Saturday, January 21, 2017

Vacation Bimbo

Hello everyone, sorry about not putting up more caps the past week like I'd planned. But my grandmother slipped and broke her wrist just after my last post, so I've been busy helping her. The break wasn't bad, but she can't do anything with just one hand, and with all the rain lately she can't even really leave the house (the doctor told her not to get her cast wet, so she won't go out if it's even just sprinkling), feeding her dogs and taking out the trash, cracking eggs for breakfast, etc.

Anyway, so I've been a bit busy dealing with all that, so haven't gotten much caption/writing done lately. But I did finish this old caption from last year, not really sure how legible it is, so I'm posting the full caption text after the break. Afraid it's a bit tame for me, but hopefully it works well enough.

Sorry again for the lack of posts lately, but as I've said, been busy lately.

- B-Rex

"Where is he?" Tina wonder aloud, growing increasingly anxious. She glanced at her cell phone, hoping to see she'd somehow missed a text.

Tina sighed in disappointment, and subtly tugged up her top. She'd purposely gone out without her bra, imagining his expression when he saw her new breasts spilling out, but already the lack of support was hurting her back and stretching out her dress.

She'd left work two weeks earlier, and headed to the island resort to get her implants installed and buy time to heal, while also not leaving for her 'vacation' at the same time as Jake, her boss, lest they arouse suspicions among her fellow nosy secretaries. Plus Jake needed the extra time to finalize his divorce to his bitch of a wife, whom Tina had thankfully only met a few times at the annual office Christmas party. The last one, just a month earlier, had been a real chore, the woman actively glaring at the blond secretary the entire time.

Their whole affair had had to take place covertly, mostly online through private texts and throwaway email accounts, just to avoid voiding the prenup his bitch wife had insisted upon. She and Jake had actually only had sex a few times at work and once at a hotel downtown. But lately he'd turned more and more distant, becoming all professional at work a few months ago.

But his secret texts were constant, and had made it entirely clear their relationship was only on hold until his finished his divorce. This vacation was meant to be their big celebration together, celebrating both his divorce and her new implants, which he'd practically begged her to get the past months. Normally she'd have never gone so far for a guy, even a guy she liked, but Jake was rich and she wasn't exactly getting younger. If she didn't land the CEO now, she'd probably be stuck a poor secretary forever. Besides, in a year or two she'd convince him to pay to get them redone, in a more sensible size, and that would be that.

Tina glanced around the resort pool area again, wondering what was keeping him. His plane should've landed over an hour ago. She hoped something hadn't gone wrong; truth was, she'd spent her last dollar just getting to the island, the rest going to the surgical clinic for her new chest. Even her vacation time had run out days ago, and no doubt she'd been fired already. Truth was, she didn't even have enough money to actually buy a plane ticket back home, should he have been delayed. And she'd be kicked out of her hotel room the next morning....

"Oh, quit worrying yourself," she admonished herself, fighting her growing anxiety. "I'm sure he'll arrive soon, and we'll finally start our life together...."
                                                                            *   *    *
Tricia stared smugly across the pool at her husband's blond bimbo. The girl's tits were positively ridiculous. She chuckled to herself, while sipping a drink. When she'd texted the cow to get her boobs done all those weeks ago, she'd never expected her to get such massive udders!

She grinned as she watched the secretary squirm as the minutes wore on, and toyed with sending the bimbo a new text message. I wonder....

"Tina, my darling," she read aloud, giggling as she typed into her husband's phone, "I've finally arrived. Go to the men's' room off the pool area. Grab a towel and blindfold yourself, like that time at the hotel last year, and wait for me, my darling...."

Tricia bit back a laugh as the bimbo obediently followed her text instructions to the letter, rapidly heading toward the men's room, massive tits sloshing in her flimsy dress.

"Oh, cabana boy!" Tricia called, grinning as one of the resort staff ran up to her. She waved a hundred dollar bill. "Want to make a quick buck?"


  1. Sorry to hear that. Hope and all will be well soon for her. No rush for captions are necessary of course.

  2. I think the caption is brilliant -- such a simple, elegant story, and such complete and appalling ruin for the poor adulterous dear.
    I'm sorry to hear about your new family trouble, but I'm glad that you stepped up to deal with it, rather than leaving it for "someone else" (usually a female relative) to do.
    I helped my father and to a lesser extent my grandmother during their last years, and will carry with me for the rest of my life the satisfaction of having done what I could for them.

  3. Sorry to hear about your grandmother.

    I found the cap easy to read, a nice cap with the evolving relationship between her and Jake well developed, loved the wife

  4. Hoping for a quick recovery for your grandmother! Thanks for taking the time to share the new caption with us. I always look forward to your work so much!

  5. Glad to hear that your grandma's still at least relatively OK. A lot of this stuff seems to keep coming down on your family, but it's really impressive that you keep shouldering it so well.

    The cap's a good, solid one. Great comeuppance twist for a deserving couple. The ending does feel on the "tamer" end of your spectrum at first, but you left a few really good details about her new predicament hanging that even bigger sequels can be built on. Great creation as usual!

  6. The caption... wow! I love it! It fits perfectly for this image. And the twist is great, and makes you wonder who actually got lucky at the hotel :-)

    PS: Who is this bimbo?

    1. Not sure who she is, best guess is Mary Madison Love, just from the breasts' shape, but the tattoo doesn't really match up.

      Glad you enjoyed the caption and pic,

      - B-Rex

  7. Sorry to hear about your grandmother, I hope she recovers very soon.

    Thank you for this new caption. I actually like how "tame" (but still inventively wicked) it is. I do prefer understated captions where we are left to imagine the rest. I now wonder what kind of a career now awaits Tina with equipment like that.


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