Monday, July 18, 2016

Back at Last!!

Greetings everyone! This has been a crazy month for me, storms have been hitting my area almost every day. I meant to get back to putting out captions weeks back, but got busy helping my neighbors (two of them had trees blown over onto their houses; one lost a whole side of the roof), then my cousin's car died on her and she desperately needed a replacement in a hurry, so I ended up spending the past solid two weeks fixing up a used car dragged out of a barn. Point is, that's been my top priority, took forever. I swear Fords are designed to make changing the belt impossible.

Anyway, finally finished the car, got it painted even (spot painted), cleaned out all the spiders inside, scrubbed everything down, changed the headlights, and a hundred other things. Just finished it Friday, in fact.

Then a tornado popped up from the next round of storms, about an hour after I got the car delivered.

So, rough month. July is usually dry, with one storm at the beginning and nothing until August. But this year it's been one wave of storms blowing up after another. Oddly, no flooding, just horridly hard winds.

So, that's been the cause of my unexpected hiatus. Getting the car ready for my cousin took priority, as did helping my neighbors.

But I'm back now and I bring treats! Sador has made two lovely pieces of artwork to go with my Plastic Surgeon's Revenge ebook series, which can been seen on his blog here and here. Sador and I have also been working on a project as well, though just starting out. My real-life adventures have been slowing things down, obviously. So no details on that, yet.

Also, Doctor Psycho has sent this simple but fun guest caption:

And some pics I managed to snap of the tornado, they're only about 30 seconds apart, but you can see how it changed from a small little cone into a proper Wizard of Oz style twister.

 Oh, and finally, this caption of my own. It's a sort-of sequel to an old mind-control series I did a while back. :-)

- B-Rex


  1. A charming MC/Revenge scenario, and I love the photo -- very inspirational, no doubt.

  2. Sorry you and your family/neighbours have had such a rough time of it, hope things ease up for you the rest of the summer.

    Enjoyed the cap, enjoyed how Jessica's mind reacted to her actions

  3. Loved the Maya Backhertz drawings! What a cool tribute to a great series. I revisit it often. Will there be any new fiction soon? xx

    1. Working on finishing RSB3 and a Midnight Surgeon story that is very much in line with my old Amy's Whore Makeover story. Just had a bit of a block this past year and lots of real-life stuff distracting me.

      - B-Rex

  4. Sorry to hear about all the latest disasters, but it's awesome that you're doing so much to help others.

    Dr. Psycho's drawings were so good I immediately had to go back and re-read the series again. It's intriguing to hear that you're in the middle of an official collaboration! :D

    And finally, I loved everything in this caption. The original story with Ms. Higgins is still one of my favorites right now, and it was great that Jessica was still left "aware" of what was being done to her.

  5. Oh, talk about a series of unfortunate events! :o Always glad for news, though, especially good news! And of course all of that takes priority over the enjoyment of random perverts ;P

    I saw the art before, and I didn't connect it to Plastic Surgeon's Revenge! It is rather nice... well, rather it is lewd and extreme, just as it should be! ^.^

    Anyway, best luck for you and yours! Keep up the awesome work, too! ^.^


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