Thursday, October 1, 2015

Rise of Spaz-Girl, cap 1

Hello everyone! Sorry about the sudden absence, just been focusing mostly on writing my next ebook and some family-related stuff this past week. And watching lots of baseball this week too.

Anyway, I've been sent lots of guest caps by Dame Maree and Bondage_Barbie, which I'll post later this week. They're all great, though. :-D

Today I'm posting this caption, which was originally a 3-parter, but for some reason I can't find the other parts. (I remember making them, but must have saved them somewhere odd. I'm missing a few other files, including the Order of Magnitude story I mentioned on Humbled Harlots. I'll have to look through all my various backup drives and pen drives, but I'm sure they're around here somewhere.) I've got most of the text, minus some last-minute editing, so I might just try remaking the remaining captions if I can't find the original versions. It's technically a superheroine caption, but is more a mind-control, bimbo-to-nerd transformation theme than a superhero theme.

Anyway, I'm just warning you all that this cap is just a basic setup, an origin story if you will, and not the entire tale. ;-)

- B-Rex


  1. Ooooh this one looks like it's going to be fun =D

  2. Really liked that set-up, hope you find the rest

  3. Great set up! I agree with DameMaree! Looks like fun!

  4. PLEASE find or replicate the follow-ups - this is awesome. (I hope you dont go easy on ol' hot-to-trot Trudy, either)

  5. I love "deniable" TFs, where there's a perfectly logical explanation for each step of the victim's transformation (her breasts are simply more *comfortable* in the push-up bra than in her old sports bra, her face was suddenly subject to sunburn, and the protective surface coating prescribed for her just *happens* to look like foundation).
    And yet step by step, she is transformed into the image of her worst nightmare....

  6. Add me to the list of people asking for you to somehow cobble together a continuance to this. It's wonderful!


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