Thursday, July 28, 2016

Reverse Psych 101

Hello everyone! Tried to post this yesterday, but internet was a bit screwy all day. Seems to be working better now.

Today's caps were inspired by a reread of one of Chrystal Wynd's mind-control stories, and I think they came out pretty well. I've had mind-control on the brain lately.

Aside from today's caps, I've been working on some morphs for future captions, including what I think is probably my best morph to date so far as realism goes. I'll try and have the cap for it finished and post it very soon.

Also, I don't know if someone new linked to this blog, but I've had to big spikes in visitors the past two days, 500 and 800 in an hour, which is odd since I hadn't posted anything new yet.

- B-Rex


  1. again good capitons, i realy like them :)
    are there any news about RSB 3 ?

  2. By an amusing coincidence, I read a Chrystal Wynd story (the one which inspired these caps, or a very similar one) at EMCSA just yesterday.
    You did a good job with this one, Rex, especially with a very clever use of the quit-smoking-suck-something-else trope.

  3. Well played Geoff! Fun captions and looking forward to the morph

  4. Hilarious story, I really liked the clever inversion of the usual mind control trope.

    1. Er, I mean, I really really didn't like that story and hope you will never write another one like it! ;)


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