Monday, September 19, 2016

Black Widow Club

Happy Monday!

Today's TG-themed captions came to me all at once on a long drive home yesterday, and I ended up writing nearly a short-story worth of text. So these were edited down a fair bit to fit my pics.

Also, it didn't occur to me until I'd finished, but this short series could almost serve as a follow-up/sequel to my Plastic Surgeon's Revenge ebook series (and the Present cap series that came before the books), if I'd changed a few names.

I don't do many TG-themed caps, and this might be a bit hard to follow (it's very 'read between the lines') but hopefully it all makes sense. Let me know what you think.

- B-Rex


  1. Mmmm, that's delicious, and I usually don't enjoy TG stories, especially ones where the "trans woman" is not really trans, and is stuck there involuntarily.
    I suppose that's why I'm so fond of "taming a tomboy" scenarios -- because why should feminization only be practiced on men?
    This one, though, I do like. Especially when I picture Alex's slowly-dawning horror as he comes to suspect that all the other dancers at the Black Widow are also men whom Monica has tricked and trapped . . . .

  2. Great stuff. Now want to read the unabridged version!

  3. The subtext is actually pretty clear. No problems following along. I'm sorry that you had to cut out so much, but it's still a very good, winding plot.

    1. Oh, agreed, the broader plot (no pun intended) is easy to work out, if only from the name of the club.

  4. Anyshot at a follow up caption? One where Lexi discovers he's been had?


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