Thursday, November 16, 2017


Had to edit this one a lot to fit the pic, might make more sense to read these captions first: here

- B-Rex


  1. Well, I bet the Board will have a very pleasant surprise when Juggsy comes into the room, climbs on the table on all fours and spread her ass to them, demanding they stuff her in the "turdcutter" ;P

    Not that they're not obviously responsible for this, but I'm sure they weren't quite expecting that a lovely result! ^.^

  2. The element I especially like in all of this is that a woman who presumably has been (ahem) burdened all her life with degrading stares, comments, come-ons, gropings, &c., and had her self-image damaged by the accident of her generous endowment will now have her life centered around it (even to the extent of being renamed in honor of her rack).
    What a deliciously cruel fate....

  3. I haven't seen the exact sort of life/mind/perception manipulation shown by Questions 1 + 2 since my customized request "Titsy's Day Out". That's my very favorite objectification, thanks so much for writing a little return to it. ;D

    I hope the text cutting you had to do didn't remove any other juicy bits on that "front". I very much see your point about fitting the text into the image being a bit of a handicap.


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