Thursday, May 19, 2016

PW Redux: Sara's Not-So-Fine Predicament

Sorry this took longer to finish than I thought it would. Actually had most of the caption done back when I posted the first part, but could not find the picture again to save my life. Finally found it again this morning.

It's a bit wider than I like for a caption, but with such a horizontal picture, it was hard to keep it under 1800 pixels. Hope it is easy enough to read, despite it's width.

- B-Rex


  1. Oh, so that answers my questions! ^.^

    Seems like we're heading off to a series of Spring Break caps? I sure hope so! On other thoughts, I wonder what state Sophie will be in when they get back. Hope that sunblock is strong and lasting! XP

    1. The poor dear may have to wait until night falls to resume her search for the knife. Of course, if it's dark, the knife will be all the harder to find, and if there is any sort of Moonlight or artificial light, these modern solar cells are amazingly efficient, and could probably scour a few ergs out of the weakest light.

  2. Oh Love it! definitely worth the wait! If Beaverhole need any housemothers, let me know hehe

  3. Loved it. Played very well off it's prequel, I enjoyed Sara's attitude, excellent use of the stones in the picture. Excellent surprise at the end.


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