Friday, August 3, 2012

Tina's Pom-Poms

This quick cap was inspired by a question from Dr. Psycho about caps with a theme of turning Tomboys into Good Girls. I'm not really sure that I achieved that here, but I go where the picture takes me.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy it.

Caption text after the break.

Tina's Pom-Poms
by B-Rex

Tina posed and smiled for the camera with faked enthusiasm. The camera flashed, and she dragged her buxom self off the locker room floor. All of the cheerleaders and the girls basketball team were getting their pictures taken in uniform for the Yearbook. Tina turned red with rage as the captain of the team, Mary, posed for her pictures. Having taken the team to a state victory, she'd no doubt be on the cover. Tina felt cheated. She dreamed of the days past when she owned the court, not Mary.

Just the previous spring, Tina was the school's star athlete. She scored the most points each game, and was looking at a likely scholarship offer in the near future. Then her rival, Mary, had begun to step up her game. In just a few weeks, she was matching Tina in speed, endurance, and soon in points scored. The sudden change was too good to be true and Tina smelled a scam.

While everyone else dismissed Mary's sudden improvement as merely the result of practice and a late growth spurt, Tina dug deeper. Mary herself just shrugged off her questions, but her confident grinning just convinced Tina that something shady was going on. So Tina confronted Mary's friend in the locker room one day. Within minutes, she knew she had hit the mother lode!

But the information had come too easily, she knew that now. Mary's friend had cracked almost immediately, telling her all about Mary's special 'diet pills'. So Tina had prodded further, demanding the source of these obvious steroids, and soon had her own stockpile. Naturally, she immediately began using them herself. As summer vacation began, she felt a genuine burst of energy, her game improved, her speed increased. Oddly, Mary seemed suspiciously happy about Tina's new found energy.

After a few weeks, her energy levels began to fall back to normal again, maybe even worse than before. She upped the dosage to compensate, but little by little, it fell away again. She kept having to use more and more of the pills just to stay where she was. Even worse, Mary was once again the best at everything.

Then one day, disaster struck: Her breasts were growing again! She had expected a second growth spurt, but not this! The 18 year old athlete was horrified. She began measuring herself everyday. By the end of summer vacation she was up three cup sizes and still growing. When tryouts came she didn't even place on the team.

Of course now she knew it was all a trick. The pills she was taking weren't steroids, they were Mary's mother's estrogen-replacement therapy pills! With her swollen rack finally stopping at an immense F cup, Tina's dreams of becoming a pro-athlete were dead and buried. She was trapped forever in the body of a buxom bimbo, with only cheerleading in her future.

Tina shook her head and returned to the present. She noticed that Mary was checking over the cameraman's negatives, but that was normal since she also headed the Yearbook team. She was picking which photos would be going into the final Yearbook. Strangely, she was smiling at Tina.

Tina pretended to ignore her and readjusted her cleavage. She hoped her picture would turn out okay. Going from star player to bimbo cheerleader in a year was bad enough, she didn't need another embarrassment.


  1. Delightful. This is a tomboy tamed and brought to heel, indeed.

    Tina will not even be a *real* cheerleader, just the most blatant sort of eye candy for the male athletes and spectators.

    She will probably also attract the attention of the male athletes, of course. Maybe she will even wind up pregnant by one of them. Just a thought....


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