Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Honeymoon Surprise and Some News

I made this breast enlargement morph a few weeks ago, but could never really think of any good captions to go with it. I blame the happy look on her face! ;-)

So this is a pretty quick caption and practically sappy by my standards.


On another note, I've been seriously thinking about getting into writing erotic ebooks and trying to sell them. I've got a lot of ideas that would work great as short 3 or 4,000 word stories, but don't really work for captions, and I'd like to rewrite some of my captions as short stories too. Especially my old series, Rack Race, which a lot of people probably never saw since it was one of my first postings here.

I've been doing a bit of research into the whole ebook market, seeing what trends are popular. Right now it looks like psuedo-incest and gay vampire books are big hits. So I'm not really sure that my breast enlargement, bimbo transformation, revenge fantasy stories are really the right way to go.

Still, I'm thinking I'll try to write out a few odd stories and set them loose on Amazon or wherever. Maybe someone will like them. I'll probably rewrite my first Vera Purdee self-bondage story and try to sell that for $2.99. If I can boost it up to about 4,000 words I think I'll be at a pretty normal price range, based on other books I've looked at.

But never fear, in the meantime I will continue to make captions. I like making them, and I've got about 5 gigs of pics on my hard drive. If I don't caption them, who will? :-)

I'd be very grateful to hear what you all think about me trying my hand at self-publishing. I've posted many of my stories here over the past year. Do you all think they are worth a few bucks? Or is there no real interest in the bimbo/breast enlargement genre?

(And don't forget the caption after the break! Just click on the tits!)

- B-Rex

And here's the morph by itself, in full scale. I've always like the uber fake look of Annina Ucatis' tits, and they scale up very well, I think.

I've got a few other nice morphs. If you all want to see them, just let me know and I'll post a few of the better ones. Lately I've been mostly working on breast and butt enlargement, and less amputation or pussyface morphs.


  1. Great caption as always, also awesome to hear you're working on BE again :)

  2. yes very tame by your standards but that's ok great morph and breasts.
    I have enjoyed the stories you have posted here so why not give it a go
    with the ebook

  3. Awwwww. :) This is a cute, sweet one. Giant, round, bouncing boobs, all for him as a wedding present! This could have potentially been a good Valentines Day one too, maybe with some sort of tattoo, bra, or corset that formed a heart with her two immense juggs as the top part, and then a point forming down from them in toward her belly-button or something.

    I wonder if she was able to sneak new clothes into their bags, or if she'll be "forced" to only wear her old clothes for the rest of the honeymoon...maybe even afterward, if her husband insists. :D

  4. What? There really is just the one image this time?

    I was waiting for the punchline, the horribly humiliating twist of fate which ensures that no good deed goes unpunished.

    I see what you mean -- practically sappy, by the standards of this venue.

    Wow, $2.99 for a 4,000 word story? My 40,000 word novel is selling for $2.99 a download (when it sells at all). Clearly I need to switch to porn....

    Anyway, all the best to you, Rex. Especially if you DO continue with the revenge and humiliation stories.

  5. Switch to one year anniversary. lips have been inflated to create a doll like effect, all to please her husband.


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