Thursday, February 11, 2016

Surprise Me!

Greetings everyone! Thanks to everybody who commented on last week's post, and left suggestions or ideas for future caps. Feel free to continue on this post, if you think of anything you'd like to see continued or what have you.

Sorry again about the lack of updates lately, as I said last week, I'm very busy with some real-life stuff at the moment. I've gotten a counteroffer on the property I was trying to buy, and it now looks very likely that I'll get it. No luck with the job interviews, though. But I'm at least making progress on the land purchase.

Anyway, today's cap is partially inspired from an old story idea I've yet to finish writing, along with some pictures from a Deviantart artist named Willdial.

But I'll get to that in a moment, first the new caption:

Apologies if it is a bit hard to read; let me know and I'll post the text separately. The words got a bit fuzzy when I converted the original PNG file to a JPeg, but otherwise it'd still be multiple megabytes.

I spent most of my time on the morphing work. This is the alternative morph, using a dragon tattoo I snatched from Masuimi Max, which I think actually turned out better, but wasn't quite racy enough for what I was going for in the caption. Still, I thought it was one of my better tattoo-morphs, so wanted to share it anyway.

These morphs are all some old ideas I've been working on for a while, but could never quite find the right picture with both a woman looking into a mirror, and having the right look of disgust or anger or shock on her face.

The deviantart user Willdial made two digital pictures some time ago, which I really liked. I've been trying to sort-of replicate them with a real image, but as I said, could never quite find the right picture.

Check out his pics here: Something New and Something New - Close Up, then compare it to the old morph I did below; that's about as close as I've gotten.

Let me know what you think, of the morphs or the new caption both, or any further suggestions you have for future captions. Thanks,

- B-Rex


  1. "Surprise Me" is delightful. What would a sub/be do after an experience like that? I suppose the options would shake out to either breaking up or diving deep into the life of a surrendered slave.
    The photo for the new cap looks good, but she doesn't look sufficiently surprised.

  2. Love it and the tattoo is great both of them, though the dragon one would accessorize nicely with say, a sleeve (Koi themed or whatnot).

    The last one is great and I like it, the coloring is a bit bright for a tattoo though. Maybe fade it a bit?

    Wouldn't actually mind a continiuation of this story, but:

    If you're looking for suggestions and are in the mood for a little ageplay:
    Was chatting with someone who'd found a J-pop idol (think it was Ai Shinozaki specifically) who made a comment that they couldn't see the difference between the pics of her in her mid-teens and the pics of her now, which lead me to think...
    Japanese or Korean American girl (in her twenties), wants to get into music but wants to be like, a rocker or like a singer/songwriter type, super pleased that she plays her own guitar and writes her own songs. Only her albums tank, and the label invokes a clause in her contract. She either has to pay them back all their expenses, or they get to assign her a manager and 'rebrand' her.
    So they remake her into a j-pop or k-pop idol, right down to her being high school age now, so she has to play along in public. Lip syncing over Japanese or Korean vocals with occasional Engrish mixed in, so she has to feign not speaking English well in public.
    Meanwhile all her lyrics now are super flirty and suggestive, only with like a feigned 'little girl' innocence, so that's the kind of fans she gets.
    Bonus; her manager puts her on a hormone regimen that makes it look like she's suddenly 'blossoming', so as she goes on her breasts are getting bigger and maybe her rear is getting plumper, but because she's supposed to be 14 people would just assume that's her hitting puberty and not think it's weird :P
    Double Bonus; Maybe assign her a girlfriend to help boost sales a bit more ;)

    1. Ohhh, man, would I like to see a story or caption like that...!
      If she's getting fed hormones, she is liable to become EXTREMELY horny, which combined with the "chastity oath" an aidoru is required to sign (since a singer with a boyfriend or worse yet a husband can't so easily serve as a fantasy lover for otaku).

    2. I did not know they had to do that but it makes a horrible sort of sense.

      And it does make the scene so much better XD

    3. Oh, yea, I heard of that. OOC speaking, that's kind of a disgusting side of the business... but as fantasy fodder, that sure tickles my fancies. :P

      Really mean it, I'm seconding or thirding this so hard! ^.^

  3. This story has some very nice build-up pacing throughout it, and I love the foreshadowing. Had no problems with the text.

  4. Great caption and tattoo, looks like a fun time at work to be had!
    Also love DameMaree's idea and the good Doctor Psycho's addition, very fun


  5. Hmm, that morph is delicious, and fairly close, too. You sure have a gift for sexy morphs, B ^_^


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