Wednesday, March 16, 2016

April's Full

Happy Humpday, everybody!

Sorry once again for the lack of recent activity here, I've just been incredibly busy this whole month thus far. Planting trees, putting down pesticide and grass seed, and trying to find a mower I can afford that is capable of actually cutting through pasture land. And I haven't even gotten to my blacksmithing classes yet; that's later this week.

Anyway, I managed to complete this last night. It was going to be a two or three-part caption series, only I couldn't find more than one pic that I liked, so instead, I'm just going to post the text as a very short story. I was also originally going to make it tie into my last April Fools' Day caption, but it just didn't really fit.

Rather obviously from the title, this is an April Fools' Day caption. I've had a lot of people ask me about starting more prank-war type caps again, and this idea just popped into my head the other day. I'm not entirely sure it works as well written out, as it does in my head, but I'll leave you all to decide if you like it or not. If I can find the right pics, I might do some follow-up pranking captions. Assuming anyone wants any, of course.

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April's Full
by B-Rex
* * * * *

April sipped at her tea, and added a little more sugar. It was so bitter lately, she wondered if she should try switching brands. Sighing loudly, she made a show of gingerly rubbing her big tits. They'd been oddly tender lately, even a bit swollen, and rubbing them really did feel quite good.

But mostly, she did it because she knew it would annoy the hell out of her flat-chested roommate.

"Oh, I'm sorry, was I disturbing you? I just feel so sore lately, I swear I'm coming down with something again," April said, grinning triumphantly as the goth girl glared back across the cramped dorm room. As usual, she was decked out in an absolutely wretched all-black ensemble that April wouldn't have been caught dead in. "Speaking of which, are you feeling okay? You look a little pale. Even for you, I mean."

"Ha, ha. Did you stay up all night thinking that one up?" Raven asked sarcastically, returning to reading her poetry textbook. "Do you mind leaving me alone, for once? I have a huge exam coming up in an hour and I need to study. Some of us don't have mommy and daddy paying our way, you know?"

April rolled her eyes; Raven (what a stupid name) was always burying her head in a textbook. She barely fought back a retort of her own. But her moment of ultimate triumphant was nearly upon her; no need to waste her time in another pointless insult-war with the trailer park reject.

April and Raven had been fighting a very different sort of war ever since the two Freshmen arrived at the University, more than six months earlier. From day one, the two had been at odds. Where Raven was a total recluse and future crazy-cat-lady-in-training, April was everything Raven wasn't; upper-crust, extroverted, buxom, blond, and popular.

Within weeks of living together in the tiny dorm room, both young 18-year-olds had become the bitterest of enemies. Neither quite remembered who began the pranks, but by the time April was mixing Nair into Raven's bodywash, the pranks had become an all-out Prank War, the likes of which had never been seen in the freshmen dorms.

Recently, Raven had come down with a seriously bad case of the 'Freshmen Fifteen', thanks in no small part to April adding weight-gain powder to her nerdy roommate's morning smoothie. She'd had to give one of the football jocks a blowjob to get the professional-grade powder, but the effect was amazing. Raven's once painfully svelte figure now had a distinct pot-belly.

 It was a great prank, even better than the unsightly dog tattoo that was permanently humping April's leg. How the hell Raven had managed to put it on her, April still hadn't figured out. Ever since she woke up with the hideous spaniel on her thigh, she'd avoided any more late-nights at the frathouse. God only knew what she'd wake up with, the next time she passed out drunk.

But, despite the goth girl's ugly swollen belly, the girl had refused to admit defeat and drop out of school entirely. Instead, Raven had stuck to her studies, and was apparently biding her time before retaliating in kind.

Well, April wasn't just going to sit back and wait patiently for Raven to get her revenge; she was going to hit the black-haired bitch with a fresh prank, a prank that would once and for all send her running back home to the trailer park from whence she'd come.

And this is the best possible day for it, too, she thought, grinning as she dropped yet another sugar cube into the still bitter tea.

Today was April Fools' Day.

Her latest, and certainly final, prank was the cruelest yet. Careful not to give anything away, she sipped her tea and watched out of the corner of her eye, as Raven took a final bite of her salad, and pulled out her dessert. The girl had been very careful with her food, ever since April's weight-gain powder prank, being sure to only eat food she bought at the dorm cafeteria and never leave anything lying around, where April could mess with it.

But despite the girl's efforts, April had found a way around Raven's precautions. It had taken another gross blowjob to bribe a kitchen worker, but she'd managed to have a very concentrated laxative poured into Raven's chocolate pudding today.

Despite her recent weight gain, and subsequent dieting, Raven never went without a pudding cup for lunch. It was her one splurge.

And in a few short minutes, that dessert will be the end of her, too! April grinned around the lip of her tea cup, as the goth girl finished the last of her pudding. She glanced at the room's clock, and nearly giggled aloud. The time-released laxative should kick in right in the middle of Raven's poetry exam. And when the drug kicked in, it did it all at once; she wouldn't have a chance! And after she lost control of her bowels in the middle of her packed classroom, she'd never be able to show her pale face on campus again!!

April's triumphant moment was spoiled, as her own stomach suddenly churned. She'd not been kidding about coming down with something. She'd had a nasty stomach bug for nearly two weeks, back in early March. She hoped it wasn't coming back; she'd woken up every morning emptying her stomach into the toilet, and had no interest in a repeat.

Putting the nearly empty tea cup down, she made a show of rubbing her breasts again, to a fresh wave of scowls from Raven, then said, "Well, good luck with your poem reading or whatever it is. I've got a doctor's appointment I need to get to. Ciao!"

Flashing a phony smile at her enemy, April hastily beat an exit, before her own lunch came up again. She'd just have to wait and watch her social media accounts from her phone, while she sat in the campus clinic lobby for her appointment. She could just imagine how her accounts would light up, once Raven's 'accident' happened in half an hour, or so.


Raven watched as the buxom blond bimbo scurried away, one hand rubbing her sore breasts, the other holding her stomach. She patted her own stomach, grimacing at the way it jiggled. It would take months more of dieting and exercise to get rid of the unsightly paunch.

Once she was certain April was indeed gone, Raven pulled out the uneaten pudding she'd purchased for lunch and stared at it, knowingly. Thank god Todd was an old friend, and had warned her about April's plan. Funny as it was to imagine the blond bitch sucking off the fat fry-cook, she shuddered to think what would have happened if her roommate hadn't picked her far less slovenly friend to deploy the laxative-tainted dessert. Thankfully, with Todd's warning, she'd simply purchased two puddings, to keep April from realizing the jig was up.

Raven looked across the room, at the cup of tea still sitting on April's desk. It'd been easy to add the bitterant agent to the tea bags, but the real trick was the sugar cubes April kept plopping into her tea every morning for the past three months.

Swapping out April's birth control pills for sugar pill placeboes each month had been a little tricky, but the girl hadn't been very careful to hide them either. Hiding the much larger fertility enhancement pills inside the sugar cubes, however, had been absolute genius!

Raven grinned, putting her textbook aside and rising off her bed. In a about an hour or so, April would finally learn, straight from the doctor's mouth, the true cause of her queasiness last month. She wondered how the blond bimbo would handle her own sudden swollen belly. More than that, she wondered just how many brats were already growing inside the bitch, and if she even knew whose they were.

Chuckling to herself, Raven started to toss the uneaten pudding away, but stopped, and with a laugh, stuck it inside the room's tiny fridge. Maybe April would get a craving in the middle of the night?

* * * * *


  1. Nice story ! Any idea when you'll be able to release Ro-Sham-Bimbo 3? :D

    1. I'm working on it everyday, when I get the chance. Just been very busy lately. I'm over the halfway point, moving into Round 4 or so. Also I'm working on a second Midnight Surgeon story, whenever my RSB mojo runs a bit low. I'm really hoping to get RSB3 published this month, hopefully with a few days to spare.

      - B-Rex

  2. What a nice little story! It's too bad there was an obvious 'winner', but I suppose if you're not doing more it really doesn't matter.

  3. LOVE IT ! I really love the pranks with consequences! Midnight Surgeon is perhaps my favorite so I can't wait for that to come out!

  4. I think its a mark of how great your writing is that you can take subject matter I'm not really into and make it very entertaining. I loved your descriptions of the characters, and the whole tone was really fun. Also woo, new stories soon, super hyped!

    Hope your blacksmithing class goes well, that sounds really cool.

  5. Silly me, I thought April was simply beginning to lactate.

    Instead, Raven's revenge is something vastly crueller.

    The only thing I can think of that would make things worse for April would be if this college is on one of those states where April would have to drive all day and then check into a motel for the mandatory 48-hour waiting period, and by the time April is ready to actually get herself scraped, Raven has alerted April's family, and they're there to intercept her.
    Okay, maybe that's *too* cruel. After all, it's unlikely Raven is a Republican.


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