Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Midnight Surgeon's New Toy, Part 10

Apologies, I meant to post this Sunday night, but it hasn't stopped raining long enough for me to get my internet connection up and running. I've labeled this as mind control, but it's really just a bit of brainwashing.

I really liked the picture, and I like sensory deprivation in general, so I thought it appropriate for a bit of brainwashing. Plus it sets up Kimber's future oral training.

Anyway, I've got a giantess cap to finish, might post tomorrow or Thursday, if the weather stays sunny long enough. Not sure if that interests anyone, but I had a strange dream the other day, and thought it would make a fun cap. :-)

On the ebook/writer's block front, I've had two ideas for new stories that I think are promising; one features extreme brainwashing (more in depth than in this caption) and bimbofication, that sort of thing. And the other story features Age-Regression via surgical alteration/body mods.

I'm not sure which I'll write first. I've started the AR one already, but only about 1,500 words so far, and I'm not sure how I can end it. Amazon has restrictions on what ages characters can be in an erotic/adult story. I'm a bit worried that I might cross some line and violate Amazon's non-specific TOS.

I am a bit worried that my brainwashing idea touches on a subject that Alex Streuth already covered in one of his dark tales. So I'm not sure if I should still write it, or not. I don't want to rip his idea off. Besides AS, I've not seen this technique in any other stories, and read quite a few MC stories.

What do you all think? Does it matter if two stories have similar mind control ideas, or not?

- B-Rex


  1. What a cruel twist to perform her brainwashing with her own voice... I love it! ^.^

  2. Alex streuth also derived his content in his stories from the cherish universe ( Mayor of Cherish who is author of becoming cupcake ) where women would be reduced to bimbos or in Steuths case..well you already are aware..I dont think it would be an issue as long as you did not directly copy something into something you write to sell...

  3. It looks like our lovely agent Li is about to develop a severe oral fixation. Love the concept that the pic.

    Personally I enjoy mind control and brainwashing themed fiction, but only to a degree. I find it a lot more entertaining when the victim is aware and trying to fight back but the control is too strong.

    I'm hoping this is where things are heading with Kimber Li - that she remembers who she is and is horrified by her urge to fellate anything shaped like a phallus, but can't help herself. :)


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