Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Superheroine Caption Contest

So, no one seemed too upset by my choice of a superheroic theme for the caption contest, so here we go! :-D

Rules and Contest Pictures will be after the break, to keep this post from being crazy long. I would really like to get at least 10 different contributors this time around, and as an incentive, if at least 10 people send me contest submissions (that follow the rules listed below) I will post at least 5 new superheroine-themed captions of my own. I've picked out 20 different images, a fairly diverse collection to fit a variety of possible caption ideas, so there should be something for everyone.

And for the winner(s) of the contest, I will once again make a personal caption as a prize, along whatever fetish/subjects they prefer. Now, hit the read more link for the rules and contest pictures!

I'm going to handle this contest a touch differently than the past few, so here are the rules:

1. You can make one caption for each of the images below, but as many captions as you want. So since there are 20 images, you can submit a total of 20 entries into the contest.

2. I've set the images up with large areas of blank space to either the left or right of the main image, so please place your caption text in those general areas. I'm trying to keep all of the finished entries 820 pixels high and 1600 pixels wide, as that size looks best on blogger.

3. Since the theme is superheroes, all captions must include or involve either a superheroine or a villain. Besides that, you are open to take your caption in just about any direction you want. The caption can tell the origin of your superhero/villain, can be a standard heroine-in-distress story, a "Story Thus Far" caption, or even just a simple "Superheroine Fact Sheet" if you prefer.

4. In the past contests I've specifically mentioned wanting caption texts to be several paragraphs long, but this time I'm leaving that up to the contributors' preference. If you want to tell a long story about your characters and their battle against/for evil that takes several hundred words to detail, or just a few short sentences explaining the humiliating situation they now find themselves in, or anything in between, that is up to you. (I do ask that you have more than just a one-sentence/not-really-trying caption though, e.g., "Superslut was a super slut" is not an acceptable caption.)

5. Finally, try to keep your captions legible. In general, try to use a readable font, at a decent size. 10 pt or higher is usually best. And please try to use an appropriate font color for the caption, one that won't blend into the background picture. For example, Picture #7 below is quite dark, so a White colored font would work best. Likewise, Picture #6 is quite light, so a Black font would be most appropriate. These colors are just suggestions, by the way; so long as your caption is readable, you'll be fine. If you find you are having trouble getting the font color to work, just try pasting a large white area over part of the picture and putting black text on it.


The other key big difference this time around is that I'm going to pick the winners myself, based off of certain personal criteria. I'm doing this mostly because I still can't seem to get polling to work on this blog.

Basically, what I'm looking for is a creative central idea or plot for the caption, or captions if you go for a short series. Your characters could have creative powers, or a fun weakness, or even just an imaginative name.

(Bonus points if your characters' names are puns or double meaning, either their hero name or secret identity. E.G., 'Justine Case, a mild mannered prosecutor by day, but by night she becomes JustIce, using her freeze breath to cool down hotheaded evildoers everywhere!')

(Extra-Bonus points if your caption includes fun comic-book level dialogue, i.e., "Unhand my knickers, you felonious fiend!")

A few fun links that might also prove helpful to anyone who wants to contribute:
ThongGirl by Bikerbloke
Dark One's Blog
Orb (of course)
Not U (great stories, all of them)

I'll be accepting submissions through my gmail account, until July 31st. That gives you all just over one full week to pick a picture, write a caption, and send the finished submission to me.

I will post all of the submitted captions on the 1st of August for everyone to enjoy. I will pick my personal favorite, and depending on the number of submissions, possibly several winners in total, all whom will win a prize caption from me.


Okay, hope that sold you all on the contest. If you have any questions, either leave them in the comments to this post or email me directly.

The Pictures to be used for all caption submissions:

Hopefully this caption contest gets a good turnout and everyone has a ton of fun (except our poor heroines, of course). Let the contest commence!

- B-Rex


  1. will definitely try to find time to make an entry though im worried my vacation may get in the way. 'Combat Fetish' is a fantastic source of superherine pics for future reference :)


    1. Whoa, thanks for the tip re "Combat Fetish"! I hadn't been aware of it (although I now know the source for a couple of images I really liked).

  2. Part of me wants to choose the flamethrower picture, because that's going to be flippin' hard :)

    1. Hehe, yes, I do hope someone makes use of that picture; should be fun!

      So, can I take from your comment that you are considering participating? ~crosses fingers~ :-D

      - B-Rex

  3. Once I learn to caption, I'll join in. Looking forward to seeing the entries

  4. Well, not a bad time to plan a comeback to captions. :P

    So, just out of curiosity, what is the font you usually use? ^.^

    1. AR Cena is my usual font, might be appropriate for a comic-style caption too. Though any font that is readable is fine by me, of course.

      As for your much belated return to captioning, I really hope you do. :-) Your caps are always fun!

      - B-Rex

  5. Sent in four captions but haven't received any replies to my E-mails, wondering if the captions reached you.

  6. Was hoping to send in some entries myself, but wasn't able to get to them in time. Looking forward to seeing the captions, though.

    1. Perhaps next time. I've had such a good turnout, I'll have to do another contest soon. Maybe a mind-control theme this time?

      - B-Rex


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