Saturday, November 14, 2015


Hello everyone. Sorry about the lack of updates, some issues have come up. But before I get into that, I just want to say a bit:

I'm sure you've all heard about the attacks in Paris, and I know at least some of the visitors on this blog hail from France and Europe in general. So I just want to say I hope you are all safe and well, and wish you the best. (And the same to everyone else not in France or Europe, of course.)

Now, sorry again about not posting anymore caps this week. I was planning on finishing up last week's post, but my computer has gone on the fritz. Every time I load up my svchost.exe process suddenly balloons and eats up about 2 gigs of memory and more the longer I leave it. My computer runs like mud when that happens, and I couldn't figure out what was causing it. Still not entirely sure. Not a virus, I'm pretty certain of that. I've tried rebooting, but every time the same thing happens.

The only way to get the computer to remain usable is to constantly end the svchost process in task manager, and it always comes back within a minute or two. It's been a real pain, and made it nearly impossible to run MSWord or even try to make a caption.

I've just now found that Window Update is running like ten processes at once, and I've ended all of them, and the memory leak seems to have mysteriously disappeared. So maybe I've managed to fix it, I'm not sure. Very weird bug, anyway.

So, I'm going to work on getting some more captions done now and hopefully have them up real soon. Again, sorry about the absence, just been trying to figure this PC problem out for the past few days to no avail. So long as it remains fixed though, I should be able to get back on track.

Well, that's about it, I guess. Once again, stay safe everyone and best wishes to you all.

- B-Rex


  1. Thank you. It's fairly crazy in France right now.

  2. You probably have bad files in the windows update directory:

  3. Courage....


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