Saturday, August 31, 2013

Bimbo Date Night 2: The Morning After

Greetings! Thank you all again for the well wishes about my surgery. Thankfully it has all gone well, and I'm healing nicely, I think.

Now that my biggest distraction is (mostly) behind me, I'm going to try my "cap-per-day" goal again. Here's a sequel to Bimbo Date Night. Hopefully you will all enjoy it as much as the first caption.

- B-Rex


  1. Oh my, I love this sequel. Ditzy might be no stranger to the concept of the "Walk of Shame", but waking up in your underling's house after a night of probably awkward and loud sex is another level totally!

    And I wonder if the newspapers would even bother to introduce her with her real name. I mean, if it's in the papers it must be for real, so if the papers call you "Ditzy Melons", you better get used to being called that by people. Like, say, your clients. ^.^

  2. Great sequel. Nicely done.

  3. Delicious, especially the grand finale, as Mitzy is assured of a final "souvenir" of Prom Night thanks to Miss Tallyn's dose of fertility pills (I note that the wicked act is just as titillating even though I know perfectly well that fertility drugs don't work that way).

    And Leila's naughty suggestion that "Ditzy" might be stuck with her new name thanks to the newspaper is likewise enjoyable. Love how that Leila's mind works....


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