Saturday, April 1, 2017

April's Empty

Greeting everyone! Big news, Degraded Damsels is right at 5 million views as I write this; feels like I was hitting 2 million just the other day! :-) Thanks everyone for all the views, it's been amazing, especially how quickly the views have grown in the past two years. Huge thanks!

And now a new caption!

And bigger news, a new Midnight Surgeon short-story at Humbled Harlots after more than a year, Juggstaposed!  I hope you all enjoy the new story and cap.

Also I wanted to point everyone to Nikki Jenkins's site, Feminization Station, where she's asking for donations through paypal for her bills. The link has all the info you need.

- B-Rex


  1. Oh, my -- when I saw that April's "real" suffering was yet to come, I though maybe it was going to be that her empty balloons were going to be refilled with helium, or perhaps those clever music-responsive implants that the long-suffering Mayor received [], but I see that there is something even worse in store for poor April....

    1. I also enjoyed your story at Humbled Harlots, but wasn't able to post a comment because only the "Name/URL" option is good for me these days.

  2. I can hardly wait to see what happens next although those previous ideas above could be put to use in a different story. =)

  3. Finally, a new story from you. Amazing work as always! And a new book in the works, can't wait.

  4. From nursing school to Honeywell Academy... now that's a cruel prank! :o

  5. A great caption. Congratulations on the 5M

  6. Loved it, building up why they wanted revenge, the taunting of April. Great touch with Cindy's concerns and love the ending, a reminder of that proud academy and would love to see April's new life someday.

  7. Big fan of your writing and love your captions. I've reviewed all the books I've purchased most of them highly.

    A thought occurred, you have developed a nice setting with your sorority captions, you might make a story out of that to publish as an ebook.


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