Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Happy Humpday, everybody!

Finally got a new cap finished, sorry again about the hiatus. And thanks to everyone for being understanding. Flooding is over now, basement is dry again.

Today's cap is an old idea I've been working on for awhile now, but I just couldn't get it to quite click into place. But when I saw this pic, the whole thing sort of snapped into place. Hopefully it works as well for all of you too.

As always, let me know what you think.

- B-Rex


  1. A great caption and a nice twist at the end.

  2. I definitely like the idea of women "coming down" from a prolonged state of bimbohood and trying to rebuild their old lives, having to make compromises based on lost standing, binding contracts, broken relationships, surgery, &c.
    This could be the beginning of a most delicious series (he said hopefully).

  3. great caption, the idea is good especially if we keep coming back to the same woman at regular intervals and see how she's coping with more and more changes

  4. Excellent job! I love the concept of being "legally trapped". And the whole idea of a new bimbo suddently recovering her mental abilities after all the changes in her life is simply delicious. Perhaps, the heroine could use her re-discovered business acumen to become a success in porn too? After all, that seems to be the only road still open to her.

  5. Hmm, I do love the aspect of dealing with the consequences of temporary bimbo condition, and especially how binding these contracts are to keep women right in their minds still honing them! ;P

  6. This was very compelling and I enjoyed the situation her character was legally put under. :D


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