Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Just Us Girls Squad - part 3 and 4

Happy Humpday, everybody! Thanks to KiTA for that link last post, it didn't fix my computer problems, but it did give me an idea of where to look. And now I think I've got it fixed, fingers crossed anyway.

Today's caps are the next two parts for Tina Maree's prize. There should be at least one more cap to wrap things up. This isn't quite what I originally discussed with Tina, but hopefully it works.

Spoiler: For the record, as I know some people have issues with this sort of thing, you should know that this series is veering into race-change territory. So if you have a big problem with that, maybe you'll want to just skip this series.

Oh, and also, some time ago I was writing a story on commission, with a major surgical breast-enlargement theme. That project has sort of come to an amiable, if unfortunate, end.

However, I do have a large portion of the commissioned story finished, around 10K words, and I'm thinking of publishing it. It sort-of works as a first part, but isn't really a fully finished standalone story. I'm trying to decide if I want to write another 10K words to finish it, or publish it as is, and write a sequel later.

So, depending what I decide, I might have a new ebook published by Thanksgiving, all about breast implants.


  1. A wonderful pair of captions; you paint such a vivid picture of these suffering superheroes! Your dialogue continues to be entertaining and fun, with some wonderfully humiliating phrases leveled at the women. And I'm definitely excited to see where this goes next; I'm keeping my fingers crossed for some fun voice change stuff, but I'm sure whatever it is, it will be awesome :)

    Also, as for that story you're proposing...well, I for one would definitely be interested in that subject matter, but I know you had other stories you were interested in. I guess I would prefer for you to work on whatever you feel most motivated on; I don't want to sound like I'm pushing for one in particular. If you DO decide to keep working on it, though, or even if you release it as is, you can certainly count on me checking it out. I do recall you saying some time ago that you wanted to do something with a surgery theme or a midnight surgeon story; maybe this story or a sequel could let you do that? But again, I don't want to sound pushy or anything. Great to see content from you, as usual!

  2. Nama beat me to the punch on most of compliments I would have made so I'll just go with: Great! Wonderfully done. And don't worry about veering, if I wanted a cap done to my exact specifications I would have wrote one ;) I was more interested (and happy to see) what you'd do with the ideas I tossed at you.

    And if the subject matter does bother anyone, sorry. But it was my idea not Mister B's so don't get mad at him.

    Glad to hear that, even if it's not fixed, you're at least on the way to dealing with your computer issues!

  3. I'm sorry that you're only veering into race change. I'd prefer you went into it all the way! I love it when the race change is gradual. The important thing for me is to make sure that a minority woman is briefly in the story to show how she doesn't embody the stereotypes at all, the people being punished are the only ones that conform to it.

    1. A very good point. Race change is best (for me, anyway) when the victim is a racist who is forced to conform to the stereotypes she has believed all her life.
      An excellent example of a racist living out a stereotype is Stagolee DeLeon, a character in Howard Chaykin's "American Flagg" comic who [SPOILER] acts out every disgraceful racist stereotype of a black gangster and then turns out to have been a white man who was unable to get an erection except when he was wearing his "Stagolee" disguise.
      I'd like, sometime, to read a race change story in which the victim finds herself acting more slutty and depraved the darker her skin becomes, and is devastated to learn that the change was only superficial, and any changes in her behavior were the result of her own internalized p[rejudices.

  4. Race change isn't one of my personal thrill-buttons, but all of Lex's dialogue was as great as I was hoping it would be. All those super-powerful women, with no choice but to grimace, serve, pose, and bow to him while he casually zings them all he wants, and spitballs a never-ending stream of latest humiliation ideas right in their faces!


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