Monday, March 24, 2014

April's Fool... of Silicone!

Happy Monday, everybody! Hopefully my Amazon woes are finally behind me. A quick recap: Angela's Last Resort is back up, Pledge Week Revenge is now Panty Raider's Punishment, and The Living Doll is back, with a new title and cover (though the story remains the same, aside from some very minor editing and spelling error fixes.) I really like the new cover, it really fits the mannequin-transformation theme of the story.

Anyway, I was hard at work on a totally different caption, when I found this picture of Jordan Carver and just had to cap it instead. A bit of breast expansion fun, with just a hint of the revenge yet to come. I hope you all enjoy it! :-)

I'm working on more caps, and trying to finish my new ebook before April, so assuming Amazon doesn't give me any more difficulties, I should finally be back on track.

- B-Rex


  1. Love this tale! A self-absorbed hypocrite who basically engineers her own grand degradation in the name of grabbing herself some easy money. A great read already, whether or not you're planning to continue it.

    It feels like a BIT of a stretch that Julian's lottery winnings are enough to bring hundreds of people flocking, yet are gone after buying 1 car and 1 TV, but then again lottery jackpots are often paid in even annual amounts over a decade or two. It could be just this year's allotment that's gone, which means that April will suddenly be in for a vastly extended "sucking up" period if she wants a shot at the next 90-95% of it. That's a huge carrot...on the end of quite an extended stick.

  2. Well, I had originally written out a series of items he blew the money on, including a new in-ground pool, a new roof for his double-wide trailer, paying off lots of old traffic tickets, etc. But it ended up a bit too long, and just didn't really look right, it really messed with the flow of the last paragraph.

    And I didn't want him to spend the money on something that would still hold a lot of value, like a new mansion, or else April would still have a legitimate reason to stick around, since she'd only be a quick elopement and divorce away from getting her hands on his new mansion.

    Still, I like your idea of him only wasting this year's payments; he'd have plenty of opportunities to drag April's self-induced punishment out for years to come.

    - B-Rex

  3. I agree with Meisa -- the best part is how April has done all of this to herself, trapped herself in a position which in her own mind is quite nightmarish, because of her overwhelming greed (or desperate need -- what HAS brought her so low?).

  4. Oh god, it took me so long to realize the pun! XD

    And yes, revenge! Let reveeeenge come! >=D


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