Saturday, May 4, 2019


Here's a quick one, meant to have it up days ago, but I've had a lot of computer troubles thanks to an automated update that kept crashing my browser too quickly to downgrade it. Thankfully I've (mostly) gotten my settings back to normal. But I'm probably going to have to switch off of Firefox, finally. Any good suggestions for a new browser, with some form of tree tabs, would be appreciated.

Anyway, enough of that business, to the caption!

 - B-Rex


  1. You've heard of Substitute Teacher... now get ready for this brand new service of "Substitute Student!"

  2. Try out the Vivaldi browser with Tab Stacking!

  3. i want both sequels. i want a sequel of tiffany pretending to be a teacher, but getting quickly outed and blackmailed by the principle into being his personal slut outside of clasas. and i want a sequel of the teacher being tortured at the rehab clinic


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