Monday, March 23, 2015

Like, Whatever!

This was going to be a free mind-control story for Humbled Harlots, but at only 700 words or so, I felt it might be too short, so here it is as a caption instead.

My favorite erotica writer, Downing Street, just posted a new story after half a decade, here. And so this is highly inspired by his wonderful writing style. I hope you all enjoy it, and be sure to check out his new story as well. It's quite good. :-)

Also, thanks to all of you who commented on last Friday's post, I'm very glad you all seemed to enjoy that caption so much. If I can find an appropriate picture, I'd be happy to continue the story a while longer.

- B-Rex


  1. Ooooo I enyoy this caption. Keep up the creative juices! Great work!

  2. That suggestion is certainly going to keep her inarticulate for awhile, isn't it?

  3. I really like this! Excellent caption and I adore bimboization, especially with forced vocabulary changes!

  4. Oop, sorry for not commenting here in a long while, so sorry! ^.^;

    And um... I like this a lot! And this model is just so perfect for bimbo captions, it charms me! ^w^

  5. This was very likeable. -Couture


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