Thursday, December 3, 2015

News and Guest Cap: The Island #1 by Vedrina

Happy Humpday, everybody! As I noted in my last post, I've suffered some accidental burns while cooking the other day. The burns on my hand are healing better than I expected, enough that I can type with both hands again. There are some areas on my index finger and thumb that are numb, though. I'm hoping that's just temporarily and not permanent nerve damage. Have to wait and see, I guess. So far the numb patches are really effecting my typing, which is good news at least.

Anyway, thought I owed you all an update. Thanks for the well-wishes, I appreciate it. :-)

Now, as I mentioned, Vedrina has sent me several caps to post, one a day. This is just the first, the next two start to set up the transformation theme the series is heading in. So, please enjoy Vedrina's cap and the next few to come. I'll see if I can put together a cap of my own sometime this week.

Thanks again, everybody!

- B-Rex

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