cab driver to his credit, did his best to help her.  She looked at the dingy man and was barely to mutter out… “Doctor… Now…”  Before her world went black

Penny’s eyes slowly fluttered open as she could hear the sound of dogs barking, and cats meowing… the pale green ceiling was barely illuminated by faint lights as she felt woozy lying on a cold metal table.  A tall gaunt man of about 60 years stood over her and spoke in barely recognizable English. “Don't move, you've had a fall lady.”

The man adjusted her head pillow as Penny lied still on her back covered on the table in a dingy plaid blanket.  She could feel a bandage on her head-but couldn't feel much else.  “Where am I?”

The gaunt man checked her iv.  “Hospital… Dog, Cat, place.”

Penny looked out of the corner of her eyes, she saw dogs and cats in cages and various medical equipment around.  “I'm at a Vet office?”

“Regular hospital closed til morning, quoc bring you here, he driver.  Said you hurt; no one could help.  Best he could do”

Penny sighed as she realized that she didn't really have a lot of options and at least she got some help.  She struggled to move, but her chest and her ass hurt quite a bit; more so than her ankle.  “My chest is killing me, she groaned.”

The gaunt man sat her up and pulled her blanket off to Penny’s horror.  “You hurt breasts, liquid on bottom, had to drain before infection.”  Where had once been Penny’s perfectly round and sculpted boobs now laid two sagging fleshy balloons on her chest.  Her nipples looked deflated and sad hanging off these fleshy sacs attached to her body!

She screamed!!! Her eyes widened in rage!  “My boobs!  What did you do to my boobs!”  She picked up the deflated flesh bags as they hung lifeless and empty off of her chest.

The gaunt man barely registered an emotion on his face as he calmly lifted a large jar off the other table.  The jar was filled with a clear translucent cloudy liquid.  “In chest, it coming from, we remove, drain.”  He struggled trying to find the English words to explain it to the hysterical woman.  

Penny was trying to control her hyperventilation as she looked at the jar.  It was the Silicone and Saline from her breast implants.  They must’ve popped and the vet must’ve thinking they were some infection, drained them fully from her body.  But the jar was much too large for the fluid in her breasts, where did all the fluid come from… And then she realized in horror where the rest of the fluid in the jar came from.

She leaped to her feet and stood there naked in front of the man.  She looked and saw her ass behind her, but instead of the ripe round ass that she had before, it was now just as deflated as her boobs!  Her ass cheeks sagged down the back of her thighs to almost the back of her knees!  She screamed again!  Grabbing both of her ass cheeks in an attempt to heft them futilely back into position!  But it was no use, her butt was now like her breasts, sad and sagging before her.  She turned back to her chest and saw the two once very proud and firm breasts now sagging there down to her navel.  Since she had expanded them so much, there was so much extra skin left to sag.  Tears came to her eyes as she looked quite a sight with all that skin hanging off her.  Like a fat person that lost hundreds of pounds, but at her size, it was all the more noticeable.  She went back and lied on the cold metal table and cried.  The Vet seeing her distraught and realizing there was nothing more he could do.  Simply covered her up and turned off the light as he left the sobbing woman alone.

  Penny's eyes fluttered as light streamed in through the window into the room, was it morning already?  She must’ve passed out the night before from all the stress.  She slowly sat up on the table as she did, she felt something warm resting on her knees.  She looked down and stifled a teary eyed choke.  It was her pancake boobs, flat and sagging over both of her knees. Turns out last night wasn't a dream, it was a real life nightmare. 

After a minute to compose herself, she wiped the tears from her eyes and leaped to the ground from the table, her ass skin smacking the back of her legs as she did.  She covered herself with the blanket as she did to try and protect what little modesty she had left.  She walked though the door into the adjoining room to see the Gaunt man from the night before, the dingy cabbie, and a large woman wearing a horrendously destroyed red wig.  They were sitting around a table eating a rice breakfast.  The Cabbie got up and offered her a seat and placed a bowl of rice in front of her.  She was starving as it had been some time since her last meal and she quickly scarfed the food down in front of them, dropping rice on the table as she ate.  The woman was amused by the very hungry woman and brought her another bowl, followed by a third.  Penny had finished all three bowls before she finally sat back and let out a burp to which everyone including Penny in the room had a small chuckle at.

She looked at the man, and looked down indicating that she had no clothes to wear.  The man glanced over to the corner and Penny Saw the remains of her red dress as small as it was cut with blood and torn to pieces.  There was no way she would be wearing that again.  The gaunt man then brought over this large mumu type floral print shirt/dress.  It was faded blue with old faded roses on it and had been some time since this thing had seen better days.  She thanked him and went into the other room and discarded the blanket and pulled the large dress over her body.  

Normally her very large breasts pushed out any dress/shirt/object of clothing that she wore.  Now this ugly floral shirt fell to her ankles and belied any shape or form that she had on her now flattened chest.  She stifled a choke down her throat as she told herself, this could be fixed.  When she got back to the states she would get bigger boobs, and a bigger butt and this would all be but a very bad memory.  

She went back in the room with the family, “I need to get back to the airport, can you take me?” 

Each of them looked at each other, and the cabbie pointed to his empty hand.  The gaunt man turned back to Penny, “payment.”

Penny was taken aback at the seriousness in which he asked.  “But I don't have any money, the airport lost my luggage and my belongings.  But when I get it back, I will gladly send you the money for the food, the dress, and any medical care you did.”  

The cabbie looked at the gaunt man and then looked at Penny, “Payment” and made a gesture for money. 

The gaunt man looked back at Penny, “You must pay for work, cannot leave until pay”

Penny was exasperated, “Look, I just told you-I don't have any money on me; but i can get it for you, I just have to get to the airport.”

The gaunt man looked at her and then said “Payment before leave”

Penny had had enough, “Listen I'm just going to leave and you can sue me for your shitty vet skills! And shitty rice!”  She went for the door as the woman of the group stepped in front of her.  

“No go, payment”

“Is that all you people can say? Payment!?  Well I'm not staying, so get out of my way!” She tried to get around the woman and the woman tried to hold her back with her arms.  Penny screamed as she then grabbed the old ladies wig exposing a very poorly cut hair on a balding head.  

The old lady cried and screamed as Penny almost made it through the door, before she was grabbed by the cabbie and bear hugged.  “Let me go!” She screamed and kicked and kept screaming and flailing and kicking, trying to get out of the mans grip. 

She leaned over and bit the cabbie on the arm drawing blood, he screamed and he dropped her.  She hit the ground hard, her boobs and butt flopping, she quickly righted herself and was going to make a mad dash for the door; Until she felt pain in her right arm.  She looked and saw the Gaunt man holding a needle that he had just injected.  “what did you…”  She didn't even complete the sentence before her world went black again.

Penny woke to the familiar sounds of barking and meowing again.  She was lying on her side as her boobs rested on the steel cold metal… cage?  Penny looked up and saw that she was in one of the Animal cages! And naked!  She tried grabbing the cage doors and shaking them, but they were padlocked shut!  She was trapped like an animal!

She felt the cold breeze on her scalp, wait what?  She quickly rubbed her head and felt nothing but skin!  She kept feeling hoping it was a mistake!  But it wasn’t!  She had been shaved bald!  She screamed and then she saw the family enter the vet room.  Except the woman, she didn't have the mangy red wig she had before… Penny saw long blond locks on her head as she was stroking it proudly!  She screamed again!  The gaunt man knelled in front of the cage as Penny couldn't stand and was on her knees.  He looked at her smiling and then looked at his sister playing affectionately with the long blonde hair.  “payment received.”

Penny screamed and then looked at him “Wab dib you do?!”  She quickly grabbed her mouth with both her hands and felt the numbness of it.  She moved her tongue around the inside of the mouth to feel around; but her worst fears were confirmed.  Her whole mouth was empty!  All her teeth had been removed!  She screamed and screamed and screamed!  Not noticing that the vet was leaning in with another….  

Penny slowly awoke again, much groggier than before.  It must’ve been all the damn tranquilizers…  She sat up in the cage as the vet sat in a folding chair outside of the cage staring at her.  She sat on her ass not trying to hit her head on the roof of the cage.  She assessed her situation.  Her saggy flashy butt cushioned her on the cage floor.  He deflated empty balloon tits sagged to the ground covering her pussy, the nipples with dull sensitivity dragging on the wires of the cage.  Her head shaved of all its hair and the woman wearing it as a wig for “payment”.  And because she bit the cabbie, apparently they saw fit to remove her teeth as a dangerous prevention.  It couldn't get much worse she thought.

She stared at the vet with tears flowing down her perfect cheeks,  he sat in the chair staring back at her.  She then screamed with all her might!  The vet calmly pulled out a small button and pressed it!  Penny jerked in the cage and fell to her side as she felt a shocking pain from her neck to the rest of her body.  She raised her hands to her neck and her fingers kept fumbling, she tried to use them-but they hung from the palms of her hands as if useless.  Muscle relaxants? She hoped.  But she palmed her neck and felt this incision on the back of it and felt a small little square underneath the skin of her neck.  They had chipped her with a training chip like a dog!

She screamed again!  The gaunt man hit the button again as she jerked again in revolting pain in her cage.  She panted as she righted herself to her knees, she looked up in a sweat as if to scream again.  The vet smiled and raised the small little controller as if to say ‘I dare you’.  Penny knowing the pain simply gasped and shut up.  Screaming was not going to do anything but cause her more pain.  This time the pain was so intense, she simply passed out and fell asleep in her cage.

Light shined through the cage as Penny slowly awoke, was it morning again?  Had it only been two days?  Who knew, she had been in and out of consciousness so many times-she didn't know how long-it could have been hours or even weeks.  She looked at the front of the cage and saw a small bowl of mush and a bowl full of water.  She was starving, she went to go grab the bowl of food but her fingers dangled again useless.  She tried to grab the bowl only to have her useless fingers knock all the food on the floor.  She couldn't pick anything up!  But she was so hungry!  Her stomach got the better of her and she kneeled down and began to lick up the food the best she could.  Anything felt good in her stomach, even this sweet mush.  She then went to the water bowl dish and slurped up the water with her tongue.  The water felt cool and refreshing as her tongue felt weird brushing up against her toothless gums.  But her thirst won out over her dignity as she slurped the bowl until nothing but drops remained.

She then crawled back to the back of the cage and sat wondering, what do I do now?  She kept thinking, it can be fixed.  She could go back to the states and get implants again.  She lost her teeth, but she could get oral surgery and get fake but beautiful teeth again.  Her hair, it would grow back and a skilled surgeon could take out the chip and fix her fingers.  She could fix this!  She knew she could.

As if on cue to ruin her day, the vet entered in the room, the cabbie followed right after.  He slowly opened the cage and motion her out.  She got out the cage and stood up, her breasts rested near her waist.  Had they dropped lower? she thought-maybe they were stretching out even more!  She quickly tried to dismiss that thought as her butt rested lower behind her legs.  

She stood bald, naked and defiant in front of them.  The vet looked at her, in his right arm he was thumbing the pain switch for her.  She knew better than to risk his ire.  She felt the cabbie place something around her neck, a collar?  She was being collared and leashed like a dog!  The Cabbie then led the naked woman outside, her eyes took a moment to adjust to the glaring brightness-how long had she been inside?  She looked around at the small diminutive house and realized how remote this place really was.  All around her was jungle, jungle everywhere.  She couldn't even see another building, where was she?

The vet turned and coughed and distracted the Cabbie, he turned to look at him and Penny knew it was her chance.  She punched the Cabbie with all her might in his stomach and shoved him into the Gaunt man, and then she turned to run.

She ran with all of her might as fast as she could!  Her flapjack boobs bounced on her chest and her saggy ass bounced on the back of her legs, but she ran.  Naked and not knowing where to go, but knowing she needed to get away and get help.  She turned and saw the gaunt man pull out the button and keep hitting it.  Nothing. She must’ve been out of range, and for the first time since this experience began-she smiled.  Until she felt the sharp pain around her foot!

She fell to the ground screaming!  She turned and looked and her foot! It was caught in this giant clamp like a bear trap!  The metal pincers sliced into her calf as the blood was evident.  She screamed and cried, and screamed!  The Cabbie and the gaunt man ran over, not in anger but in genuine distress to help.  The Cabbie held her down as the Gaunt man tried to pry the claws of the trap open.  It was clamped tight as she felt metal on her bone.  With great effort her squeezed it open and pulled her damaged calf out of it.  She saw all the blood dripping down her leg and then passed….

Penny saw brief flashes, as if she was in a dream.  She would momentarily awaken and saw brief images.  The Gaunt man with a surgical mask, medical equipment, blood.  and then pass out again.  It could have been hours or weeks, but eventually Penny slowly awoke in her cage again.   She was on her side and felt groggy and numb, number than she had ever felt.  But at least she wasn't in pain.  She tried to right herself with her hands but stumbled and landed on her face.  She looked to see the reason why, and Screamed!  Her fingers!  They had been amputated at the knuckle!  She looked over to her other hand and saw the same thing! Nothing remained but the palms of her hand!  She tried to right herself and couldn't move her legs, and then she looked down and continued to scream at the top of her lungs!  Her legs! Her beautiful shapely legs!  They had been amputated from the knee down and had bandages over their stumps!  She screamed and flailed around in her cage! What have they done! What have they done!?  She kept screaming until she felt the massive pain in her neck and stopped.  She turned and saw the vet holding the control box again and smiling at her.  This sick bastard was smiling at her!  He deformed her and he was smiling like an idiot at her!  She screamed, and he pressed again and all went black.

She awoke and she was on all fours, but even level; her body was righted and in a brace.  She tried to move but couldn't as everything was held in place by a metal brace.  She saw the vet, the Cabbie and the nurse talking as the vet was writing notes.  Penny looked at him with her large eyes.  “Why?”

The vet silenced his apparent siblings and walked to the table.  “You.  You would not pay, but then when payment taken, you could go.  But you scream and act like crazy person.  We try help, but you not be controlled.  We were taking you to leave, but you run; right into tiger trap and destroy leg.  Must come off.  Damages to walk to severe.  But I fix best possible way.  Like Dog.  You able to walk like dog, and move like dog and not cripple.”

Penny snarled at him, “im nah a dog!”  

“im not doctor, I fix best way I can”  

“UCk you!” Penny snapped out!

The woman said something in a language that Penny couldn't understand, she looked at the vet as if seeking a translation.  “She said, you dont look like dog.  I say, we fix that.”

Penny’s eyes widened as to what that would mean!  “No Wai…”

Penny slowly awoke as she felt herself lying on a soft blanket.  Her body felt sore as she tried to rise.  She found herself balancing on her knees as and righting herself on the palms of her hands.  She then found it difficult but was able to slowly walk on all fours.  She left the confines of the blanket and was able to walk freely around the vets room.  The other dogs barked from their cages as Penny tried to walk around and find a door.  She then came across a shiny cabinet and was horrified at what she saw.

Her face!  They had changed her face!  From her toothless mouth her now oversized tongue hung out of it drooling out.  Her ears had been reshaped to fold over and her floppy at the sides of her head.  Her nose had been turned upward like a pigs snout!  She looked like some misshapen human dog person!

At that moment the vet walked in to observe his handiwork.  “Patient awake?”
Penny just sat on the ground, shaking and whimpering like a dog.  She tried saying something, but it was all garbled with her oversized tongue and reshaped face.

“All done, good looking dog.”  

Penny’s boobs flopped beneath her, she looked down as if to wonder why.

Vet looked out door, “Brother, he said you have nice boobs-Had to keep.”

Penny walked around as the vet monitored her progress, her boobs dragging on the floor beneath her.  Penny was no more than a dog.  Tears ran down her eyes.  THEY CANT FIX THIS!  THEY CANT FIX THIS! Her mind screamed to her!  She knew, that even if she was free, even if she got back to the states, nobody-not even the best surgeon in the world could put her back the way she was!  At best she would be a misshapen freak the rest of her life!  But worst, she was nothing more than a dog!

She simply collapsed in a heap and just cried….

Weeks went by, as Penny had to adjust.  The will to live and carry on in her was just much too strong.  If she was going to be a dog, so be it.  She would just have to make it work somehow.  It was difficult at first, adjusting to everything.  She had to relearn how to walk, but the vet fashioned some pads for her stub knees and her palms of her hands slowly developed Callouses to make it easier.  Going to the bathroom was interesting, but she learned to go outside and rub her butt on the grass to clean herself.  She slowly ate and gained her strength back.  Her once tight stomach expanded, and with sooooo much extra skin-her boobs and ass slowly began to expand again.  As months went by, her once flappy skinned flesh sacs plumpened up and now resembled full udders like a cow.  She even heard the vet once joke, he should’ve made her a cow instead of a dog.

Time passed and she gained a lot of weight as her chins doubled out and her ass almost dragged behind her.  She looked quite the sight tumbling around with her nipples dragging underneath her.  Her hair never grew back as the sudden strain to her system resulted in late life allopecia and she was hairless forever.  Much like a hairless cat. 

  Finally, one day the Vet took the Cabbie's car and was driving Penny in the side seat.  Penny had gone for drives before, but they had never driven this far into town before and Penny slowly slumped in her seat-her fear of being discovered as this Human Dog crept into her.  Embarrassment and shame covered her face.  She whined as she long ago had stopped verbalizing words.  She couldn't say anything until the Vet stopped the car and attached the leash and led her reluctantly through a door.  

All at once Penny realized where she was!  She was back in that same airport from when she first landed!  She pulled against the leash as the vet tapped the control sending a momentary shock down Penny’s spine, it was light-but the meaning was there.  Resist and I will hold the button.  Penny reluctantly trotted through the airport lounge doors.

If Penny thought she got attention before, she never knew what it was until she was trotted naked in front of waiting passengers.  Her ears flopped as she trotted, her boobs and nipples dragged on the carpet beneath her.  She could see the pointing and hear the murmurs as even though lightly filled, there were still enough people to cause a ruccuss.

She was trotted over to the counter, and she sat shamed trying to hide her face, but nothing could cover it.  

The vet reached over and handed her leash to an unknown person behind the counter.  He then turned to Penny, “This is my friend Clarice, she needed a dog; she your owner now.”

The Vet turned and left Penny and the remote in the hands of the person behind the counter as Penny sat on the floor shivering as people laughed and pointed.  The leaseholder behind the counter walked around and kneeled down in front of her.  

“Penny is it?”  Penny turned and saw the Ticket agent that had lost her luggage way back when and her face turned white.  “Well now who's the little bitch?”



  1. A nice story. And the images are quite fitting. BTW do you intend to continue with your pet caption series? What about the second book in the Billionare Pet series?

  2. Wow, a really nice story! I would like to read more of that.

  3. Crueler than the sort of story I like, but . . . .

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