Sunday, January 10, 2016

NWO: This Job Sucks!

Happy Monday, everybody! Sorry it's been so slow starting out this year, but my back is better now, and with the holidays over at last, I should finally have some free time to get posting new captions again!

Today's caps are set in my NWO series. I actually rewrote this twice, and it just never quite matched the idea I had in my head. Still, it works well enough, I think. I tried morphing the second picture, but after about an hour, I just didn't care for the result so just went with the original picture instead. You'll have to use your imaginations, I guess. ;-)

Previous NWO cap posts: Shopping and Heat

I've got at least two more fun NWO job-related caption ideas, including a military one that will be fun if I can find the right pics and get it to work like I see it in my head. It'll be tricky though.

Anyway, let me know what you think and thanks again for sticking around. I'm really wanting to get my production rate higher this year, publish more stories and post more caps, that sort of thing. Hopefully it'll all work out, and my new muse won't peter out on me.

- B-Rex


  1. Enjoyed that, good to see the NWO so practical and thinking things through. The "inspectors" was an intresting idea, I could guess at the twist but it was still fun seeing Anna learn her fate.

  2. love the NWO It would be great to see more.

  3. Her realizing what her job entailed coupled with the slurred speech was great. Probably my favorite NWO pic, and it doesn't even have ridiculous implants :) Nice work as usual!

  4. I loved the whole greeting and prepping routine she has to go through. All that pandering, and then those suckers to top it off. They were a great touch.

  5. As the male rulers of the New Order of the Exec2Sec world (situated about midway between your NWO world and the PA Magazine, "It can always get worse, honey."

    1. Used to love reading the PA magazine, made me want an office job.....

  6. nice twist to the NWO :) lovely captions!

  7. I could use an office job


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