Friday, January 17, 2014

CorpoBrat Retreat

It's been a while, but here's a new age regression-type caption. Most of this one arose during a IM chat with Barbie Smith (who did a guest caption last December).

I've got a few chastity belt caps planned out, hopefully I'll have a few ready for next week. Also on that front, I've just posted a brand new story to Humbled Harlots. It's another Vera Purdee self-bondage tale, with some chastity belt fun as well. Check it out now, cause it'll be gone by next Friday. :-)

Enjoy and please let me know what you all think of this one.

- B-Rex


  1. Will be interesting to see where this goes

  2. Not your humiliating best but good fun

  3. Looking forward to the next.

    I love that "skull face" pattern of rips on her shirt, btw.

  4. It feels like the start of something promising rather then a self contained caption.

  5. This one definitely needs a part 2 and maybe a 3.


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