Sunday, November 4, 2012

Prank War Grand Finale: Part 4

The party has begun! I was planning on saving this installment for tomorrow, but whatever. And the blog has hit 100,000 visits!

Just a bit more before we're done with the Prank War! The next installment will show the aftermath of the party, and announce the winner of the contest. Then I'll show the fate of the winner.  And that will finish off the series!

Thanks to everyone for all the comments on the last posting! Your feedback is wonderful and really motivating for me!

Maria, I can probably work you into a future installment, if you want. Do you have any preferences as far as hair color or what you want to happen to your character? Let me know in the comments, and I'll try to add you into a future caption. It might be a while before I can work you in though. I am planning on showing some hazing captions for new pledges sometime in the near future. Maybe early next year.

Please enjoy these 7 captions, and thanks again for visiting,

- B-Rex

Heather has a busy night!

And Peezy passes out her pens!

Another character makes a cameo!

While Sherrie gets a taste of her own medicine!


And the Mayor keeps on dancing!


  1. All the girls are getting degraded nicely.Looking forward to the next parts as allways>

  2. Same as Ian really, this is wrapping up nicely, both the party and the series!

  3. I wonder how fertile the Mayor is tonight...?

  4. Love it!!! I'd be honored to be subjected to your wicked mind! Maybe brunette hair although it could be shaved off and head tattooed. Perhaps i could be turned into a house pet of some kind, unable to speak, or walk upright?
    Entire body could be tattooed to look like whatever animal you think works. OF course all sorts of training could be involved....
    Just a crazy thought!

    1. Hmm...eerily similar to the fate I have planned for another character (I'm sure you can guess who), but I might be able to work something out. I've got a few pics that might fit your idea, though it might take a while before I can get around to making it. I might add you into the EZ's during their future Pledge Week...

      Or maybe sooner, it'll depend on what story I can come up with.

      - B-Rex


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