Thursday, January 9, 2014


Wow, sorry I didn't post anything this past week, I've been buried with Real Life stuff to deal with. Hopefully that's all taken care of now.

Anyway, here's a quick caption for today. Sadly, it worked better in my mind than how it came out. In hindsight, I think perhaps I should have written it from the Captain's perspective instead.

Still, I hope you all enjoy it anyway. Now that I've got most of my Real Life issues sorted out (insurance, taxes, and the like) I think I can finally start getting back into a more productive state again. Happy post-Humpday to you all! :-)

(Wow, I'm having some major problems uploading images to blogger. There's no "Choose Files" button anymore! I can still see it when I use Chrome browser, thankfully, so maybe my Firefox is just outdated, or something.)

- B-Rex


  1. I think it came out fine. We're always harder on our own work that what is justified.

    Maybe the follow-up could find her trapped in this body that pays no attention to her protests as it allows the crew to do all manner of unspeakable things to her.

  2. i like the buildup.
    What i'm hoping for is that she'll be able to act and communicate on her own but her mind has been modified to fit that of an eager morale enhancement officer.

  3. I think it worked well - the sequel (there WILL be a sequel, right? :D) can switch to her perspective as she regains consciousness. I like the idea of her retaining her personality and memories but with the PleasureBot's programming laid over the top... and unable to resist any orders she's given.

    Of course the question then becomes how Earth will react. If they would have taken a dim view to her just being abandoned to die I imagine they'll be none to impressed to her crew taking advantage either. They'll need a creative solution to that little problem...

  4. A delicious vignette as it is (leaving it to the reader's imagination exactly how this little arrangement is going to work, though clearly it will be to the former Captain's disadvantage), but like other commenters, I also hope there is more to this story.

  5. I'd actually really enjoy a sequel to this. Perhaps that could be from the captain's perspective.


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