Thursday, June 11, 2020

Fleshlight Upgrades

Greetings, all! Another caption about my 'Fleshlight' character for you all. I've been trying to complete a second caption to this, but I'm just not happy with the wording, so it'll be another few days. So consider this a one-part of a two-part caption.

I've also posted full sized versions of this morph on the Patreon, as well as the pic I'm using for the second caption. Just in case you're interested. It's a bit easier to see the details I added.

Actually I've mostly been focused on Ro-Sham-Bimbo 3 this week (really just got the ending and epilogue left now) and less on caption writing. I figure more people are interested in RSB3 anyway. I'm at 50+ pages right now, so this is become almost a real book.

- B-Rex


  1. Fleshlights getting more upgrades. It sure is lucky.

  2. I'm excited to see how Fleshlight turns out. More so to see what fleshlight thinks of it's new upgrades. ­čśâ

  3. I wonder if you'd be interested in having any sort of Fleshlight caption contest. As I said the other day, I have one of my own I'll be crafting sooner or later, in one form or another, probably to post to BDSMLR if I can avoid being banned from it for an hour at a stretch.

    -- Dr. Psycho

    1. A Fleshlight caption contest would probably require a lot more morphs than I have time to set up. These morphs have taken me hours to complete each, not counting morphs I've had to abandon as hopeless.

      Unless you just mean a more general amputee morph contest. Though I'm not sure how many people would be into something that extreme. I noticed the more extreme images in the last contest either weren't used or were only used once.

      Still, I'd certainly enjoy seeing what you've come up with yourself. Not sure why BDSMLR is given you such trouble, when it doesn't seem to have an issue with my occasional captions. And I've seen some pretty out-there material on the site from other people who haven't been banned. Maybe you've got an archnemesis flagging your posts?

      Whatever the cause, hopefully it gets cleared up. I hate censorship, a big part of why I never went heavily into posting on Tumblr back when it was still a thing.

      Best of luck to you, Doc,

      - B-Rex

    2. I would allow any of my quad amputee morphs to be used for a fleshlight caption contest!

  4. Very interesting that The Midnight Surgeon ended up giving this substantial degree of aftercare to his Fleshlight. The foreshadowing is mouth-watering, for sure. But for me, I'm even more staggered from the surprise reveal that this infamous legend is, in fact, a NRD member from the olden times. This could open up a whole new line of possibilities for his prospects. A still-often overlooked and ignored frat full of horny, pent-up, and very knowledgeable recruits/apprentices/supporters, who perhaps just need a little nudging back to their house's "roots" first.

    And indeed yes, the appearance of RSB3 along the horizon also fills me with great joy. You've been refining and brainstorming on that creation for years, and significantly longer than any other project to my knowledge. I hope you get to have a great release of satisfaction yourself from finishing it.


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