Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Laura Krauff and the Amulet of Perverti

A new series of 7 captions! This is my first series featuring a magical transformation. I was going to post this tomorrow, but I'm impatient to see what you all think of it. :-)

For fun I downloaded a special font called Adventure, to make the title on the first caption.

Anyway, I can't remember where I found the last picture, but it is one of the better morphs I've seen for this particular type of transformation. I already had a picture of the statue in the 4th caption, of the Indian Goddess Parvati (or something) and it just fitted perfectly, I thought. The statue isn't morphed, by the way. :-)

Let me know if you like it, and if there is interest I might make a few more adventures for our little treasure hunter,

- B-Rex


  1. Wonder if the goddess can fix me up with a third had to grope that extra breast.

  2. Marvelous, Laura Krauff is a real person in this universe! :D

    Does this mean she'll actually accumulate more... erm... unfortunate lessons from not paying attention to old curses in dilapidated temples? ^.^

  3. Baby, you make me wish I had THREE hands!

    Just wanted to say, I enjoyed this one quite a lot. Hope to see more of her exploits. :)

  4. A deliciously wicked punishment -- ruining her breasts by giving her even more, the wrong way.
    And it is very wrong indeed. The human body is bilaterally symmetrical, which means that a third breast should only grow on one side or the other (I have a third nipple myself, as it happens -- on the right, lower down).
    Although personally, I think La(u)ra deserves to have two rows of four teats down her chest, in honor of what a bitch she is. Or what a pig she is, if you prefer.
    I have archaeologists in my family, see, and to an archaeologist, nothing is more despicable than a pothunter like Lara Croft or Indiana Jones.

  5. Interressting Start!

  6. While not usually a fun of growing an extra something, the story drew me in. Again, the feeling Kraft got what was coming after a good set up.


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