Saturday, March 18, 2017

Psyched 2: The Whoreden

Happy Saturday, everybody!

Today's cap is a sequel to the last post's; meant to get this out a lot sooner, but ended up having several different ideas and couldn't decide which I liked more. The other ideas will just have to be used some other time.

I plan on doing some more of these mind-controller-run-amok tales, but lately I've been having a hankering to check in on my Midnight Surgeon character, so might make a few of those first.

And also, Camille Langtry, who runs the "Ladies Becoming Maids" blog, has recently posted her first ebook (after a lengthy email chat with me last year, on how to go about self-publishing) and I promised I'd post a link: Her Most Remarkable Performance

As you can no doubt tell from her blog's title, her story is of the social-downgrade variety, that fits a lot of my own themes and captions as well. If you buy her new ebook, be sure to leave her a comment or review and let her know what you think of it.

- B-Rex


  1. Very nice work. I appreciate how it makes use of all the elements in the photo (the background, the model's body). I like how it makes a ridiculous proposition seem reasonable when correctly framed.
    Is this intended as a sequel to the previous caption about a convict whose brain surgery inadvertently gave him psychic powers? A slight edit could make that more clear.

  2. *Clapping* Wow! What a story. I was definitely immersed in the story/chapter. :)

  3. Really enjoyed that. The sense of personality from the warden, her disdain and teasing of others (plus disdain for the room), how she got manipulated and her cunning plan. Good ending too


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